I want to mention how good this project is and how good the team is behind this project. Not only have they created an amazing roadmap and have continued to prove that they are successful. They are a team that has a ton of experience im going to announce an incredible event at the end of this video. So watch this until the end, as you can see, these people have a lot of experience and the team has a ton of experience with crafton, which is you know, incredible and just a huge positive catalyst for us moving forward into this project, because we know that They have you know, experience and relevant experience to create something special now. Another really great thing is that theyve had experience raising funds, so theyve done this from the crust universe and of course this is just great because you want to see a team that actually has experience, and you know, is able to execute on things now. Moving forward. Lets talk about the game, so let me introduce you guys, draw shop. Kingdom, reverse is a dao which is a decentralized autonomous organization based play to earn nft game. So you must be connected to the clayton blockchain in order to participate in the dkr world. So if you guys dont know how to do that, let me know in the comments ill be really happy to make another video for you guys if you want so, moreover, to keep in mind, you need to have at least one avatar nft in your kaikas and Clip or metamask wallet, so i recommend to use metamask its the easiest one for anyone who is getting into the crypto space or anyone whos already in the crypto space, its the best one.

Now, what i love about this game is that dkr is a game where users can run their own casinos in the meta race, and i love the casino things. So this is great. It is the second generation of the first game called uh play to earn medevac. So thats wonderful now the first generation game really only focused on the casino game itself. Now this you know extended version and this new version. Uh is really embracing some of the real economics into the system, which is really going to change the game and really change the layout of everything which is going to be great. We can play various games with the droid tokens or we can earn joy tokens by actually running a casino on our own, with a machine called gatcha, which we can talk in more detail later, if you guys want um and its really just like a casino. The game is played with 99 luck and one percent talent, so all the players playing dkr must believe in their luck and always compete against the luck of others, because thats what a casino is at the end of the day guys. So there are three kinds of users in this game that we can beat so theres number one, the light user. This is an avatar holder. One avatar nft is sufficient uh for those who just want to enjoy the draw games or festivals. Now, theres mid core users. Uh, who are you know a little bit more hardcore there um these ones are the ones that hold avatars and and hold land at the same time, so these ones will enjoy a little bit more here were gon na earn.

Some uh benefits token benefits and were gon na, be able to stake our tokens and earn. You know passive income number three. We have the hardcore users, which are uh high level avatars holders, and you know, obviously they have land, nft, etc. All that kind of stuff. These are the hardcore users, the benefit of being a hardcore user, is they may compete via pvp and therefore earn additional incomes before we hop into buying the token on mexi? I just want to let you know that you can also purchase a token on gate and hell be so if you guys, dont have mexi accounts then feel free to use those other two platforms. Okay, guys. So now let me show you how to buy the joy token. I personally use mexi weve done a video with mexi in the past. Before i am a fan of mexico, let me show you guys how to find your next moonshot, so trade now im already logged in guys uh. This is an account created just for the purpose of this video, so please dont think that im leaking anything uh. So, im gon na mute these notifications and remind later im not gon na secure this account. This is just an account created for this video itself. So what do we do? So we want to find the joy token right so were going to go ahead and search up joy and we found it right here, joe usd and just confirmed drawshot kingdom.

That is the token. So we can see it right here now in order to buy it. You need usc usdt in your account now i already deposited five usdt just for speeding up the process, but how do you do it? Its quite simple click on deposit right here, then you select the token you want. Obviously i said usdt, so we need to do usd its gon na go to trade. Now were gon na go to joy. Clicked on that were gon na go set. Market order were going to click on five usd well 5.1, since they want to be. They want to be stingy with the usd so im going to buy the joy token order successfully. Now we have um the droid tokens, as you can see over here 111 joy tokens for five usdt, roughly five usct, so thats great. Now we have the droid tokens and uh. You know thats, honestly, on its own, its a great investment. But what can we do with the joy tokens now? Well, we can go ahead and play the game so now that we purchased the tokens lets go ahead and send it to a metamask wallet. Let me show you guys how to do that. So let me show you how to do it so number one you want to visit the clayton games website, so heres a link im gon na. Have it in the description down below step. Two connect your wallet once you connect your wallet, you want to add the clay network by clicking approve when the pop up appears after you do that final check.

If connected properly, you can see that clayton mainnet side press written on the upper side of metamask, so youre good to go so thats exactly how you have to do it so were good to go now. What do we do? We can go and play the game. So we can go and hop into um the platform and obviously were doing this with the metamask world, so were going to click on metamask and then once were here were going to go ahead and um connect. I dont know why. Yeah there you go so connect im going to click on that, one just to make sure there you go so were going to connect our metamask wallet, um, very easy guys. Uh and uh were gon na go ahead and sign in so sign in boom. So guys were now connected, as you can see, we have the confirmation over here and we know that we are now connected to the platform. So we can go ahead and um. You know give everything a go here, as you can see: theres a ton of stuff going on here, complete the daily quest and earn additional credits every day, so you guys want to earn more and you can uh do that by uh. You know finishing off these things, so so much stuff going on here, guys and girls. We can see whats this over here, so purchase nfts and uh tickets, with credits uh, so thats great.

We can also purchase stuff, we can um, you know, go ahead and play uh, so lets take a look at it here. Lets go to the dashboard, so here we are in the gotcha room, as you guys can see. There is just so much going on here. Theres different games that we can play um, some of them require the tokens and some of them require golden tickets. Now each of these have different sorts of prizes in them, from nfts to land, to rare land, to avatars, to coins to tickets, so etc, theres just so much stuff in here guys. So i have 49.5 tokens right now. I have more in my uh account, but i i can i just didnt transfer them yet so for now, what were gon na do is go ahead and play one right now. So silver joy lets click on this one. Epic lands already, oh guys its too bad. For us, but hey, we still can run the chance to get the rare land normal land, avatar, uh, random, avatar, starter pack, so lets see what we can get here, guys and girls, so im gon na go ahead and draw. Obviously my uh metamask wall is connected. Everything is good to go so im gon na go ahead and sign in, and then we are going to request a draw. So here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, lets see what we get okay, three joy tickets, thats, not that bad.

At least we got a little bit of money back, but i wish we got a little bit more there below, but were gon na go ahead and play gold. Joy right now see what we got over here. Weve got some cool stuff for sure lets see. Boom were gon na, go ahead and sign in there and then boom. Okay guys lets go, please something good. Ah, only one joy, token, thats, okay, thats, okay, thats, okay, you cant always win so lets, see what we have. We have 13 left so lets play one more right here and lets go ahead and draw this one, ladies and gentlemen, lets go lets. Go lets. Go lets see what we get come on. Seven joy, token: okay, thats, not that bad. I think we can still go one more then actually lets see how much we have left 10.5. We we have one more in us. Okay, so were gon na go back here and were gon na go here again and then come on guys leave a like super like lets, see what we can get here lets get our avatar. Please please! Please really want to avatar. Ah, okay guys, so i just refilled my account and i have more tokens so lets play joy to joy now so here we go im gon na click on this right now and then im gon na click on draw. But before we do that lets look at what we have here, a lot of really cool things.

Hopefully we can win something really great now. Something i want to mention guys by the way is that this doesnt use any clay tokens so just want to put that on the air because uh, maybe you think that its going to use their clean some clay tokens it doesnt use any. So basically there you go, lets go ahead and uh sign in boom, so there you go lets see guys come on. Oh okay, okay, we made some back. We made some back lets go again. We got one more dryness for this. One come on guys come on guys, leave a like lets. Go lets, go big. Lets, go big, come on! Ah, okay, i didnt get anything there. Okay, there you go guys, so i just wanted to also mention that. Obviously, this is not like the actual game. This is this: is the actual game so um just wanted to. Let you guys know that you know uh. This is like the actual game. So, as you can see right here in the background that is uh really what it is and obviously its super its gon na be super fun, so uh, if you guys really want to tap into this one, make sure to you, know uh, take a look at The website theres just so much details in regards to whats going on. So this is a quick highlight of uh, a quick sneak peek of what the game is. Okay, guys, if youre, not in the mood to play the draw machines.

Well, you can go to the nft shops where we can go ahead and buy nfts um, like i said guys, theres literally world. You can buy theres so much different stuff here. So we can go to the nft um the five shop, and this is where you can go. We can go to the dashboard here and we can go to the shop here again guys and girls, and this is where you guys can go ahead and buy stuff. If youre not in the mood to play – and you just want to get your stuff that you want – because some people dont have time some people just want to get the stuff they want. So you can go over here and you can buy stuff here with um joy, tokens obviously and um yeah. This is a great place to go and you can also get gold tickets too, for the games that we want to play. So those games that we saw at the bottom of the draw lets go, find them real quick. So if you go to dashboard gotcha, we go here these ones right here we need tickets. So if you guys want to the chance to play these ones like rare land, normal land, starter pack, joy, this is where you got to do. You got to get the tickets to play those, and the last thing i wanted to show you guys right here, so we go to nfc shop boop staking so staking estimated daily credits from current staked volume.

So once you get these uh avatars adults, these machines, these pixels, then youre able to stake these and earn passively so youre gon na pause, your nfts to receive the um dkr ticket uh credits and obviously you can use these credits to play the games as well, Which is really good, uh theres, a daily credit received by depositing your nfts in this guys, so make sure to go ahead and do that. If you guys want that passive income and theres also a daily quest that you can earn extra credits when completed so guys. For my information make sure to go check out the link down in the description down below uh and obviously theres just so much stuff. So one quick note is you need to have um. You know your metamask connected for this, and obviously you have to have tokens available like i showed you guys how to buy those tokens so thats, just exactly how you have to do it. Wait guys before you leave this video. I want to let you know about a special event thats going on with this project, so this event is with clayton games the one and only launch pad of the clayton network theres, currently an amazing airdrop, going on right now, and i need to let you know That the time is running out so make sure to hurry, because this is not going to last long at all, and this is why you guys are lucky because being a subscriber is giving you the chance to participate in this.

As you can see right here, theres 24 days left for this event, in collaboration with clayton games and draw shop kingdom reverse. So, as you can see here, nft giveaway event draw shop, kingdom, reverse starter pack, so theres going to be 10. Okay, ladies and gentlemen, and as you can see, ladies and gentlemen, theres just so much stuff going on theyre going to be giving away some great stuff – and this starts on thursday, guys and girls at 30th, so guys make sure to tap into this. The winner announcement is gon na be next month on the 10th on a sunday, okay, guys make sure to tap in how do you participate? You have to reach six entries and submit your meta mask wallet. Address number two share with your friends and get more entry points. So if you guys want to take part of this – and if you guys want to be big winners, then make sure to do this and obviously make sure to leave a like dont forget to comment. Dont forget to subscribe. These links will be in the description down below so make sure to head right down there and make sure to participate in this event, because you do not want to miss out so for today. Thats going to be it guys, dont miss out on your chance to win the event prize, starter pack, 10, each, ladies and gentlemen. So with that being said, ill see you guys on the next video links are down in the description down below make sure to check that out guys and girls and ill see you all in the next video, but for today, thats gon na, be it guys and Girls, if you do want to see me, play the um the game, the uh, to do the joy to joy game lets, get a bunch of like lets.

Go for 3 000 likes on this video and ill see you guys in the next video spam. It in the comment section guys lets go see you guys in the next video.