By implementing a burn in todays, video were going to be going over this crypto project, its white paper, the aims and goals of it and to give you guys an overview of what the project promises before this video starts, as well for full transparency and disclosure. This is a sponsored video, but we are not told what to say in this. Video were literally just told to do a video on the project. Well, be brutally brutally honest with you guys in this project and all details, as always, are in the description. If you want to go and check out yourself and do the due diligence, if you like the sound of the coin, so save the moon, is a community led effort to save luna? We all believe in luna were all victims of the great crash, but we can still save the moon when we come together. The white paper is really where this all comes together and especially with the tokenomics. What saved the moon as a token want to do, which isnt actually out yet save the moon is getting ready to go, live on unison on the 21st of july, at midday, as you can see, fruit, surgeons and twitter, its already drumming up quite a bit of Excitement and because this is – and this is due to the fact that its one of the first projects to implement a manual teraluna classic burn into the tokenomics, as you can see here how it works, you can buy moon with if or lunar classic.

There will be a four percent transfer tax for buying or selling of moon transfer. Tax is broken down as follows: two percent is sent to the burn, wallets, eg, the terrorist classic burn wallet and then two percent is distributed back to the holders of the token. So it incentivizes the burn and it incentivizes people to hold on to the token, as like i said you get our tokens redistributed when buying moon with if or lunacy the amount of moon used to receive will be deducted according to the sales tax. Hence, two percent will be taxed, using to buy lunar classic and sent to the burn wallet so easier to buy back and burn, and then two percent will be taxed and redistributed to the holders and then when selling moon for east is the same. So, whenever you buy or sell that two percent tax, the max supply is 6.5 trillion. So a big big supply literally the same supply, ironically, actually its terrible classic. The ticker symbol is going to be moon and, as you can see, the fair launch allocation is going to be 6.1 trillion. So thats the open market, with 325 billion allocated to the team 50 of those tokens, are going to be locked for six months and then the other 50 lots for 12 months. The team have to deliver before the tokens are going to be unlocked, theres not going to be any dumping, hopefully on the community. Now, just before we go on to read the white paper, a few minor minor things that i would like to see for the team, but obviously were in development.

So hopefully these things come in the future because were not launching for another around two weeks from now. But i would definitely like to see a docs from the team unless its on the socials i havent found a public doc so publicly released the team and their details. I would also be great to see a multitude of different audits and a liquidity lock audit, as well as that vesting locker as well to show that, yes, the team have locked up these tokens. We get proof of that proof that the tokens a lot invested as well as liquidity, already being locked as well before the project goes live as, of course it is a brand new project is a brand new token, although it looks really good and it looks like The team have the best intentions you just never know now in crypto, so i would make sure before the project goes. Live that you look for that and actually whats really great is you can read here on the launch, uh structure bits the initial moon release will be done via fair launch on uni swap so. Hence you can literally like buy off the bat theyre trying to um, not discourage bots, so its not going to be botted right at the start, with a load of bots buying in and its not like theres going to be a pre sale beforehand when loads of People get access to the coins. The only people who get a bit of an access is a team, obviously to reward them for developing the projects in the first place and the initial liquidity, as well as locked for 12 months as well, which is really really great.

Now to introduce it, we all believe in terre luna. We believe that it has built a robust ecosystem which stood to benefit all of us when the great lunar crash happened. We helplessly looked at ust and lunar holdings went pretty much to zero his crushing and he set us all back a couple steps, but in the reality it remains that terra luna has superior tech and then has a bright future. All that was needed for the community to listen and implement more sustainable burning mechanisms in the ecosystem to ensure longevity and sustainability, and this is really what they want to do. The background is that they were lunatics. We enjoyed the spores of lunar and ust anchoring the whole terror ecosystem. We enjoyed the community thoroughly and we enjoyed the fact that terrorism ecosystem was doing something that not many could achieve. However, they lost money and they felt very, very bad, were basically going back in time with luna and, in effect, hoping that we give people affected by the crash an opportunity to continue to be part of something which gives us all hope. And why on the ethereum network, you might be wondering why dont they build this project on the lunar classic network. It makes a lot more sense, but actually the logic does make sense. Luna right now, in terms of the network, is a bit shaky. We have a lot of things that need to be put in place, especially proposals, slash validators re, enabling staking, or new stakers and delegators to come on the chain.

So ethereum is a chain right now is a bit more efficient and its definitely a lot bigger. So they hope to build hype in the ethereum chain and then build it back to the terra, luna classic chain and as terra wormhole is back up and running the movement to and from terror and ethereum is now seamless as well. So also gives them a good strategic position where were able to build off luna, whilst also exposing moon holders and the perks of being part of the ethereum 2.0 merge as weve gone over the tokenomics, as you can see here and if youre wondering, if you did Want to put some money into this, of course: thats 100 youre undo um, of course, 100 your own uh decision and i would definitely recommend to do your own due diligence before. But if you do want to then after this, you might be wondering as a holder. What happens after? Do we just want to put the tax on, because, if i just wanted to burn my tokens, it would actually make more sense to literally just send them straight to the bone while arriving investing in this project. Well, obviously, some of the pros of this is the potential the potential to gain on your investment. If the project does do well, you obviously then burn teraluna classic as well with the rest of the community, then also what moon wants to do is on. Alongside of this, you know, theyve got the band proposal going on sending money back to terminal classic.

They also want to build their ecosystem in the future, with dexas year protocols, gamified d5s, as well as governments which is truly decentralized, fair and transparent, which, if theyre, going ahead with a fair launch. You know the docs team, the um investing period for all the teams. Tokens and liquidity locks for 12 months theres. Definitely definitely the right steps in that direction, like i said, would love to see your docs on the audits and then wed really really have what looks like, or at least theyre doing, all the right steps for a secure and transparent token and team. So it definitely looks promising. If you want to find out more of it, i definitely recommend joining their telegram. They keep everybody updating, theres around 350 members right now follow them. Twitter theyve got nearly 3 000 followers on twitter. Of course, once again the launch is going to be on the 21st of july, so weve got a couple more weeks, so i hope to see even more updates on that as well. Whats really great as well about the audit. It looks like theyve already been audited by peck shield, although this isnt one of the big auditing firms like certik, its still great theyve, already got an author and theyre on their way, and hopefully we see the bigger ones in the future as well. But, like i said, definitely taking all the right steps to make sure hes a secure and transparent project and a project that genuinely looks like it actually wants to help luna so ill leave the links in the description.

If you want to go and check it out, please do your own due diligence and obviously its a smaller project, its completely your own decision, but usually with smaller projects. I wouldnt be overly leveraged or investing money. I cant afford to lose, but it seems like an interesting project was definitely some utility, definitely a good branding and a good mission. So let me know what you will think will be in the description thanks so much for watching.