7. 365.. You couldnt pay me to care im happy to be here. Thanks for having me lets go i met afrojack once follow me on twitter. Mattchase99 lets go fun fact. If you invested one thousand dollars in bitcoin ten years ago, youd have three million dollars today, whos this fun. For not me, are you guys having fun its god 10 years ago? How could i be so stupid? Just in celsius network has paid off another 40.8 million dollars towards its bitcoin loan. Their new liquidation price has dropped down to and 2722.66 cents bitcoin bears scratching their heads going, uh whats, the next bottom narrative uh uh, could not be me, bullish, just in literally hot off the press yesterday july 5th at 10 a.m. Just in bank of america has reported a 50 decline of active crypto users, wow surprising, im, shocked. Quite frankly, youre telling me people use bank of america for crypto what the fun fact 44 of americans work a side hustle to make ends meet per cnbc. I mean yeah, i show my ass on. Only fans who cares. I got ta buy crypto, somehow breaking crypto lender voyager has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, good thing i always pull out in time just kidding. I never pull out in time because i never have my crypto on lending platforms in the first place, not your keys, not your crypto get your crypto off the exchanges, your stable coins, whatever the asset, is into a hardware.

Cold storage wallet. Stop this stop it. On a serious note, nobody uses voyager on my channel right, theres, no way you watch me and use voyager. Stop it guys. Please um non issue for us right of course, uh ledger hardware wallet link down below just in crypto exchange bitstamp will charge inactive users a 10 euro monthly fee, a 10 monthly fee to use a crypto exchange kind of reminds me of a bank sorter. You know just in the crypto games: warren buffett, ftx, ceo, sam bakeman freed, says the exchange has over 2 billion dollars. They could use in crypto. Industry deals if needed. Wow thats a lot of money. Speaking of industry deals uh, im, unsponsored and ready to make a deal in the industry. Yep the ethereum name service domain, zero, zero, zero dot, ethereum sold for 300 ethereum worth 328 000, the second largest sale ever guys. You know what the bottoms, not in theres, no way its in we dont deserve relief, whens it going to end right: pet rocks lazy apes. Now we got an ens domain going for 328 000. No no way, but i will say though it gets me excited, because i cannot wait to see how much i sell my matt chase.ed, for i mean the offers guys theyre just piling in. I cannot wait to flip this for at least 510 eth for sure for sure. Just in ftx, japan has listed dogecoin guys slow news day, slow news day.

Im sorry, just in ripple has added two kellogg hanson attorneys to help represent the company in the sec case. So, im not sure how serial could benefit the case, but at this point im sure well, try anything. We all know them may not. Love them, may not like them, but uh cnbc, host jim cramer says crypto has no real value and nfts are an awful asset. Listen to this uh, the one im most interested in is crypto, because a lot of people are in crypto and crypto really does seem to be imploding, but it goes from 3 trillion to 1 trillion. Why should it stop at 1 trillion theres, no real value there? Yeah nfts, i mean you know you look at these companies theres these companies that you never heard of and they blew up over the weekend and you just say to yourself: holy cow, theres, 600 million dollars just going down the drain, and we had gary ganzo, the Chairman on a few weeks ago – and he just said, look anybody who has a come hither rate uh of investment – you just you know its the rate that you earn. You can kind of forget about them, and thats whats happening all right. All right places. Can sam bank and freed save melissa? How many can you save we had 13 9 was what the katies next katie stocktons next bit: uh bitcoin uh support level ‘.. What an awful last nft sold to you: wow! No real value, nfts awful asset bitcoins, an awful asset – oh jim, how you feeling you spooked, you think jim cramers right well, rest your mind, knowing that the inverse kramer etf, the short cramer etf, has performed a 12.

3 percent in the green. Everything, jim cramer, says any kind of stock crypto advice whatever he buys you short, whatever shorts you buy and were up 12.3 percent. So huh i mean hey. The inverse kramer strikes again. He is not. You know. He has no clue whats going on when bitcoin and crypto is doing well, hes all on board when its not doing well in dumping awful assets, just nfts awful assets garbage no real value there. Jim wake up, you really got ta wonder what are his ratings? Who sits down and willfully watches jim cramer im so curious, its just its just uh once again, the short inverse cramer uh, never steal youre wrong nope defy on hedera hashgraph saucer swap labs, the premier decks on hedera. Some might say they are pioneering decentralized finance on hedera id like to agree their bug bounty round. Duh 2 is now live, so you can hop on the test net make a testnet account. I will leave links down below and theyre giving away. 1 million sauce total. This round for their bug bounty program, so if you you could do it go on the platform and find bugs report bugs submit them here, also link it down below this whole tweet. You know what this whole tweet ill link down below. If you find bugs guess what you get a hefty reward in sauce token, you got ta love it. My friends defy on hedera is just around the corner and im ready for it.

Its gon na be phenomenal. Lets go hey if youre enjoying my content. Would you please leave me a thumbs up subscribe and ring that bell to get notified of all my future? Drops one video a day putting content out like you, wouldnt, like you, wouldnt, believe love to have you on board lets go bitcoin currently on the one hour. Currently, at 20 545 in the uptrend started off the day. Around 20 000 won came down a little bit to 1907 and just after that, on the way up in the uptrend, currently at twenty thousand five hundred and fifty nine did poke up to twenty thousand. Six hundred so i mean fomc stuff, came in not a whole lot of volatility. If annie was to the upside, not any sharp movements, nothing to write home about im, gon na reiterate once again, some dates coming up for us. We have the july 2022 cpi print coming up on the 13th, the july fomc meeting coming up on the 26th 27th quarter, 2 gdp estimate july 28th, and we have the quarter two corporate earnings coming in for big tech stocks, yada yada late july, early august for Netflix and the sush so gon na be a big month. Only time will tell how price moves, probably gon na be a little rough, but all we can do is wait and see. Weve had a lot of pain so far, ive covered in a previous video. When this bear market might end ill link, it top right, for you guys check it out.

I broke down the charts broke down. The timeline, give it a watch, great content, so either way for the short term. This month, lots going on. We will season volatility as the weeks go on so bitcoin, where its at currently playing in that range 19.7, all the way up to uh 20, 0600 and change. Hopefully, you know 17 000 was the bottom, and we just keep on going up from here and playing a range. A little bit higher wed all enjoy that. But only time will tell the overall crypto market currently had a 925 billion dollar market cap 24 hour trading volume is low, 59 bill gas also low 28.. Nothing beats that eight. I had, though, that eight we oh man sunday morning before church sign me up boys. I dont go to church, but before church i got it in uh. We look at the all coins uh, oh okay, a little bit of green whole lot of green. Actually, a few are down, but a whole lot of green whats. Pumping hex is uh. Six point: four percent gmt step in get to stepping xrps up ethereum is up four percent. Okay, almost five percent. All right avalanche is up sandbox ftx token apecoin near protocol nexo maker d5 chain. Selena. You guys, like that mana mana right, not mono, mana, tazos, b and b we got eos is up. Nobody cares about that. Xcc qnt is up a little bit. Everything is up its a shorter list of whats down.

Cosmos is down pax gold ton coin. Our weave mv is down genso kishi metaverse. Pardon me, i beg your pardon tether. Gold is down 1.5 percent uh. We have gate tokens down. A little bit h bar is up, though 0.7 still not doing a whole lot at six cents. Currently, wan na see five cents again. I love it. Give me that five cents all day so mixed bag. I mean mostly green, but mixed bag, not a whole lot going on. No crazy moves either way um enjoy it guys enjoy it. Stop making this mistake in crypto, you guys are probably made it a million times. I know i have early on. I made it a ton of times. Weve covered this previously in videos. I made a whole video on it. Stop doing this or stay poor, stop diamond handing your crypto all the time dont! Do it just stop doing it? You can make time to sit down and do the following im going to show you to make better profits, make more money now. I know this kind of conversation hurts right. Youre, probably feeling attacked. Why diamond handle all my crypto guys hate to break it to you, but i dont diamond hand anything anymore, zero, zilch and if youre, some whiny, who hates making money and you believe in xrp to ten dollars and youre, never gon na sell a drop until then Go ahead and hop off the video because you cant be helped, but for those who want to capitalize on the short term up and downs, the 320 percent moves the even smaller the 448 percent moves, even smaller the uh.

The 37 moves youre in the right spot, because what do we need to be doing to maximize the money were making from this market and yeah? You know what the one year hold. The tax benefit holds. Okay, great. You want to go ahead and do that sure, but i dont know a single investor. I know many tons who ditch out on taking profits because oh imma get taxed on it. Oh my god, its not its capital gains tax. Oh my friends! How many times have you washed your bags go up and then sideways then down up and then down up and then down up and then down and youre going? Oh well, you know somebody on youtube, told me that you know xrp is going to be at 10 later this year, theres a buyback of 37 000 just later on this year, im just going to hold out for that diamond handing is a great excuse. One might even say convenient to help. You overlook your wrongs in the market, so youre not dca, and are you right, youre, probably buying xrp at the r3, not dca and throwing lump sums in all the time? Arent you i bet you are and guess what happened? The market came back down back below, a dollar went up again down below a dollar. You havent sold a single xrp and thats fine if you dont have time, and you truly truly truly do not care about maximizing your gains in the market me personally, i want to be in a position where i make enough money off this market.

Uh bear market. Bull market to live off of constantly i dont want to be going to work nine to five in my work boots right, getting bitched out by the boss sweating all day. Forget that forget that, for the birds right were on our way to financial freedom, and we need to maximize our time in the market by having good practices set up and not blaming everything, throwing everything under the rug of diamond hand now im holding until ten dollars. Twenty dollars guys wake up. Wake up. Nobody ever got upset had a bad time. Making money in the market keep in mind. Xrp is only being used currently as an example. It could be any asset, hbar, xdc, xlm, quant doesnt matter. My example right now is xrp. Nothing against xrp or xrp holders, nothing. The first thing i would do look at your positions currently, hopefully youre tracking them all your buy ins. There are many great portfolio tracking softwares. You can use coin market cap coin stats, a few others, hopefully youve been tracking but figure out what your average buy ins are lets say i have an average buy in currently of xrp at 60 cents. So im gon na sit down here right now and write a plan of when im going to take profit. Am i going to wait and take profit at a dollar? Twenty, a dollar twenty? So i get a 2x on my money, pull out initial investment right.

If i have an average buy in at 60 cents, my money doubles. I pull out the money i put into it and guess what everything left is gravy everything left is the profit ive earned off that position, thats a great strategy right, fantastic strategy, remove principal, let the rest ride. What i like to do is if i have an average buy in at 60 cents: okay – and i say: okay, hmm – if this thing goes up to 90 cents, guess what im gon na go ahead and sell 10 of my position at 90 cents, im gon na Sell it im gon na sell 10 at 90 cents. Im then going to watch price go up to a dollar 10 and i will sell 10 once again my position. I will then look at a dollar thirty and sell. Maybe twenty percent right. I will then look at a dollar fifty and sell thirty percent right its up to you its up to you how much you wan na sell at that time, but the biggest thing i can drive home i want to drive home. Is you got to have a plan because, when stuff starts pumping your emotions kind of get a little bit, i dont know start tapping your foot going: oh its going to go higher itll go higher right, itll, go higher right, you get greedy, you let it ride! A bit more and guess what whales come in, pull it back down? Youve missed the window to take profit, so have a plan written out for every asset youre into of when to take profits, and you can have, for you know much higher price targets.

When you have the you know: three dollar xrp, you can go ahead and you can sell uh. You know maybe 40 of your bag right, whatever the case may be, but oftentimes enough. You want to also have entry points to buy back in that asset. Possibly so i would be selling all these positions here into usdc stablecoin and guess what id have that usdc on ethereum, using the ethereum app on ledger, i would send the usdc to my ledger wallet and guess what the next time price pulls back to my entry Points lets say: price hits a dollar ten. I tell myself hmm im gon na go ahead and buy back in at uh lets, say: 75 cents, for example. Okay for conversation, sake, 60 cents, 50 cents, 40 cents to re enter. So you have exit points up here. Already planned out and in my opinion exit points are a lot more important than re entry points you can dca in i like to do that. I dollar cost average in and have a planned exit on. The way out. Dca out is good, but i much prefer established points to sell, so you could re enter a certain price point or just dollar cost average in when price is lets, say, for example, the bull market support band, one of the best things you can use when prices Below the bull market, support ban, guess what youre buying when prices above the bull market, support, ban, youre selling, and you have established price targets to sell at based on what youve already planned, so guys stop not taking profit.

Stop not making the money! Stop watching your assets, yo, yo, up and down through bull markets, bear markets uh, just you know days where they go up days where they come down. Stop missing out on all this price action. All that right here, like guys, come on, you can do stuff in here. You can flip your bags, you can do all kinds of stuff, have a plan and execute, and one thing i havent mentioned yet is have goals for every individual asset. You can buy bitcoin and just hold that forever if you want to sure ethereum same thing, but the all coins that youre into some youre going to have higher conviction on some youre going to have less. What is your goal for that position? Are you going to multiply it? Are you going to wait for a 2x and then sell? Are you going to sell like i have set up at certain intervals? What is your goal for the position? What is your time horizon your time frame? What do you want out of establishing that position? Stop doing this? Stop not taking profit, stop not making the money. Now is a perfect time in the market to figure out your positions, figure out, your average buy ins work on improving positions, work on getting set up for the next time price moves. We get a relief rally sometime later this year next year. You want to be ready to actually make the money stop getting wrecked diamond handing watching it go up going.

Oh well, you know, itll go higher. My community got me all emotional and id be doing a disservice to them by selling. Stop that. Stop that whole community identity – oh my fellow h, barbarians. I cant, sell on them now guys make some money once in a while. You dont got to sell your entire position, follow the rules we have here. This is all loose guidelines. Nothing in stone create your own plan and be ready for price to kick off. I preach all this because i do it. I make money in this market all the time you know i want to be a longer scope, investor, but being a longer scope. Investor does not mean not taking profit on the way up. Some of that means have a long vision have a year two year, three year, vision, but also on the way up. Shave profit take profit, have goals to sell a certain percent at dont, just dont, just dont watch money. Dont leave gains on the table for stupid reasons. If you have the time to sit down, get the job done. Also, i made a video how to make money in crypto the right way. I will link it top right for you guys. I got the tools you need to be great. Are you going to listen or just be like, ah another guy, just talking about his ass uh? I dont care either way all right. I dont care either way but uh.

You know i make money. So do you thats all for today, guys appreciate you watching one video a day on youtube guys. I want to say thank you for watching my content during a bear market being here, commenting good and bad subs thumbs up ringing the bell. It goes a long way. I cant imagine based on our current growth in just six months at 12k, where were gon na be at the next bull market. Let me know what kind of content you want to see go back watch. Some of these videos is the worst over for bitcoin and crypto uh how to make it in crypto how to make money in crypto the right way: 10 tips right here: banger video, nutty, uh, just all kinds of stuff, guys tons of content here defy on hedera Saucer swap ishbar suite ramping up guys the catalog here, theres stuff, you can go back and watch its just timeless, so appreciate you make sure you subscribe leave me a thumbs up ring that bell, appreciate you and follow me on twitter matt, chase 99 giveaway at 5. 000 followers follow me on tick, tock, chase crypto and follow me on instagram matt chase underscore, but watch for the scammers on instagram right now. Theres a lot going around matt underscore underscore chase underscore whole bunch of variations. Be careful. I will never dm you first or ask you to add me on a platform im, not giving you money, nothing free, stay, safe, guys, use your head! Okay! I love you thanks a lot for your time.