So you guys never miss a new video that we post every single day and if you want to pick up potentially a 300 stock hit that first link down in the description below and get signed up with. Public.Com is a social investing network app that allows you to see what other people are buying and selling in both the stock and crypto markets. Plus, when you use our link, you get free money, then a free stock that could be worth up to 300, so hit that first link and lets get into this video alrighty everybody more and more allegations more and more investigations and a continuing spree of non stop Controversy for tara, luna and dokuan and, of course, anyone involved in the subsequent crash of that project. We know more and more every day about new people who are looking into the project, potentially suing the project and a host of other issues. The newest comes, as this investors are now suing terra labs, dokuan vc firms for misleading claims. What does this mean for the overall price of tara, and how does this have anything else to do with a host of other issues that is going that are also going on behind the closed doors at luna lets read a little bit more about this and see What this entails, so the embattled crypto chief and founder of tara labs dog juan, has been dragged to court by investors for allegedly misleading them.

Nick patterson filed a lawsuit in the north district of california on friday, arguing that kwon should be held responsible for the crash of terrors ecosystem because he deliberately misled investors just in terror, labs dokuan and several lfg firms have been sued over alleging violations of federal security Laws and misleading investors patterson seeks a class action status to enable other victims to join the lawsuit. He maintained that kwon flaunted several federal security laws in the process. He also explained that, because of the close resemblance between tokens created by terra and securities that they were able to market them in a way that downplayed their risks, terrorist crash has forced regulators to act as they have become increasingly interested in regulating the crypto industry. Meanwhile, crypto platforms like coinbase, and others that listed the asset are also facing a lawsuit from investors, who allege that the exchange failed to carry out due diligence before listing the coin. That is uh the first kind of part of the article. We need to talk a little bit about this because i know i know ive seen a few comments where you guys are like all you ever talk about is the downfall. All you ever talk about is the negative stuff with terra, but you have to remember this guys, a big part of why terra luna is going the way that its going right now. The reason why the price is decreasing. The reason why that crash happened was because of a huge amount of missteps made by both the executives of this project and, of course, people involved in this project on the way up.

One of the things that you have to have to have to keep in mind about all this is that again, these people were essential in the kind of overall crash in this coin. Heres. The thing, though this coin still has tons and tons of potential. In my opinion, to do amazing things in the future as far as blockchain technology is concerned, its developing new and interesting systems that i think only help grow the overall industry and i think it presents itself in a very unique and really kind of competitive position. To take advantage of those, of course factors, but one of the things we have to consider is that what its going through right now and that is of course, negative things like this, where theyre getting sued by investors theyre getting investigated by authorities theres all types of Stuff happening right now and a big part of that is due to the executive team. In my opinion, those were the people, in my opinion, who were kind of essentially the uh. The reason that all this is happening in the first place. You cant necessarily blame the project itself. You can blame ust for being a algorithmic stable coin in the first place. That is probably something that it was a little bit of an oversight and probably should have been looked into. As far as the potential downside risk of you know, advertising that high of returns on a stable coin and then getting all that people.

You know all those people all of those people of course invested their money into that and we all know what happened. But again, i think there was just need there needed to be better accountability and overall, better running of the overall business by the tara luna staff and, of course, their overall team. Now we also have this terror. Backers are also co defendants in another lawsuit that has recently started up about a bunch of different other things. Quan is not the only defendant named in the suit his company, terraform labs and former financial backers, jump, crypto, jump trading, llc republic capital, basically a bunch of venture capital firms that were funneling money into this actual project to get it off the ground and essentially, of Course, fund further development and expansion of their overall ideals and interests. They are also a part of this lawsuit, and one of the things that i think this is important is because were seeing more and more of these venture capital firms start to be held responsible for propping up all these other cryptocurrency projects with potential capital and a Host of other things that go into those as well either way guys. I think that this obviously isnt the greatest news for tara luna. I dont think the price, however, will be impacted by this too much. I feel like news like this honestly is coming out daily at this point and i really dont think were gon na see a massive impact on the actual price of terna, either way guys.

Let me know in the comments below what do you think? What do you think what this will do to the overall price of tara luna? Do you think that more people are going to sue them? I think they will, and i think that, of course you guys might have some interesting opinions on that as well. Either way hit the like button and the subscribe button, if you havent already make sure to pick up a free stock with the first link down in the description below but other than that guys thats.