Take a look at this chart over here. Well start off with this one, which is essentially the wedge that weve been looking at for quite some time now. The first thing that im noticing over here is the volume profile it remains low, so the volume is low on this, and that means can we trust this or not? Well, this is what we need to look into, but first and foremost i like to do these things live on uh youtube and i want to start off by just deleting this its not really relevant anymore. The elliott wave pattern is not relevant uh if youre looking for something better. That fits better, its probably going to more be some sort of like a horizontal like that, but for the time being, lets just leave it as it is. We have now uh this area, which has been holding with the higher lows, and we need to see where were going to go from here, and i found it interesting because i actually asked uh on my twitter, the four hour chart. Do we break up or down out of this triangle today and i thought well, we probably are going to break out of it today. Hence i posed the question. We had 38.4 percent who said up and the other 61.6 sat down, so it seems like the market went with the the vast majority today, um, but its not over guys its not over. We need to see how the daily candle closes.

I did mention, though, as well yesterday on the live stream. The long show that i did on the main channel uh for those of you who watched. I said there is a possibility that we could have the major relief rally. Now we had to look at the high kanashii candles. We had to look at a whole bunch of different things and the average drawdowns, and we said that look if there was going to be a time for a relief rally. Um now is as good as any time for that to happen. However, the moves arent going to be as high as a lot of people think and if we have a look at the daily chart over here, we would be coming straight up into this ema. So, and i told you to put that on your chart to have a key area to watch out for if price comes into this, it usually rejects. Historically, thats whats happened if it manages to reclaim that level, whilst that, while that moving average turns back up, that will be a good sign and then not only uh that you also can see this resistance area thats going to be coming up so basically anywhere between 23, 000 – i would say, and about the 25 000 level, is going to be a difficult area for bitcoin to clear. If it starts getting above that, then you can target this region over here, which is the 30 000 level.

Your breakdown area, uh for long term trades or for for short term longs. I should say sorry, excuse me, but yes, no volume over here, so we really need to see what happens. It could be a fake out. You kind of want to see these big moves happen with volume and we havent got any of that yet so, moving on uh lets have a look over here, dixie extremely extremely powerful. Its absolutely flying over here ive outlined the next key areas to watch out. For so, if you do want to mark them off on your own chart, these are not the most important areas, but there are areas that could act as resistance. Ive got 108, 111 114. So over the next couple of months those will be the areas that im watching and then the ultimate ultimate uh key area is going to be the sixth month level coming at 190. Now that would be massive if the dixie went that high. But somebody asked me on my twitter, which i thought i would address, and i find quite interesting is with the bollinger bands um. They said to me: well, look the dexiers coming out of the one month, bollinger bands, which means that you know. Obviously, if it goes out of there like that, surely it should come back down right because its like over extended – and i said no actually when you look at moves that are in a very strong trending environment.

What youll find is that they actually use that the upper bollinger band as a support level, and they literally it will bounce off of that thats how bullish it is, and this is this can happen both ways same thing to the downside, and you can see it If you look here historically so uh, remember that saying that ive given before, which is that the market can remain irrational, much longer than a trader, can remain solvent. So you really dont want to try and fade these strong trends, rather wait for confirmation that its changed and the same is going to go for crypto for bitcoin and for all the other altcoins, and this was something that i gave as an example in yesterdays show. I did say this was one particular situation that im looking at look. I told you i didnt long it i didnt go. I mean i can say that with all honesty i said id rather just sit in cash until we get this sort of an environment. So if you see price push up, i mean for those of you that had the the guts to do it. Congratulations to you, you had higher low higher low higher low. Here was your next one, so this would be a good area to long from you could long it straight up to the top. I said once we make a higher high relative to the previous high, then this would be your zone where you could start to think about going long and then you buy the retest and off you go so patience is a virtue and you will be rewarded for That patience, my recommendation, is definitely just relax for for your long term trades.

Yes, short term trades, you can be jumping in on trades right, but for the for the longer term, your big spot buys that you want to accumulate in the long run. Just remain patient. Theres plenty of time you want to reclaim certain areas, and we havent done that quite yet. So that was ethereum. That i showed you here is solana. Now solana is an interesting one, because i did mention this in todays newsletter as well, which im going to go over for those of you that have already read that look. It is coming straight into the underside resistance right here, so this is a decent niche area. Where you could build up a short, if you want to again im just pretty much sitting on my hands right now, waiting to see what happens if this is a real move or a trap and were having a look at the volume and other sort of indicators Of how high this could possibly go, but look underside resistance start to clear that same thing as ethereum same thing as bitcoin. You want to make your next higher high relative to this zone over here, make your next higher high, and now you have a nice trend. You have one low, two higher lows: two higher highs, and then you can buy the third one, which is the re test of that underside resistance, and this is more for those momentum swing traders guys right so for the for those of you are looking to be In your trades, holding big spot positions or low leverage position like a three to five x that you want to hold for months, im talking more to you, but for the low time traders im gon na get to something for you now uh to a particular trade Setup for you in a bit the other one that i put in the newsletter today is atom.

I want to start off actually by going uh further back, because this was one of the requested charts that i was asked to chart out, and i noticed that you know when you look at these key levels right. If you look at historically the areas that its hit, this is a very, very key level to be bouncing off. So if the market is going to have bottomed well for something like atom or cosmos that ecosystem, this is a possible area where it could have bottomed. So, moving on to a lower time frame lets go look at it. On a 12 hour, okay, thats kind of the picture. You got your primary liquidity zone, areas that need to be cleared thats, the area thats acting as resistance. I did the charting on a two hour time frame because i thought it gave uh sort of the best picture over here and and lets take a look at all of this, so zooming in ive, given two different outlooks. Okay, i said one is im tracking this uh trend line over here, which seems to be working quite nicely. I had activate your short trade at the break of that uh low over here, so this this um higher low. This can now be moved right, because now we have a new confirmed, higher low thats going to go over here. So for any of you that were in the newsletter, we can move this over here and why are we even considering a short well were considering a short, because this is coming straight into a key area of resistance.

So i said uh he has your key area of resistance between nine dollars and 25 cents and 9.99. So just call it about 920 to 10 is your primary area of control. Your resistance and support area should flip it, of course, so tracking this momentum trend line. We can now move this. This trade becomes a bigger trade. Actually, if it starts to break underneath this zone, then you can follow the red path and you can track that all the way down, thats going to give you a huge move, its 20, as you can see over there, its going to come into the liquidity zone At six to seven dollars, i also wrote, though this is going to be very dependent on bitcoin if bitcoin turns out to be forming a trap in so trapping the longs, and it starts to fail between about 21 and 23k. You see price starting to turn over. There and come back down and atom hasnt cleared this resistance zone. Yet so maybe it does something like this comes up starts to deviate back down. You lose this important uh trend line over here. You can probably er the the retest of that confirms it as resistance break below your next higher low, which would then be there. You can activate your short trade and target straight down to much lower prices – okay, so thats for that. But what about the long trade? Well, currently i mean, if you were already long from down here, you may as well keep holding it and out pretty much just track the higher lows in exactly the same way that i have the activate the short trade over here.

So lets just lets just move this so that it doesnt confuse. You lets, take a new trend line over here and just move it like that. So, essentially, all you need to do is just quickly switch at a solid line. All that you need to do is track the higher lows right. So if you were long over here, you just want to go over under the previous higher low. Put your stop loss. Put your stop. Loss put your stop loss over there and just keep moving it up, because you could be in a fantastic long swing trade if the momentum starts to clear above this level over here. So if youre holding above the key horizontal area, then this starts to activate your long trade and your next take profit is going to be all the way up 23 higher. So these are some of the trade ideas that are outlined in the um in the newsletter. Today, the other one was the solano one okay, so i was looking to potentially take a short, so its currently already cleared the resistance, so pretty much i wouldnt be taking the shorts and s. This proves uh to be a deviation where deviates comes back down like that reconfirms that area as a resistance, and then you can activate the short trade again if youre, currently in a short and youre ready in profit, then just keep moving your stop loss down and Tracking that so guys thats pretty much it from me, theres really not much else to say.

Let me quickly give you a broader picture on the two hour chart of what the the key areas are over here and what ive been looking at. Okay, so you had a small liquidity zone if it manages to clear this area over here. This is a diagonal which has been holding for quite a long time if it manages to get back above that, then probably salon is going to go all the way up to the next overhead resistance, which is going to be around the 42 area. So you just want to be careful of that, manage your risk. Dont go too hard on the leverage or anything like that and uh yeah thats pretty much it guys. So if you enjoy this video, please make sure that you have a look below hit the like subscribe. The bell notification, all the general things over there make sure that you are following me on twitter as well get the right twitter, which is also in the link below and then, if you would like to sign up to the newsletter. That is where you get the detailed description of my exact line of thinking. I always try and give you two different scenarios because again were not fortune tellers over here. I dont know for sure. If the markets going to always be bullish or bearish, i give both outlooks. I say if this happens do that. If this happens then do the other side over there and take a short.

So also, if you are trading here, is a bybet link. You can get up to 4 200 in sign up bonuses, and you do want to support me, make sure that you hit that link over there thats it from me guys very quick, short update. I will see you all on tomorrows video trade while out there be safe, and this video today is proudly brought to you by unix gaming cheers. For now. This crypto shorts video is proudly brought to you by unix gaming, the leading web 3 gaming ecosystem.