If youre new here, my name is steve. I started in the stock market a little over 20 years ago and i just made every mistake in the book it was painful and over the past 20 years i figured out how to dominate this game and thats. Why im here with you right now to make sure that you dont make all the ridiculous and silly and painful mistakes that i did weve been in crypto right here on this channel since 2017, and our main focus is to help you use your crypto to gain Financial freedom hit that subscribe button right now. What you have in front of you is an elliott wave theory. Now what im gon na show? You is gon na blow your mind, okay, and this is a chart that i showed you right here. If you follow our channel three years ago and its playing out to the t, those of you that saw this three years ago, comment down below, i want to see where youre, at what what you see here is bitcoins entire history, all right, bitcoins, entire history. We can categorize into our five impulse wave move okay. So what you typically see is this elliott wave theory is based on these formations that happen. These moves and its based on market sentiment its based on a lot of human psychology, its based on how humans interact with money right. So basically the market will go up for a while and when it goes down, everybodys wondering where is that pivot point? Where its going to move back up, okay and then it goes up for a while, and then we reach a bubble and the market goes down and everybodys wondering hey wheres, that pivot point, where its going to stop going down and start going up.

And the key is you would love to invest at the bottom of wave, two, okay, thats? What you would love to do. It would be the best opportunity of your life. What if i told you, we could very well be incredibly close to wave two right now. Let me break it down to you so theres, five waves, theres a five impulse wave move in elliott, wave theory and by the way, im not going to sit here and claim that im, an elliott wave master. These folks that are theyve, been studying and really knee. Deep in it for 30, 40, 50, 60 years, okay, what i will tell you is that we like to keep it simple on this channel ive been in the stock market for a little over 20 years. We know our way around the charts a little bit and we showed you this chart three years ago and we called for an a b c correction to play out, and that was a couple years ago here we are a couple years later, its on point. Okay, so let me break it down with what were expecting next, because thats the key now with these waves. There are a couple rules that we need to keep in mind. Wave two, which is this wave right here, cannot go retrace the entire wave 1 or its null and void right same with wave 4 wave 4 cannot retrace the entirety of wave 3.. The other rule is wave, three can never be the shortest wave and its usually the longest wave and by the way, if were in wave two right now, wave three is next wave.

Three is the glory wave wave. Three is the most powerful wave, its usually where all the gains are made right and usually by wave five. The market starts tailing off. We lose our momentum and concede just with your plane eye without even a trained eye. You can see that wave 5 was substantially less powerful than wave 1 and wave 3.. What you can also see is these corrective waves right, wave 2 and wave 4, where the bear market plain and simple, okay, so wave one and three and wave five where the bull runs. Okay, now you may be wondering well, please help us understand what happened here after a five wave sequence. What sometimes will happen is an a b c correction. Now we can break it down, we can get technical theres, some flat patterns and theres zigzags, and this happens to be a flat pattern, but we wont get too technical. Well, keep it relatively simple. Basically, this is kind of the flush out. This is kind of the reset button because we spent five waves going to the moon. We need this abc to kind of build our base and build our structure for the next five waves. So, basically, after the five waves, if you see an abc correction play out its going to start a new five wave sequence and what im telling you right now is that this wave one just completed in my opinion and again, this is not my opinion now or In the past week, we showed you this chart literally three years ago, right so wave one happened from the bottom of this wave to the top of here.

This is wave one. This is the start of our new five wave sequence. Wave one came up here and were in our corrective wave, which is our bear market, were here now right now, heres, where it gets interesting. You can take the golden ratio here and apply it to understand where this pivot point is going to be whats. Very cool is that here this 50 retracement level – we just almost touched it right. We were a little bit above here, so we corrected up here from wave one all the way down to wave two and it brought us right to just about the 0.5 on the fib right. You can take these moves to understand every single time. We have a bear market, you can understand where that wave will likely stop and where the next wave will likely begin. The wave you really want to pay attention to is not here because again, wave 5 is usually the the weakest wave. A lot of momentum is lost. What you really want to pay attention to is the start of wave 3.. That would be your absolute dream to invest at the start of wave 3 and i believe we could be at the start of wave three. Let me explain so we talked about the fib level, the point five, if you look at where were at and where weve corrected to were just above the 0.5 thats, precisely where we were at the last wave 2.

. I believe that were in wave 2 right now and again i will say this elliott wave theory. The reason i dont use it to trade is because its really up for interpretation, you can show elliott wave to a hundred different humans that all claim to be experts and they will draw it a hundred different ways. But we keep it simple and what we drew. Three years ago has played out to the t, which is why i want to show you here and the reason why is we said repeatedly, keep watching for the next wave three thats, where to invest itll, be the best opportunity of your life, and we believe that Wave three is about to begin and theres. Another reason why, if you look at these bear markets right, wave, two and wave four: are these bear markets right also for the corrective wave a for the abc these waves? When you look at them and you dive into the details, you can see also aside from pulling up the fibonacci retracement, you can look at the rsi right and when we touch this white line, thats, usually where the pivot point is for the next wave to begin. You can also see this top. The top of the market was wave five. We had this corrective wave a. Where did it stop? It stopped right here at the bottom, precisely at the same white line where it stopped before right now, you can see where were at now, so this corrective wave 2 that we believe were in were right back here at the white line.

This could be our sign as well as right above the 0.5, so i wanted to bring this to your attention, those of you that have followed our channel for a while youre, probably thinking wow. I remember when steve showed us this a couple years ago and you probably didnt believe what i was telling you, but now here we are a couple years later and i believe were at the start of wave three. There are a couple things that can cause us. Some turmoil right. We have a couple problems in the charts, mainly uh. Some of our recent closes right. We have this bearish engulfing candle on the yearly thats, potentially playing out. We have this bearish engulfing candle that just played out on the six month chart and we had this gravestone doji on the six month. Chart which told us a trend reversal was coming over a year ago, which we covered right here on the channel a year ago. Those things are, are legitimate: weve got to pay attention to them, theyre very serious. That doesnt mean we cannot go into a wave 3 next, okay, wave 3. It might start out. You know a little bit a little bit troublesome like it did back here right where it took us a while. You can see the market bottom. We went sideways for one two, three four five months we went sideways and the market became incredibly boring and then wave three really took off.

It could be the same thing playing out here where we have a market bottom. We go sideways for a whole bunch of months. The market is at a standstill, everybody loses interest and then we start wave three. So i wanted to bring this to your attention. I think its fairly fascinating and again i do not claim to be an elliott wave expert. I havent been doing it for 40 years im, not even 40 years old, but i i do love the charts.