Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are really interested to get your views and opinions in the comments below and dont forget to jump in. Our discord link is in the description, its free to join now uh. If you enjoyed todays video mash up that like button, it really does support the channel helps push out the content. To like minded individuals really do appreciate it and if you havent already not sure why but subscribe tapping that bell selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video update right lets, get to the desktop cant get my words out today. So uh yeah like take 50., so right lets get into this. The total market cap of all crypto is at 909.08 billion dollars up 0.60 percent of the time of recording. Now, yesterday i put out a video um saying that i did think that the the most recent sort of pump was going to be short lived uh, we dropped, you know from that pump uh to below 20k, but it looks like you know. Whilst ive been sleeping, we broke through the 20k, which potentially was a bit of resistance, were now sat at twenty thousand one hundred and eighty seven. Ninety one up one point three: six percent of the time of recording. Now again, i i think its a volatile market. I do expect it to pull back down in line with nicks analysis um. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are like im so eager to see the the thoughts that you guys have in the comments below so first of all.

Well, cover obviously free arrows capital. We know they filed for bankruptcy um. So again, this is one of those um reasons why i do believe that we are likely to see lower lows right now. I you know if, if im writing what im saying now, i was wrong about what i said in in may that i expected the bottom to be in in june, so you know either way. I was wrong at one point and i was right another. So you know its going to be interesting because we did see a a lower low in june and i did gobble it up. I bought some um. Many of the um people in the discord would see my live, buys as i buy it. So this isnt somebody thats, you know just making up as he goes along. You know it could have dropped lower, but i got somewhere down near the bottom. The recent bottom that is, um and im continuing to to dollar cost average in at the prices that ive ive kind of set from nicks analysis so definitely worth jumping in the discord. Taking a look at that. But you know with all these bankruptcies that we have started to see. You know free arrows capital being won theres going to be a lot of assets that are up for sale, so, whether thats over the counter or whatever. You know retailer gon na get an opportunity to to gobble some of this up.

I dont know, but you know its probably unlikely, but lets just put it this way. If its, you know, institutions that that buy it up on the cheap, whilst theyre, buying that up theyre not going to be buying up, you know on the the standard market that everyone else is buying from so ultimately the prices i still feel will come down so Well see how things sort of progress, let me know what your thoughts and opinions are. Obviously weve. Just woke up to the news that voyager have um filed uh for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, so you know again its another um Music. I guess lending platform. That is, you know, declaring bankruptcy its its not great for the sector. Again, it could mean that we have, you know cheap assets that are available right, an influx of assets available on the market and the problem here is um. You know the buying volume isnt. Really there so when you um, add more assets and there isnt um the demand for it. The price goes down, and this is kind of what nick and myself have been articulating. Quite a bit. Um now were hopeful that celsius survive and well come on to that. In a moment um, but it doesnt look good for a lot of other. You know. Lending platforms void was another one um recently uh paused withdrawals, weve had rumors of kucoin, and i get people are saying that these are false.

They, they might be false. They might not be full so im, not taking any side um, but one thing that i am saying is make sure that you utilize good risk management. Now. The first step of that is to understand the risk that youre at you know what risk it is with. Each asset that you own and so forth, right um so go do that and then you know make sure that youve got a good risk management strategy. Now you know, with all of that said, you know, one of the the major risks is um. You know where you keep crypto. Obviously, some of these uh lending platforms and exchanges, pausing withdrawals, stopping people from getting their assets and potentially lots of people losing their assets um. I think its really important to you know, keep you know your crypto on a hardware wallet, for example, light ledger link is in the description ill put an ad in okay, its that point in the video where we want to talk about being safe in the crypto Space, we see a lot of scam activity and want to ensure our cheeky community are as safe as possible and prevent anyone from losing their crypto. There are many different scams in the space, but one of the most common and easy to avoid are those hacked wallets and exchanges being hacked themselves. This is where hardware wallets come in when it comes to choosing a crypto wallet. There is no perfect solution and no matter which kind of wallet you do choose.

If you dont understand the basics of security, you can still become a target of bad actors. Now, like i said, we like hardware wallets, because they minimize the risks that we cannot control. Such as a major data breaches at cryptocurrency exchanges or mailer that exploits the zero day vulnerabilities in mobile and desktop operating systems, to be clear, though hardware wallets, are not perfectly safe, they um will give you an added level of security and protection, though we do like To use the ledger devices, we have uh ledger nano s and x uh on this channel and um. These are for a good bang for your buck when it comes to keeping your crypto safe and secure. There are two models: the ledger nano x and the ledger: nano s the x uses bluetooth and can be used with your mobile. Where the ledger nano s, it does require you to actually plug it into a laptop um. Those are the two main versions and we actually use both of them um, as some cryptocurrencies only work with the ledger. Nano s. Currently, the legend nano s is smaller, however, with a limit on the amount of different coins that you can hold, whereas the ledger nano x can hold up to 100 different cryptocurrencies, you often find yourself having a trade off between the kind of hardware wallet that you Want to buy and obviously the ones that do everything you absolutely need them to do now when it comes to cost and availability.

I do find that ledger is a little bit easier to kind of come by and is more affordable to the everyday, individual and investor. When it comes to buying a hardware wallet, we do suggest you, research, the different types and brands, and i cannot stress this part enough only order directly from the manufacturer, as there are many fake hardware wallets out there. If you are interested in a hardware wallet, there is a link to ledgers official website in the description below, and you will be able to find out more details about how to keep your crypto safe. There guys lets continue with the video, and i think you know its its something thats definitely worth while exploring so weve got a few articles. Obviously you know again: voyager seeks bankruptcy protection amid crypto crisis uh. The toronto based lender filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in new york, late tuesday, the crypto lender um filed for bankruptcy late tuesday to become the second high profile firm to do so in recent days and were talking in the span of five days here. Its not a a great length of time now you know theres a lot of people saying or suggesting that you know theres going to be a few different companies or individuals. Looking to you know, save some of these platforms. Yes, i agree with that. Some will be saved, but others are just going to be. You know um theyre going to be beyond savior right, like i think, thats, just a a fact, and ultimately you know uh sam um, zizi and and all these other individuals theyre not like youre youre heroes of of crypto theyre, not doing this to save retail.

They might you know pr spin it that way, but ultimately some of these people are, you know, having huge negative impacts on uh retail investors um more so one person than another and im not going to get into to naming shaming here. But you know theres lots of um, you know buying over buying over the counters dumping on retail they dont care about retail as much as people might spin it a certain way, so they look good. Ultimately, this is, for you know, getting a great deal below market value, um and pleasing shareholders. Lets not. You know, uh, think about this in in any other way, because theyre not here to save you, no one cares about you. Nobody cares about. You know the the money that you make or you lose so you know i think this is you know hard to hear, but its its the honest truth and people need to perhaps just wake up a little bit to it. Um, you know make sure that youre keeping your crypto safe. Now i mentioned earlier that celsius um. You know looking more positive right celsius, repays 183 million on d5 exchange maker gets uh back collateral. Blockchain data shows so the trouble lender paid down 183 million of its debt on decentralized exchange maker, and you know this is this – is interesting, stuff im going to link this in our discord, so definitely worth taking a look at it. I think now its less than um 3 dollar um that basically would liquidate uh celsius uh on their rap bitcoin.

So i think this is positive great to see, but i still think theres an awful lot of work to sort of. I guess build up confidence um! You know in customers, because as soon as they open those withdrawals, customers are going to be doing that run on the bank that everybodys, quite fearful of so you know, i dont think its necessarily um. You know where it needs to be just yet and its going to be interesting to see how things sort of progress with celsius moving on and weve got nexo now nexo very um, clever, with what theyre doing you know going around saying that theyre, you know potentially Willing to acquire some of these troubled rival businesses um, i im going to put it out there next, so you know start delivering and instead of just talking about it, lets lets see you actually, you know, take action on some of these um. These words that you keep speaking because at the moment all im, seeing is words and words – are meaningless um. Maybe this is just pr uh opportunity to to look strong in in a weak market um or maybe theres more to it. Now you know what does all of this sort of mean? For me, it means that you know its its one of those like i kind of feel the yeah. We could see a 15k bitcoin. I think you know it really depends on the the macro events that are happening inside the the crypto space for one you know: how do these lending platforms in exchange platforms do? Do they survive or do they go bankrupt? And you know assets get made available on the market, theres no volume there.

If that happens, i think that we will see lots of you know good buying opportunities for people that have got money on the sidelines um. If we dont see that and they survive um again, i think we could still see a 15k bitcoin. I think it really depends on what what happens outside of just the crypto market, because you know you could be um forgiven for being mistaken, that this is just a crypto related issue, with the prices dropping as much as they they have this isnt. This is financial sector after financial sector issue. This is a worldwide um. You know scenario of potentially going into a recession, so you know this is something that you know, i think, is a fantastic opportunity. Probably the biggest transfer of wealth were likely to ever see in our lifetimes and ultimately, if youve got money on the side and you can afford to you know get into the market, then i think this is going to be life changing for many.