We could continue to trade sideways, something could blow up and we could move downwards or we could hit. Our next bear run any day now and move in the other direction. Anybody that sits here and definitively tells you that they know what is going to happen in the next day week month, six months or even year is probably lying to you unless they say that they believe in crypto and in the long term, things are going to Turn around. I truly believe that this is the case, but that also means that now is a great time to buy into a handful of projects that have stood the test of time, outperformed the rest of the market. So in a couple of minutes, Im going to talk about three different projects that I believe are going to out praise the rest of the market and do incredibly well in the future. So please be sure to stick around. But before I get into it, please make sure to smash that Thumbs Up Button before we subscribe to the channel and guys. I also have some big news: our sponsor wants to give you six pre stocks with up to fifteen thousand dollars. When you use my link in the description to open an account and deposit as little as one dollar with Mumu Ive personally received 300 worth of stock. By doing this guys, this offer wont last long. I highly advise you check out. Oh all, right guys, as I mentioned in the open people really dont know what is going to happen next in the crypto market right there are so many moving Parts, but the one thing that we can say definitively is that the market moves in Cycles.

It is going to go up, it is going to go down. Usually every few years we see a 50 reduction in the overall value, but as weve seen in the past, it will always go back up now again. Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen some very interesting things with regards to the crypto bubbles, sometimes its a little bit more, sometimes its a little bit less as of right now, a handful of projects are doing really well and an additional number of projects Completely in the red over the last week when we take a look at more holistic view here with coin market cap, Global crypto Market crap is creeping back towards one trillion dollars 885 billion its down about point six percent in the last day. Much of this having to do with the fact that Bitcoin is trading right around 19 600 in total ethereum, however, is still doing relatively well staying up top here above one thousand dollars just over eleven hundred dollars. However, both projects are down on both the day and the week tether remains deep edge from one dollar so still relatively down the USD coin saying that we are bullish, Finance saying that we are a bearish overall, we do see. A majority of projects are completely in the red, but if they are in the green, a handful of them are both in the green on the day and on the week like Monero, but not really much up here.

Cosmos doing really well as well guys. Handful of these are projects that Ive talked about in the past, but if we take a look at the top 100 right, the farther down we get the more red it gets and even though we are not headed towards all coin season, it does look like the All coins are outperforming the rest of the market. Now what this means is that very soon we are going to start seeing the main Market, the Bitcoins, the ethereums of the world. The binance is starting to explode relatively solidly, but for now people are kind of fearish right. We have about a 19 on the fear and greed Index. This is a lot better than what weve seen over the past several days. We did see ourselves at 14. Yesterday. We saw ourselves at 10 over the last week and 10 over the last month. There were individual days that we were in fact seeing it sitting in the single digits, never really a great thing to see, but we need to remember once again the crypto Market moves in Cycles, as of right now were at anger, depression and its disbelief. Theres a possibility, we could see a bit of a dead cat rally, but if you invest now, there is a chance that you will move down before you move back up right. This is entirely possible, but once again, once weve moved past disbelief and that suckers rally, we will see that hope, optimism, belief, thrill, Euphoria selling towards the top and then once again writing it back down holding it at either stable coins or fiat currency.

Depending on what youre more comfortable with and then of course, we see the cycle repeat itself time and time again now, Im saying the next 12 to 18 months are going to be very interesting. But again, I do not know for sure this is just kind of an estimation, but the hope is that well move in the right direction and these three projects are ones that have stood the test of time and are in fact outperforming the rest of the crypto Market guys were going to start out here with BNB, also known as binance, currently trading at 225.69, outpacing Bitcoin and outpacing ethereum, but still down about point six five percent on the day. If we take a look at their all time high, it is astronomical. They were close to 700 at some point: 675 dollars and 68 cents. Then we saw ourselves move back downwards: Rock back upwards once again, following the Bitcoin method of things and outpacing it just a little bit and of course, its Consolidated back down, but not nearly as low as what its been in the past right now. Binance is one of the few companies binance and FTX seem to be the two companies that are doing incredibly well. They are supporting the crypto Market, they are flush with cash Chiang, Pang Xiao, the CEO and founder of binance, basically came out and said you know uh. You know it was really hard for us to say no to Super Bowl commercials.

It was really hard for us to uh. You know uh put a lot of money on the sidelines or not name a stadium, but right now they are the ones that are flush with cash and bailing a lot of people out acquiring companies that are going to make it through, but unfortunately do not have The capital liquidity to do so now, and I do think that theyre going to continue to do this well into the future. Now guys binance as a company is spectacular. They have a lot of different things from an education platform to an nft platform, their own binance card and, of course, on top of that they are doing massive amounts of volume. In the last 24 hours, theyve done 77 6 billion dollars worth of trading volume. On the binance exchange, they are the largest Exchange in the world and the most accessible. They have over 600 cryptocurrencies listed 90 million registered users and, of course, they have the lowest transaction fees at less than 0.1. That is astronomical and because of this, they have gained massive amounts of popularity and therefore, when things turn around, when we start to see ourselves on the other side, I think that were going to start to see projects like this, not only outperform the market but be Market leaders and maybe even move themselves back into the top five outpacing, the stable coins moving closer to ethereum and Bitcoin and hopefully bringing that market cap even further guys.

Speaking of ethereum. I did want to talk about this one as well, currently trading at just over 1100 down about 1.1 percent on the day, but we do know that this is not going anywhere right there, one of the two cryptocurrencies that people think of immediately, when you say hey What cryptos you know Bitcoin in ethereum right! Those are the major two and there are some new major pieces of news were talking about that in just a second that are going to continue to move them up volume. The last 24 – I was about 15 billion out of that 133 billion dollar market cap. Take a look at their all time high. They were nearly five thousand dollars. Have they capped that? I think that we would have kept going up in the right direction, but we do have some great news in that in the next couple of months. They will be going fully proof of stake now guys if the ethereum developers have said that the merge will occur in August. Assuming that everything goes to plan. This is core ethereum developer, Preston Van Loon, and he said that the Networks long awaiting transition will happen within the next couple of months, assuming that everything will go in the right direction now this is their long awaited migration to proof of stake. It has been pushed back time and time again, but hopefully this time everything goes through. Assuming that it does, we will once again have one of the top two major exchanges going fully as proof of stake, as opposed to proof of work and once they are able to sort of expand even further past.

What theyre doing right now increase their transaction speed, increase their block size, bring down those fees. I think that this is one of those projects that will go absolutely crazy and move upwards in a big way guys. This last project is a little bit more risky, but but I want to bring it up because I fully believe in it and its a little bit risky because its you know its a smaller project right, its not Bitcoin, its, not ethereum, its, not even binance, but Cardano has done some spectacular things and Ive been bullish on them for quite some time now. This is dirt cheap right, 45 cents for cardano is relatively cheap. Once again, we saw ourselves at almost three dollars at some point uh. You know right around that three dollar range and uh. You know people were really disappointed when it didnt move over that you had a lot of people come out of the woodwork and start talking a lot of trash. But we need to remember that the kind of people that are going to engage in a sort of rhetoric are the people that are trying to make a quick buck in the crypto Market. Is that possible? Yes, entirely? We have seen people make millions of dollars overnight. Uh you know, based on these coins, that completely exploded into you know the the Lexicon of the crypto Community, but you need to you, know, get lucky for the most part I mean these projects are few and far between crypto is a long term play.

I am very much in all of my plays for the long term, including Ada, including Bitcoin, including ethereum, and I think that were going to start seeing some major movement as well now guys for those of you that arent as familiar with the project. Their hope is that theyre making the world work better for everybody. They are a blockchain for change, makers, innovators and Visionaries. They have several tools and several pieces of technology that are required to create possibilities for the many, as well as the few theyre trying to bring about positive, Global change. Again, another proof of stake blockchain. They are the first to be founded on peer review research, and this means that anybody can come in and effectively fix the problems that exist within the blockchain. They combine pioneering technology to provide unparalleled security and sustainability, to decentralized application systems and societies, and they have a massively leading team of Engineers, theyre really working to make this one of the strongest projects that are out there. So, yes, they may have moved down just a little bit, but theyve turned back around and things are looking really solid as of right now now guys. Once again, I need to reiterate: nobody knows what is going to happen in the crypto Market. Not even me, a lot of it right now is speculation, but with enough research and with enough diversification of your projects, when everything turns back around, you will be very happy that you started buying now, as opposed to later on, when other people are going to be A little bit more confident to put their assets into this class anyways thats, going to do it for todays video.

Thank you all again so much for joining us. Please make sure to smash that thumbs up button for us scrap the channel. While you are down there check out MooMoo get yourself some free stock. I am Matt Stoner. Thank you.