Could we be about to see an awful lot of fomo for cardano? Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are in the comments below on that now. Why are we suggesting that you might actually see this well theres been some analytics that have been circulating. I, like my analytics – and you know its kind of away from that technical analysis stuff that you know theres this misconception. You know uh technical analysis, doesnt work, but actually elliott way. Theory has been pretty accurate right and you can see that from you know what nicks been calling out in his videos, but i like to sort of back it up and i think thats, one of the things that makes this channel very unique. We look at not just the the technical analysis, but we look at the fundamental aspect as well and other analysis outside of technical analysis, so were going to do that today in todays video and have a look at commits and all these other wonderful metrics that i Think you know uh someones, showing some some really unique signs compared to other blockchains, so definitely want to to stick with us till the end uh. Do let me know what your thoughts and opinions are. Are we going to see lots of fomo for cardano, probably wait until towards the end um, you know see what ive got to say and then you know, let us know in the comments below if you enjoy this sort of content, mash up that like button subscribe.

If you havent, subscribed already tapping that bell selected all the notifications, so you never miss a video very important that lets get to the desktop. Okay, so were gon na start on coin market cap now cardano has fallen a a spot. You know uh its now ranked eighth, rather than seventh xrp has flipped it recently. Now its up one point, seven, six percent of the time of recording at 0.45, and you know its its interesting. I really do like cardano one of my favorites and i didnt realize how much ive been buying. It was like 38 of my entire portfolio, so you know im a bull when it comes to cardano, so cardano fomo could return quicker according to blockchain analytics firm. Now i think, its really important to to look at you know what some of these analytic firms in the blockchain world are saying about these different projects, because it can give you sort of the you know the head start on. You know what to expect. So obviously, this leading uh crypto analytic, analytics firm cant, get my words out and said that the sentiment isnt particularly great at the moment for cardano ada, but that could quickly change new analysis. Um on cardano is currently uh, showing that theres a high amount of a unique address, interaction on its network, and this is the highest that weve seen in like a year. So this is pretty pretty interesting right and again, youve got the uh details here now.

I will link this in our discord, so do jump in our discord. Weve got a community of over three and a half thousand people talking about crypto 24 7., its fantastic community helping one another um, you know navigate the the space safely, so its definitely worth jumping in there now uh cardano at the time that this was written was Trading at like 46 cent um one percent um down – you know for the last 24 hours, um and 85 percent down from its all time. High of 3.09, which are hit in september. According to to this analytics, firm bitcoin is seeing increased social volume relative to all coins, um and – and this you know could be seen, as you know, uh normal really for this sort of uh period in a in a cycle. In my opinion and the the one other thing that was really telling uh from this analytic analytics, firm cant say analytics today is that aetherium is at its lowest point relative to negative commentary in the last four years. Now i thought that was really interesting and you know im going to come on to some of the reasons why i think that could be and the first one would be the fact that the ethereum virtual machine sidechain is now live on the testnet, the permissionless sidechain. Will allow developers to write solidity, smart contracts on cardano and create evm, compatible d, apps and erc 20 compatible tokens while reaping many of the cardano benefits.

So this is true interoperability, and i think this is going to be huge for cardano, and i think this is one of the the things that you know were going to start to see right were going to start to see a big shift of projects. Looking at you know coming on to cardano – and i think that is really really interesting – im really excited to see how this all sort of transpires. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are on uh in the comments below, because i think this is a really really big deal. I think you know this is gon na um. You know, i guess, create more interoperability between lots of different blockchains, not just aetherium. So, like i say, ill link this in the um. The discord so do jump in there. The other thing that you know really does excite me is that cardano hit 13 000 github commits in june and becomes the most developed project in the crypto industry. I mean like if that doesnt scream bullish, i dont know what does now. I have lots of um concerns when it comes to a lot of the other chains. You know like projects, not fixing underlying issues and throwing like their native token um, like short term uh. I guess cover ups, you know to to fix a a problem, but not really fix the underlying problem, and you know one thing that i really do like to see.

Particularly in a bare cycle is you know how much development is being done, because i think this is a time to really work hard. So when you do start to have that bullishness come back into the market and you go into that bull run. The your your you know, updates are more meaningful and more impactful in at that particular point youre going to get more people investing, and i think this is a fantastic sign for cardano. Do let me know whether you were lying to my way of thinking on this, but you know i really do like to to see this and obviously weve got the upcoming vasel hard fork, and i think that were going to see record numbers of projects start to Onboard onto the cardano ecosystem again, i just think that this is very, very telling. Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are in the comments below and again, i will link this in the discord as well, so moving on weve got the cardano vassal hard fork. Its inevitable, now after the successful launch on the test net, obviously this happened a while back, but again i just wanted to cover it, because i think you know the the technical analysis side of things is, is all you know well and good, its fantastic um, but You have got to couple it with. You know the fundamental aspects to see whether the the project is actually delivering on its promises.

Obviously, this was delayed im, not anticipating another delay uh. I am anticipating this to go. Live some point this month towards the end of the month. I would imagine, and then you know were going to start to see projects start to onboard and i dont think this is going to happen immediately. But i do think, as we sort of get to the the lead up, and we start hearing about the fact that its definitely going to be going live on on mainnet, i think, were going to start to really see some fomo come into this project really exciting Times i think its fantastic to be invested in this project at this particular point in time. You know this was a project nick myself got into about five cent, it might have been less, and you know, lots of people were very negative about this. One saying that you know it was never gon na, you know, deliver on its promises. Um and nick myself were very much like you know this. This looks like an absolute still and even at the price there is today. I still think you know with the landscape. The way it is, we might see lower prices, but ultimately i think this is a fantastic time to to be getting into this one, obviously not financial advice, its just my opinion. My advice to anybody watching is to treat this as educational purposes only and go research. Um, you know cardano yourselves and see whether it resonates with you and then you can make your own investment decisions off the back of your own research, because ultimately there is no substitute for doing your own research.

I could have just made all of this up. You dont really know youre just taking my word for it and thats the trouble with you know. Influencers in this space, you dont know whether theyre telling the truth you dont know whether theyre paid and all that sort of stuff so always go. Do your own research and then you can never be duped by anybody. I think thats very, very important. I hope you enjoyed todays video if you did mash up that like button jump into our discord, have some more meaningful conversations with us there, its free to join.