Called clear, cryptos and clear. Cryptos is a project that i have been involved with and and have been working with for months now, behind the scenes working with the founders and everything around that and trying to just help, navigate and ultimately be part of the process of bringing clear um into the Crypto market: this is a project that i am extremely proud to be a part of and that i am really looking forward to seeing how the market uh embraces clear, because clear kryptos is going to do a lot of things, but ultimately what clear? What their objective and their aim is to do, is to revolutionize crypto in a positive way, and i will tell you that this is not a crypto project with one single thing that it does. It is going to be the largest biggest one of the biggest clear uh. Well clear. Cryptos is the name one of the largest and biggest crypto projects from a utility standpoint. What it aims to do, because it is going to be pervasive, its going to try to solve legitimate problems in crypto and even in our lives across multiple fronts, and i cant go too far and too much into depth right now, because um its just not the Right time to to lay out everything that it does, but what i wanted to convey to you is that, being in crypto and being in the seat that i sit in, i seek and, having you know, and and and having people talk to me all day and And ask me questions.

I see all these problems, including in in crypto. I see problems that are inherent to the beginnings of a brand new movement that is crypto right. If you could probably go back in the early days of the stock market might have been some similar things um, but because crypto is so its so new its so it it is, it is the the crypto market is in its infancy. All right – and there are problems inherently in crypto its hard to get and uh to find good data to analyze to know what are good projects to know, uh the projects that you should get involved in um how how you should really analyze and look at what Is a good project versus another how to make better decisions? How to even find good projects? Good crypto projects to be involved in to to you know to to become involved in right as an investor and as part of that, all of these, oh by the way and a lot more other things are our objectives that clear cryptos has to make better. They want to revolutionize crypto for the retail investor, thats you and i, but for also institutional i mean you name it. They want to help almost every facet of the crypto um spectrum, all right, but but ultimately, what i love is how they want to help. Just the average person who is trying to get involved into crypto and who is trying to just understand it and to make good choices and make even better choices, make more informed decisions, thats, really big part of what they want to achieve and want and want what Of what clear wants to do is to ultimately just truly help and thats what i have loved about this project now, for those of you guys who want to know when its coming theres not a defined date.

Yet again, this is a extremely massive project and theres a an inordinate amount of work by entire teams to go into the development of clear and all these different things that its going to do, and so this video wasnt really meant to give you. You know the exact things it does it it its going to do. It was meant to really talk to you about the issues that i see in crypto and that how clear is going to address those and its going to make all of our lives better inside who, who live and breathe crypto every single day to make it better? Oh, by the way, if there is it wants to help people that are not even in crypto yet to bring them into the fold. Okay, theres, so many things that clear is going to try to help within crypto, so clear, kryptos its coming uh by the way not being compensated for this video just wanted to.