. I got a good one for you, so i did a video yesterday talking about three arrows capital, how thats going to hell, how voyager going to hell? Basically, how its good for cryptocurrency overall, because we need to get rid of the fakes, the people thats not good and managed with money. So im assuming that chris to see your crypto.com seeing my youtube. Video had him a a good drink, some yak or something, and he turned up on a twitter a few hours ago. Im about to read those yall can check them out once again hit that, like button hit that subscribe button lets go to them. This year was a race of scale in our industry, and crypto.com pushed really hard to get maximum user base and revenue. While market conditions were favorable, we did it because we knew once a bear market arrives, there will be a cool off in activity and revenue will drop so thats false. He just stunned. He dont really mean that or he didnt know now. The lows are much higher due to our scale. What low is today is a breaking revenue for 2021., so hes like look the way we did it. Even our lows are still technically high. We doing okay, heres like so once you have scale. What do you do? Optimize unit economics, we started the process in q1, so were in a good place right now, these were some of the tough unpopular calls.

They were some of the right calls to make more and more begin to recognize it. Now. Yes, they made tough calls. We dont, like them lower rates. They just went about it wrong because a lot of other companies talked about lowering rates. They just told us, they just went about it wrong. In spite of our scale and our public unit economic, optimization exercise, there is a plenty of fun being manufactured every day. He said keepcrypto.com name out, yall, mother, loving mouth. I have seen just two this week that we are slowing down withdrawal and running a special deposit promotion. This is false click bait. Yes, they need to keep on doing special deposit stuff, because you guys can click the link in the bio and you can get you some free crow once you sign up and buy some money. Thank you. Our withdrawal policy is the same as it always was and implement any new restrictions. You will run special deposit promotions and make sure all regular ones run are profitable. So i dont even know why he had to explain himself on that one. I wouldnt explain myself. People are free to flood all they want, but this doesnt change the facts. Crypto.Com will be a top five, maybe even a top three crypto platform globally by revenue this year, only two other players have higher user accounts than us who running a trusted. Safe and regulated platform with a global reach is costly.

Only a handful of players reach the scale required to support it. Im happy crow is a very short is on the very short list, because the rest is going to be either acquire or out of business. Damn the industry will be better off after scale. Companies with broken business models are out. There will be some short term pain and weve seen a lot of it play out already, but the whole space will emerge stronger because it is a much needed cleanup now back to building. We are only at 330 million crypto holders globally. Theres still plenty to do before we cross the chasm and reach early majority. Chris chris chris tell me how you really feel oh boy he went in, he went in. He basically got tired of people disrespecting. He said this fudge all saying: im broke yall, saying i dont get no money. I got something for yall lets. Go to the numbers. Lets go to the facts. I like it. You know talk yo smack. You know im a crow believer if you believe in crypto long term as a whole, you might as well invest in crow as a whole. I do have my concerns, but overall not too bad right now. Crow price is right about 12 cents. For the last week. Its been around 10 to 12 cents range, i i think 11 cents is, is bottom right now and the last month. I think the high was probably 19 cent, so this is a opportunity.

I would love to know whats. Your thoughts in the comments you know was chris wright to go ahead and drop the mic because he, like look all of these. Other companies yall been talking about giving these high ap apys.