That would have hurt them well, gary doesnt matter. What the jets do we cant hold on hold on this could blow up real fast right now: Music, the garyvee audio experience, evan preston great to see you guys hope, youre well, uh super excited about our collaboration and uh. The innovations were doing in sports uh for the people that dont know you guys. You want to give yourselves a little intro here preston. While you go ahead, youre more exciting than i am. I dont know about that look. My background is somewhat in sports. I was a sports bettor for about a decade and then i was a tv analyst on espn for a few years and then actually left to prioritize web3 last year in march um and started pixel vault with the punks comic project with sean gierin and gary. Thank you. I know you were supportive of me from the get go there so just appreciative to be here extremely lucky and excited that uh we get to talk to you a little bit awesome yeah. My name is evan smith. I was a former options: trader lost the licensing battle around nba top shot, got into nfts, pretty early and just kind of back again with the past year and see a lot of stuff to build and really excited about it. Whats the most exciting part of this project, from your perspective, for me, its that you know weve seen all of these communities gather that are digitally native first, around intellectual property, around community storytelling and theres.

All this excitement, and often it feels like you know its without the spine of a story, its really its amazing that its happened without the story already pre told, but with sports. You have season after season where you have a game every saturday to gather around a team to follow. You know from from starting with a team in the fourth division. We have a place to go its a natural goal, its just um. It should be really exciting to take all the parts that have worked so far and try to apply it to a sports franchise press yeah to go a step further. I mean people have been talking about it online for seven eight months like hey, we should buy a sports team or do something right in just the crypto web 3. Space as a whole im excited about actually trying to do that. Right, like we got this club, we want to bring it to the people and they can help us via digital, first community stuff, build it into something thats great. That actually has a chance, because i mean youve done a great job of e friends by the way of actually bringing utility and what evans alluding to 99 out there to say: hey, you might have a hoodie one day or a character into central land like we Have a sports club right, we have a team lets, lets build from there, and so i think i think its everyones pretty excited because theyve been asking for this anyway and weve been able to kind of deliver at least so far yeah yeah gary.

I would actually be interested in what you have to say, but to me its like its a blank space and figuring out what it means to have a digitally native community owned sports team right thats, exactly what it is its not i mean for me for me, Its a clean canvas around an interest graph that im obsessed with that can tap into new technologies to create new outcomes. Yeah 100. You know this team um has been bound by its region for 126 years and theyve theyve gotten as high as league one and theres uh. Theres, really no pathway for them to grow beyond that. If, if they go the old fashioned way, but we have the ability to try to find fans from all over the world with a new branding and with a new approach and if were successful at that, were just going to have a much larger growth opportunity than The rest of the teams around us and that should should lead to outsized outcomes, which will hopefully attract more fans. I mean thats really what were trying to do when, when your friends in real life hear a whiff of this and theyre like wait, wait! What are you doing, because i wanted a lot of people to hear this? What um? How do you answer them? Preston, sure i mean thats? Actually, most people just think its really cool, because i was like oh thats, always the dream when youre a kid, how do you actually explain it to them? Press like mundane like button from around the way hes like breast? Did i just see your name on this? What is whats going on go? I i basically tell them ill say: hey.

We have this club in crawleytown its near london, its great proximity. There were excited about the prospects of the efl and potentially moving up a proper football team. Yeah were bringing the internet a team, and now we have a chance to attach all of these fans across the internet across the world to this club thats local, near london thats. What were doing if you want to be involved like well talk more about the details. You dont even need to get nfts or web3 its sports and look sports fans. Theyre communities, as is anyway like, were just doing that, but were doing it for the internet. I i say that were doing kind of a real life lasso where were buying a sports team and were trying to bring an outsized audience to it and if were successful, were going to were going to move up and its going to get crazier from here. I say its the adventure when you, when you say, move up to americans, they dont know what you mean yeah, you have to start by explaining promotion relegation, which is the whole reason were starting over there as opposed to over. Here you, we have an entry ticket to the highest league in the world, even if were not in that league right now. This would be like if you bought the hudson valley, renegades, the single, a baseball team and then had a plan to become the yankees right. It seems it seems impossible here, because youre not allowed to do it, i mean god, would the nba be a better product if they had promotion of relegation but thats a story for a different day uh, you know like theres, no tanking over there, you tank you Go down so its a purely capitalist uh structure, whereas over here its actually quite socialist, in the way that we approach sports, where its a club and you cant get out of the club once youre in so thats.