Video in todays video were going to be looking at the brand new feature of the pit pass uh. Here we go, weve activated orbit pass getting that premium. We got that first free part, and then we got to get this. The striker here so were going to be looking at all the pit pass rewards and were going to be looking at how you can score uh trophies uh for your pit pass all right. So, first up first rewards here we see self control and right after you claim those first two rewards uh. We see a 24 hour cooldown here uh. I i think that that 24 hour cooldown is kind of too too narrow uh, which probably should give us like five uh, a five window like a five asset window, and then they could come in with the cooldown each day. Uh. Instead of giving us only two. Two assets per day our two rewards per day uh from the pit pass here, so i think that needs to be improved uh. Some of the things that we can say needs to be improved here. You guys can use your voice and voice them in the support chat, to send a support message to say that the cooldown needs to be improved and so on, all right so to give feedback to the commit to the creators that they gain uh. What we want in the game and stuff that should improve the game, all right, so lets go so first thing we see the cooldown can be improved and we could probably say five uh tier per day would be good.

Instead of only two tiers. All right, then, we see uh yuki sonoda, actually its the alpha tari alfa romeo is the alfa romeo uh event that livery looks nice cant, wait to get that all right. Putting that on right away, you do get to collect all the f1 clash deliveries. The premium deliveries now uh the team livers right and we got a legendary crate there, a platinum crate there and we got a gold crate on the free side. All right we got some warrior boosts some land stroll. Then we got the first uh bundle here. Really nice i like, in the bundle one to four so were gon na get in series one to four epics and rewards in there, and this one is series four to four, so were only going to be getting epics and rewards from series four for the paid Version over there all right, we got some palace. Now we got another gold crate, another platinum. We got some unstoppable booths right there, thats nice, then we got another asset bundle, one to five and five to five. If you look at the drop rate, it should only give us series five assets there. We can see high level drop rate. If we look at the drop rate off the one to four, then it should only give us series one to four assets. There. We go pretty nice drop rate, make shoemaker at a 15 drop right there, so thats going to be good for leveling up your lower series drivers for those who are farming up for acid trading, and so on.

You got some downforce, which is nice, some hex really nice there and we got some dead fast and then thats the end of it. So youre going to be getting a series, one to seven tray bundle. At the end, 32 tier is 32 tier, going to be uh the end im, not sure uh. They could add on to that all right. So i would like to see them add on to that 32 tier uh, to give it some more probably five per day. Thats, what i would go for on the tier section so five per day, i think, would be a good, a good amount, all right so thats the rewards for this season. Uh exhibition. We do get 50 bucks as well on the paid side here, uh free side. Looking good, all we get is some comments and on the paid side, where all were getting is some rare. We see no epic, but you do get chances of epic from the crate bundles and that gold crate so go, create and create bundles, platinum, crate and crate. Bundles on the paid side will give you chances for epics, so you do get some chance for some epics in there uh, but yeah, really, nice. All right lets jump now on to how we can score or first uh how we can score our first uh trophy here. Uh were going to go nars and make schumacher for this one. How to score our first trophy out here in series 12.

lets go. Wait. Hold up all right so with pit pass trophies all right, so you, as i said before, you can only get the trophies for the pit pass in your highest series as it states here uh. We are gon na get three trophies uh for the pit pass. All right so lets jump on in and see if we can get our three trophy after this race all right. So here we are at the end of the race. I think we snapped our fingers alright, so you also earned a trophy for the best lap time. So if you upbeat your rival on your lap time, youre gon na gain a trophy for that. So there you see, oh, if you get the best lap time of the race, you get a you get a trophy for that. As you can see, weve got our best lap time there uh there goes the match and the rival all right. So we got the best lap time there. We also gained five reputation for points from our team principle uh for our clubs. So, instead of instead of getting only the 150 stars that you would get you would now get 155. mine is showing 157. I dont know why its showing 157. thats very interesting but anyways. We gain our reputation. We earned one trophy for or uh best lap, so we should be on four trophies now so lets go. Look, if were on four trophies, all right, so there we see our claim reward bar came up and we got three trophies for that race and we got another one all right.

So now we can claim or next reward, which is some self control, and there we go all right. So another thing that i would like to see us add to the the the to the game uh to the the exhibition here or to the pit pass. Uh is once youve unlocked once theyve given given us up to about five tiers each day, then what you want to do is you want to make sure its not the same amount of trophies to unlock each tier. So if you start uh tier one at three trophy, you can then go tier two is five trophy tier three is seventh trophy and so on and so forth. All right, so we have more races to put in uh to gain the higher level rewards. But then hutch would have to dig deep and make these rewards more valuable than what theyre currently are all right. So we we see that its the first spit pass its uh basically a test month this month. So if you want to get it its up to you to get it im, not telling you to go out and get your pit pass its up to you to get it. If you see value in it, for yourself uh its up to you to get it, i think there is value in there uh when it comes to the when it comes to the crates the assets youre getting at this stage, not so much, but the crates is Where the value is in so i would say, if you can get the pit pass, definitely get it and start to get that new feel into the game, all right, so thats.

Basically, all i had to show you guys today, uh on the pit pass, look out for our gp video uh later down, uh well, be jumping into or gp events im, not sure. If im going contenders or im going champions this weekend, ill make my mind up when i make that video, but thats basically going to be it for this one use code word pit pass down below to.