Youll see its a beautiful day. He got a hat on protect my face from the sun, but i just want to talk about for five minutes. Can i have five minutes of your time? Five. Minutes of your time – and i want to talk about how crypto can change your life, and this may be the greatest video you ever watch it may not time will tell for that occurrence, but bear with me, as i grab a hat here, looks somewhat presentable. Go for a walk down this beautiful beach beach is gorgeous number one. The water is crystal clear. Some of those beautiful water you ever see in your whole life. I mean it doesnt get better than this, where you can see the wave coming, but you cant even see the wave because the waters so clear that the wave is like in the way in the clear water. Like you see what im saying, do you see that do you see how clear that is enjoyed shot a to scotty swing, scotty swing, coming in for the left side? Last time i saw scotty swing. Do that hes swung it right out of the park scotty? How did you do that two times to the left side of the field? It was about the bottom of the seventh day when i saw something like that. I couldnt take it my eyes off slammed her right out of the park all the way out to the green monster back.

It must have been the seventh inning, you dont know not sure yeah, you never know. So. This is the idea youre entering a bear market or youve, been in a bad morning, the last time to accumulate crypto and most people arent going to pay attention to these moments in life theyre gon na. Let them drift away like the ocean here, theyre gon na. Let them drift off into the sea, but you know what these are the moments when you need to be out there on your board. Looking for more, these are the moments you need to be out there looking for more because thats, where it is baby thats, where it is out there. You know, point of the story is get out of your head. Get out of the news articles get in your mind, begin to educate yourself, get yourself situated so that you too can be on any beach in the world at any moment in time anywhere at any moment with your family with your friends, wherever you want to be. Okay, because if you cant spend beautiful time at beautiful places with the people, you love then youre not successful. That is the key to success, okay being able to be wherever you want at any time and any moment in time, and there are people out there like. I was just watching an article about trading gurus who preach this, like trade from anywhere lifestyle benefits its hard work, no doubt about.

It, took me five years to finally cut off my boss and become financially independent, and i was trying for 15 years, so it didnt. Take me five years: it took a long time. It took 15 years im, ‘ years old. Other people did it way quicker than me. They dont they figured out the internet faster than me. They understood trends. I was just getting started when 08 housing crisis happened, and i started to find my way into trading, shout out to the demons for taking the housing crisis and making what it is, because if it didnt, they didnt make the housing crisis. I never would have woken up and studied gold and silver. I never would have bought gold and silver like i did, and i never would have translated that that knowledge into buying bitcoin and i never would have ended up where i am now in life. So, im not happy for the people that did the housing crisis like im, not saying, but you know what i mean its like: the dragon wakes up the night and he gets his gets. His gets his his fight going and he gets ready, go swimming shout out to crypto banter crypto baker. Yeah, you want it. I know you want it. You want to see the oh. You guys want to see the uh, the handstands thats. What you guys want. I always claim youre going to see the handstands. You want to see the handstands every time i put it near the water near the sand, though i swear something happens.

The last time i did this i got down. I went to do the handstands. I made like a little stand for the phone right because you got to make a stand for the phone. So look: is this going to work here? Hold on you guys going to watch me. Do a handstand the right way. That looks great see it could have been better, but theres some people around could have been better. You know shout out to the 90 people watching. Can i get a likes up to the watches, only 33 likes for a beautiful day out here and honestly man? What im telling you right now is: i bought a bunch of bitcoins throughout the bear market. Last time for three years i bought through the bear market two and a half years 18 months, really its not as long as you think it is it really isnt wow. Oh i messed up my hat though i got my hat wet. I always wear thats a beautifulness right there, all right everyone. I got ta run the blockchain in about an hour. I got ta get back to the office, get back to the charts, but i was able to take my family out for about three hours, one to four oclock enjoy the beach look at this beautiful beach enjoy the water get outside, enjoy your eyes brush your eyes. My life was telling me that i spent too much eyes looking at the screen and you got to take your eyes off the screen and look out onto things like every half an hour.

You got ta, take your mind off and look out into the distance and itll protect your eyes. You see so i got ta shave too, but it is what it is bohemian style but ill be back in the charts ill be doing what we do, ripping it up, bitcoin doing it doing damage today, shout out to everybody here on the live. Everyone have a great day be safe. Im telling you right now i bought. I ended up on this beach doing whatever i wanted to do not having to go to work every day, because i bought in the bear market. I joined a trading group. I got educated. I realized what i did not know and i filled in the blanks um. I went after what i love to do. It took a long time, patience finding myself sitting in nature. There was up and down theres depression. There was anger, there was confusion, it wasnt always lovely like this, and it always wont be in the future, but i know that ive built a strong foundation, a personal foundation of strength and thats, where wealth comes from it. Doesnt come from, like everyone thinks its this lottery, you hate it comes from inside. It comes from right here you build wealth from a van and thats, where it is. I love you all ill see you on the blockchain later on today have a great day be safe.