It looks like that. Everythings bad and im not going to deny that every asset class is getting hurt. Uh, the one im most interested in is crypto, because a lot of people are in crypto and crypto really does seem to be imploding, but it goes from 3 trillion to 1 trillion. Why should it stop at 1 trillion theres, no real value there. Nfts, i mean you know you look at these companies theres these companies that you never heard of and they blew up over the weekend and you just say to yourself holy cal, theres, 600 million dollars. Just going down the drain. We had gary gensel the chairman on a few weeks ago and he just said: look anybody who has a come hither rate uh of investment, you just you know its the rate that you earn. You can kind of forget about them and thats whats happening all right. All right places can sam bank and freed save listen. How many can you save? We had 13. Nine was what the katies next katie stocktons next bit: uh bitcoin uh support level ‘.. What an awful lot nfts sold to you welcome back everybody to altcoin daily. This is a video that you do not want to miss. Just like always guys. We take you through the top stories of the day, including information on some of our favorite altcoin projects. We keep you updated. This is why you subscribe lets jump right in cnbc analyst, jim cramer says: cryptocurrency does really seem to be imploding when it goes from 3 trillion to 1 trillion.

Why should it stop at 1 trillion theres, no real value there and, of course, juxtaposed this from jim cramer just a month or two ago, shilling ethereum, when ethereum was three thousand dollars ill. Tell you if you have been around for multiple cryptocycles, like i have like many people in our audience, have whats going on in the media now from the sentiment that they share to the sentiment that retail shares is a tale as old as time its cyclical. It happens every cycle. My question to you is: are we in the anger stage or to me it seems like, were getting more into the depression stage getting more into it? My retirement money is lost. How can we pay for all this new stuff? I am an idiot, so jim cramer says that theres no real value in crypto, he seems to be conflating nfts with crypto with bitcoin. Well lets just take a look at bitcoin and you tell me: is there value here? I think theres a lot of reasons to be bullish on bitcoin and i think theres a lot of reasons. You know thinking long term zooming out in the grand scale of things. Why bitcoin under 20k today might be a huge buying opportunity if it does fall down to 13k? I think that would be a huge buying opportunity. Of course thats my bias, but you tell me: bitcoin – is trading below its 200 weekly moving average and short and long term cost basis for only the fourth time in price history.

These levels have historically marked generational bottoms to go along with this. Oh look: bitcoin balance on exchanges is dropping. Some people understand that there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin. They are getting their piece of the pie and an interesting thing to note. One of the biggest buyers of bitcoin are shrimps, with a net position of less than one bitcoin huge, sat stacking by small accounts right now, and actually the biggest buyers of bitcoin right now are mega og whales and those with less than one bitcoin. Who know that this period is their last chance to get one whole bitcoin? Do i believe that? Do i believe that this period were in right now? Is your last chance to accumulate one whole bitcoin? Of course, i cant speak for you, of course, its different for everybodys personal situation, but just like, i believe that the chance for a regular person to accumulate 10 bitcoin a regular person cannot accumulate 10 bitcoin at this moment in time. I believe that over this next year will be the last chance for a regular person to accumulate one whole bitcoin. I believe that i believe thats worth it. You tell me what you think below, but yes personally, i believe this and then of course the biggest rewards in the future will come from altcoin projects. Now am i saying right today is the bottom of cardano its never going lower? No, what im telling you is that taking a look at just june, unchained cardano stats, so cardano stats in a bear market.

Again things are looking good from a more fundamental level. So did somebody say: cardano is a top 10 project by development activity in the last 30 days. Lets take a look at what developer activity is and why this matters, high development activity, implies three things number one. The project is serious about its business proposition number two: the project will likely ship new features in the future and number three, its less likely that the project is an exit scam. So development activity can be used to gauge a projects, commitment to creating a working project product and the continuously polishing and upgrading of its features. So all that being said, cardano in the month of june wallets are slightly up. Eight is staked about the same delegated wallets about the same stake, pools about the same transactions up five percent native tokens up six percent and plutos scripts up three percent with policies up three percent, so things continue seemingly to look strong for the cardano ecosystem. Of course, this whole market – you know the market movers are bitcoin and eth and if bitcoin stays low, alt coins could get wrecked for another few months, but ill tell you one thing: the biggest gains in the future will be altcoins sometime over the next year. I believe, if not throughout the you know throughout the year, youre never going to hit the exact bottom. I believe that theres going to be some awesome opportunities to take out altcoin positions now for cardano, specifically at 45 cents in the grand scheme of things getting into cardano at 45 cents might be a great price.

Maybe a better price would be 30 cents or 20 cents. We dont really know, but you tell me which coins right now. I know theres going to be big opportunities over the next few months, but what coins right now based on their price right now, do you think, are great buying opportunities. Please, let me know in the comments below well continue this conversation in the comments. The writing is on the walls and its going to be interesting to see if theres, a country that gets ahead of america in terms of support for crypto and blockchain technology, because you know we already have spot bitcoin and ethereum etfs in australia and canada. The us that has yet to be approved even for bitcoin and other countries are funding. Crypto development italian government will provide 46 million in subsidies for blockchain projects. All companies developing internet of things, ai or blockchain tech, will be eligible to apply for government subsidies, provided the funds will be used in specific sectors such as health. So the ministry of economic development of italy has announced that certain blockchain projects will qualify to apply for up to 46 million in government subsidies. Starting this september. In a tuesday announcement, the ministry said, companies and public or private research firms will be able to apply for funding from the government for the development of projects of things related to ai internet of things or blockchain tech. This is all part of the italian governments goal for investments in technology research and their goal is to innovate quote we support companies investing in cutting edge technologies with the aim of encouraging the modernization of production systems through management models that are increasingly interconnected, efficient, fast and Secure the goal of competitiveness requires the manufacturing industry to constantly innovate and use the potential of new technologies, so the italian government is doing it right in a lot of ways make sure you subscribe to the channel.

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