So, as we can clearly see here within the Terra Luna classic ecosystem, when did we have the most recent pump in the last 30 days here? Well, of course, very recently here we had an absolutely amazing at 50 run. In fact, this is just in the last 24 hours, but very slightly before that, actually, actually just slightly before the launch of staking, we saw yet again another large pump in price point, which was driven entirely by volume. Now many of you here who are watching this video have probably heard the saying: buy the rumor sell the news. Well, this is very true in cryptocurrency and Im going to show you exactly why that is. If we go ahead and look right here, we saw with the announcement of staking coming on August 26th. There were a couple of pumps before staking was even live, and if we go ahead and look right here, the first one was about on August 22nd, where I went from the eighth right here, all the way up to the tens and then very shortly thereafter. In fact, just a couple days later, which is still before staking, was actually officially launched. We went from the tens here all the way up here to the 13s, which is a substantial pump in price guys. That is very big and actually very ironically, in fact, on the day of staking being launched, we actually saw a big sell off. We saw exactly what that is guys.

We saw people buying the rumor and then selling the news. That is exactly what happened here with staking, as you can very clearly see from the charts and if you are very active in the chairlender classic community at this time, youre a little better than anyone. What happened when staking was last but didnt pump. Actually, the opposite happened. We saw a major sell off and I am projecting that were gon na see this happen once again, but in a much bigger way than what happened previously, because we have a much more substantial update that is pretty darn close to coming to fruition. Here now we should all know what this update is at this time and the competitive date that we have set for it is September 12th. Now it is actually entirely possible that its going to be pushed back if we go ahead and dont get an answer from tfl. It could be delayed to as far as September 20th. So do keep that in mind guys, but regardless, if we have price movements that are anywhere near what we saw right here with chair London classic was staking well that most likely will go ahead and mean that were gon na see a couple days before the launch Of the Terra Luna classic burn some substantial price increases in this. This update is a lot far larger than any other update that has ever happened to teraluna Classic in its entire history. So I believe that were going to see explosive levels of growth, and I believe that the sell off will also be much larger than what we saw was staking as well.

But the beauty of it is after the news has already come through and that burn is live when people sell off its going to be burning Terrell in the classic. So who really cares at that point in time? Let people sell Im going to be continuing to buy in, because I am here for the long term, and I very strongly believe guys that its possible that in this next few weeks here, we could see a 10x potential here for Carolina Classic with these insane volatile Markets and how many people just are Hawkeye and Terra Luna classic right now, so, with all of that being said, with the launch of the massive Terror linen classic burn that is coming incredibly soon. Here I want to know what is your guyss price prediction for Terra Luna following the launch of that in the next couple of months afterwards, I want to see that in the comments down below so make sure to comment that also lets go ahead and get this Video to 3 000 likes. I believe that we can can go ahead and do that so make sure to smash the like button.