So without further Ado lets get straight into it. Looking at this chart over here, this is of course Bitcoin just above the key level. I did one of this. It has started to pull back slightly and now Bitcoin needs to bounce sooner rather than later, if bools want to hold on to their hope of this run. In other news, the bird is free, Elon Musk has officially acquired uh, Twitter and so far I mean its looking a little bit better. There is still a lot of bots on my account, at least when I made posts this morning, but well see how that phase out. Yesterday we had the earnings reports uh with the big tech companies, and that you can see Sven here says that Microsoft, minus eight Google, minus nine meta, minus 20 Amazon minus 20 – I think Apple – was the only one that beat uh earnings results and he says yeah In in Brackets, the economy is strong and resilient, in other words, being very, very sarcastic about that uh. It doesnt look good. It doesnt look good. When you look at that and clock uh mentions over here, you are seeing massive companies moving like penny stocks, uh pre decimilation decimalization, and he says it says a lot about the liquidity in the market right now, meaning that there isnt much liquidity right. So this is what Ive told you guys how the big players work: um it it for them its a game of liquidity, theyre always looking to find the liquidity, because, unlike you as a retail Trader, you can get.

Your orders filled whether youre wanting to buy or sell pretty much anywhere within the market, but when, when youre looking at Big players, this is why prices tend to fluctuate towards areas where strong liquidity lies, which is one of the reasons that I was outlining. That potential move to anywhere between about 21 and 22 000 and well look closely at the charts today as well to see if it is possible for a little bit further upside first before the next down leg. Um you have with the acquisition of Twitter uh CZ of binance kind of taking over here, and he contributed half a billion dollars, which is a massive amount, so very, very interesting in a swing of things, with the way uh, the the that web3 is kind of Trying to take over over here – and I think, its a great initiative with free speech, um Michael sailor of microstrategy shows you uh microstrategy versus the big Tech uh earnings, since they have adopted Bitcoin standard, and this is essentially what Bitcoin was designed for. I mean hes setting up still 121, despite having being by having brought his Bitcoin at all time highs and thats. The important the reason of why you you need to dollar cost average, because that is essentially what he does. He is a dollar cost averager and thats. The way that they enter their funds into the market and yet hes still up in comparison to meta, Netflix and Amazon, so very, very interesting uh to look at that and Jesse also know VA says.

If this is still a melt up, then the Fang stocks didnt receive the memo and yeah hes got the Fang stocks um all of their charts over here, and it looks absolutely atrocious when you look at that. This also provides a massive opportunity, though, if I must be honest with you, its probably not time to be shorting the market majorly with massive swing shorts, looking for meltdowns in crypto and stocks, although I do think that we still make new lows in crypto, at least At the end of the day, I think its definitely time to start positioning yourself and your psychology towards looking to capitalize on the longer term growth of these different asset classes and the opportunity that you can capitalize on when prices are this low. I see with with Facebook or meta um pretty much if you got in now its the same price as what it was seven years ago, seven years worth of gains completely wiped out. Can you imagine you were somebody that that bought a lump sum seven years ago? The promising looking platform and look at what its sitting at now. This is why the trend is your friend until the end of the trend, and you really really do need to focus on that. So there you have it seven years completely gone and wiped out. So today there is one or two things that are important: you have the GDP data month on month, thats coming out on the Forex calendar, and you have the core pce price index month on month, also coming out uh, the one is for Canada, the other one Is for the US, the US one is probably going to be more relevant and important in terms of moving the U.

S stock markets, and that is coming out at 8. 30 a.m. Thats EST time so keep an eye out on that when the markets open later on today in a couple of hours time, I wanted to touch quickly on the overall market. Cap lets have a look to see if it can Bounce from this level. We outlined yesterday that you have a broader range and you have now officially made a high high. Now the question is: when it comes back down over here, is it going to catch support? Again and bounce so well be keeping an eye on that. Then. The weekly volatility indicator over here is definitely to me one of the most important things that Im still looking at and Ill wait for proper signal of expansion. I want to see something similar to this side over here and in just a moments time Im going to get into uh why Bitcoin may have not actually seen the bottom yet and if it has seen the bottom, what you can do about that so lets. Look at this chart, which is something I havent brought up for quite some time. If you look at the candles over here on your trading view, youll probably have to have a premium version to make use of this and Ill kind of use. What Im about to show you, in conjunction with these uh types of charts, its called the line break shot same as what you get with a high kanashi, where it kind of works out the averages.

But, as you can see its been historically pretty accurate. In the sense that, anytime, that you start to get green prints, theres very few false signals – yes, you had one over here, but generally speaking, theres very few false signals. If this, my, if this week starts to print green over here, it may be a sign that the bottom is indeed in, but so far it hasnt done that yet, and this is why risk does remain to the downside so getting into the actual part of the Show um from nakamotulis, he says yeah. If you expect the cycle to be like the last one and the one before it, we are on a clock now, one final dump within the next 30 days. If that doesnt happen, then you probably need to delete the red button until 2025, because from a timing cycle perspective 2025 would be the next cycle top remember. You always add four years so yeah 2017 plus four years. It was November, two thousand 21 that we topped now youd be looking at around the the final quarter of 2025, and here he shows that you have 541 bars over there. So lets move on to the next tweet that he has over here, which essentially says that the drawdown on the total is exactly the same as it was before the final drop in 2018, so keyword before the final drop in 2018, with exactly the same time to The halving which is 548 days so its spooky how similar these timing Cycles do work out and he says now Im not saying this is going to dump.

But if 40 days from now were at thirteen thousand dollars, it wouldnt exactly be a surprise and I tend to agree: look theres, no certainties in trading its only a game of probabilities and finding the trend, and so far the trend is still down. I mean Bitcoin needs to break and hold above 23k and then the high time frames begin to change. So, therefore, I would still be targeting lower prices from a probability perspective and that main area of Confluence lies between 10 000 and 14 000. If you want to give it a broader ish kind of range accounting for people that might try Front run the 10K region, maybe theyre going to place a bit a little bit higher and we bounce at 14k, but horizontal support levels. That is where the primary support lies and he says yeah and well look Im, not saying its definitely going to do this again, but it definitely is a pattern. We are minus 70 549 days before the halving, and that is exactly what happened over here. So if you can see my curse on the screen, this is essentially where we at. If you look at the timing cycle at your 70 down with 540 odd days uh before the halving – and this is usually what happens, you have a capitulation event. So you need to keep your eyes peeled, because Anything could happen at any moment, and I wanted to bring this up over here for the bullish case and its uh this Trader over here Trader Allen.

He says the dexy broadening site is a broadening sideways after parabolic move leads to Major bull runs in Bitcoin. Recent price action in BTC and Dixie show the early signs of repeating of this pattern. So going back onto this tweet, if we dont bottom within the next 30 days, then maybe the bottom is in fact in if the Dixie does break down in conjunction with that as well, then theres a possibility that Bitcoin does start to slowly but surely initiate its Next Bull Run, and one thing that I found very interesting is yesterday: we did have this diagonal support, which is finally broken down on the 10 year yield. Typically, this would be good for risk on assets and it might give a chance for markets to run, but there are some contrarian indicators over here: uh theres theres, a couple of differences. When you look at certain things for the dexy, I would say that it still hasnt totally broken down um. We I expected a bounce from somewhere around the circle area, and you cant see that it has bounced what Id be looking for uh in order to agree with what this Trader is saying over here is for a proper breakdown. We need to see something like this and Im going to draw it in. If you see it come up over here, make it next lower high, and then we break that down. Then you can say now. Theres, probably a big macro shift lets quickly change the color over there now theres, probably a big macro shift within Bitcoin.

So these are things to keep an eye on very, very important S. P: 500 um. There is still a lot of liquidity that lies up here. Im not ruling out the possibility of this to still rally into these regions, and this would be a primary area that Id be looking to uh to short, sell into Im very Im, taking very short term shorts at the moment, so more like just scalp day trading Kind of things which I dropped, the Matic short trade yesterday, which we made I made 20 profit off of it – depends on how much leverage you use um. I use 5x leverage on that one uh, so Ive already closed that position and the reason why is because Im still skeptical that things could bounce with stocks having sold off so heavily with the earnings reports out of the way um, the Panic is over. Potentially people have sold into that and now potentially it could bounce and then I would be targeting this liquidity. So remember what I just said: these markets are game of liquidity. Do you see the strong sell off candle over here? This is where there will definitely be some liquidity, so I will continue to keep an eye on that area. I dont rule out the possibility of a little bit of a pump which would give Bitcoin one more push to the upside, so um. You would want to see Bitcoin bounce pretty much right now.

You dont want to see Bitcoin if youre Boo, at least you dont – want to see. Bitcoin hang around here, um any longer because, as I outlined on, yesterdays show, if you take all the times that we broke through the super guppy indicator on a daily, which is all these different exponential moving averages. We only managed to close the most that we close in the entire bear cycle was, I think, on this side. Over here we managed to hold three days above the chart above the super guppy indicator and then kind of proceeded to fall through that region over there, and it looks similar over here. You dont want to see a tower top scenario. Otherwise that means that the massive massive boot trap is confirmed. Um, I tend to think that theyll capture a little bit more liquidity from this side over here, which means one more push to anywhere between about 21, 500 and potentially even as high as twenty two thousand dollars. So if you see that do not be surprised and dont fomo in uh Ill still say exactly the same thing, which is wait, wait for confirmation to get in confirmation would be holding for a couple of days above here and slow and steady climbs up and then Youll find the next major higher low, which would be somewhere around here, almost the same price as what we add now, and then you can get a safe entry, knowing that these bands are starting to turn in green.

There is a massive massive cluster of resistance between here and about 23 500 uh Bitcoin bulls have a lot of work to do to get through those levels. So there is no need to fomo uh, which is why well keep you entertained with short term trades, which Im going to show you in just a second time. Looking at this chart over here primary resistance area, this was where I outlined also the liquidity we tap directly into that rejected. So I had drawn this yesterday. I promise you, I havent changed it. You can go. Look at the video from yesterday – and I outlined this as a primary Zone – 20 500 – that Bulls needed to hold above which lines up as well with the Bollinger Bands That was the top of the Bollinger band. The Bulls needed to hold that if they wanted to get this run going and as you can see they close below so now, the question is: are we going to Rally today or are we going to pull all the way back and I I cant really answer That question right now, because that depends entirely on what the stock market does. So we need to wait to see when the markets open how the stock market reacts. Pre markets, you can go and have a look if its opening up or down, and that should give you a little bit of an indication of what to expect next. But I dont think that its unreasonable to expect um a pullback over the next couple of days.

Now, in the short term, this was the trade that I gave you can see on a four hour chart momentum, oscillators and stochastics are starting to look like theyre, bottoming out and theyre about to cross over. You do also have, on a four hour, chart a series of higher lows. Yes, it broke down the main trend line, but this was just for my short position. Um Ill show you the thinking behind that on the 15 minute chart. So lets. Take a look at this, so in the early hours of the morning I did post on the Discord group that I was. I would close the short trade on a break of that trend line and they had made a high high so Im out of this position. Uh now Moby looking for Longs today for potential short term bounces, and if you are wondering what that looks like, let me just quickly get this over here there you go heres the Discord uh, so I gave the trade over there and I said if you want You can you can wait for break of the red trend line before entering I entered right over there. I didnt have any drawdown on this trade and then it proceeded to break through and then I said over here um morning, our TP on the break of the trend line and then reload again and I updated them. I said that the shorts are closed. Now, if you want to be in this Discord, it is entirely free.

The only thing that is required of you is that you use one of the banter links. You can use any one of my links in the description below over here: um okay X, bit, get or buy bit link um and then basically you can just make a small deposit to that exchange and then you can follow along with those trades. So what about Bitcoin lets quickly, go on to a four hour chart and take a look at Bitcoin, because Bitcoin, of course, is going to drive the overall market. So yesterday I also updated this. I put this on Twitter and I said this is kind of what Im looking for, as you can see the little Hammer Im looking for one more tap of this liquidity somewhere within the Zone. I want to see a little bit higher about 21.5 to potentially even about almost 22 000. This. This is the golden zone. For me that I want to see, tap, um and price needs to move soon. Can it move soon? Well, these momentum, oscillators do look like they could turn at any moment. Lets take a look at the one hour. One hour started to cross up Crossing back down again to our two hour, has tapped the bottom twice um and then the four hour, this its going to be entirely depending on the stock market. So Ive closed, my short positions. I am looking to reload on those as well Im just gon na have to take it as it comes uh a little bit difficult to read the market at the moment.

Really anything can happen. It can go up and down uh Im. Sorry to give you to just say up or down, but Ill drop it in the Discord, um long term or midterm. I definitely lead towards uh, lower prices, uh short term. I think that the Bulls are starting to run out of steam. This is my Max zone, so any your upside is limited. Your upside is from here to to here lets grab a ruler. Your upside is limited to about 7.6 percent, so you have to consider. Is it worth aping into anything at the moment uh? Unless you you leverage trading on a short time frame, I dont really think so and guys. I think that brings us to the end um one more thing Ill mention is, you do have the EMA crossover between the 50 and the and the 200 EMA, and I told you as well on yesterdays show dont fomo in usually you see a big move up And then it pulls back into that like a magnet. That gives you the opportunity to go long, uh backing all the higher lows. So if you have a look over there and you just draw a trend line, you got your high lows. That would be your next Zone to bid if you do want to get into the market, so that brings us to the end very quick, show um. Do me a massive favor give this video a like if you do enjoy this short form content and then also head over onto the Discord, a big shout out as well to the sponsor of the days, Prime xbt, and if you do want to sign up over There theyre giving up to seven thousand dollars in sign up bonuses, but only if you use the promo code below which is Kyle, dupes and thats it from me.

Folks. I will see you all on the next video trade safely when the market gives more clear Direction.