Last week we were only 80 million out were trying to get there a bit nearer. So if thats, something like – and you appreciate the content be sure to subscribe to the channel for all your daily cryptocurrency needs also be sure to hit the like button, it does support the channel and it supports the video and getting the information out. So I really appreciate it might have been said, lets dive into it, so we are going to come back and talk about the biggest news in social media right now. Binance and Elon Musk buying Twitter, but first lets get into Terra Luna classic. So the point of recording this video 2443 having a nice run but as we can see, our volume is starting to increase, which is supportive of burns. Now I did a video yesterday talking about our on chain burn through Terrace station, with a 28 X in volume, as our new community validators come on board, but this is a significantly bullish sign for me, as we see both on chain volume increase and equally volume Through the other exchanges, I do think its important so like we said the balance to implement the Terra classic burn. Obviously this is the page where we get to see what it is. Batch five runs from the 23rd up until the 29th and its going to get announced on the 31st remember Ill, bring you that as soon as it comes, but again were in batch five.

It doesnt feel like five minutes ago. We were talking about it, but over 3.4 million usdt equivalent. Think of that, let that settle in a little bit again when all these people talk about total and classic being done. Binance has spent 3.4 million dollars burning Terror, lunar classic its an absolutely insane number and again. I talked about this a many many months ago when terrorland classic first collapsed, and everyone was kind of in a bit of chaos, and I said CZ binance has something else to do with this. There is more to the fact that CZ is, you know, holding this bag and again when you think about it, when people say well, weve got to burn 99.9 of the supply and again Ive been one of those people. Ultimately, we know that over half of that CZ binance owns whos to say that he isnt just going to hold that you know. Do we honestly think balance is going to dump it? I dont know time will tell, but for me, 3.4 million and it continues thats a thing batch five and if anything, hopefully the volume starts to increase and we see some bigger Burns so take a look at currently where we sit. Obviously we have today. Excuse me tomorrow to go through today to go through um, so look at this. We have today to go through as of yet, but we currently sit about 306 million dollars in terms of volume.

Thats 1.3 total. What we think through uh the total thing. Through balance, 206 million, which would give us about 1.2 billion with the volume of today well lets say we finished the today about the same number as yesterday. We currently give us 1.5 billion lunar classic now. We know the price is slightly up on last week, so we will see slightly less burnt, albeit slightly higher value. So look its going to be interesting to see Ill, bring you all of this through the weekend. So we can keep up to date, so you can make a good decision. I do think this week is going to be particularly interesting that Sunday night trade into Monday morning, because there could be some big moves – now: binance wired 500 million to back musks Twitter takeover. So CZ binance has wired 500 million dollars to take a share of equity as Elon musks Twitter takeover is finally sealed. Now theres been lots of tweets flying around yesterday and today about Dodge Coin and a few other things its really interesting that the biggest exchange on the globe right now has an equity share in Twitter Im not going to go through this full article. I will link this down in the description, so you come and check it out, but the point here is that there is and there will be cryptocurrency coming to Twitter. You can see it the writings on the wall. We have Elon Musk, who we know is a big supporter of cryptocurrency.

We have the biggest Exchange in the globe right now, also being an equity share in Twitter. It is a two and two and Im pretty sure we are gon na get four again. It goes through exactly what happened, but its a binance have indicated that it would co, invest in Twitter in May 2022, alongside 18 other investors, the likes of cryptocurrency firms, secure the capital fund, Fidelity management and research companies. So a lot of cryptocurrency based projects coming in to support Twitter, but ultimately binance being the exchange. So this is going to be pretty interesting. Are we going to see Dodge Coin now for anyone watching this video dont hit me in the comments? Put your tin foil. Hats on because this ones a bit interesting or could we see lunar classic as part of a currency on Twitter? Again, let me know in the comments what you think none of this you know it can be proven, but for me things in my head start to add up now you all might be some either thinking Mike. You are crazy to even think about it, but hear me out: binance we know has a significant portion of lunar classic, in which none of it has ever been sold its all been maintained. We know that hes burnt three and a half million dollars worth of lunar. Classic to support it, anyone who sits there and says he doesnt support Tyrone a classic. I dont think he correct.

So could we see alongside something like Dodge Coin? You know people would expect Dodge Coin to be on there whats the difference. What is the difference? Other than totaluna classic has utility. We could even see something built upon teraluna classic for Dodge. I dont know Im just going to take my tin, foil hat off once again, but let me know in the comments: what do you think? I think it could be huge? Cz Finance, Elon, Musk, Terra Luna, classic Dodge Coin, its all going to be pretty interesting for free speech and also cryptocurrency in general. I think this is a huge step forward and I for one Im super excited about what this looks like Im excited to see cryptocurrency coming to Twitter, the writing is on the wall. Itd be interesting to see the developments over the course of the next week. How this evolves, because do we see lunar Classic on Twitter? I dont know. Let me know in the comments down below as ever.