Today were going to be discussing uh Sam bangman, free and Eric voorheess uh debate, debate uh they had yesterday. Um were getting ready to move, so we got some empty Library, uh shells behind me, so uh look heres. The thing guys um Sam bakeries, the devil I dont – know if you guys have figured that out yet uh. I dont know if you guys have figured out his game plan yet uh, but I just want to go over once again. What occurred, how I stumbled across all this information about same bacon, free? I have a bill, its going to be public, hopefully pretty soon working on a lot of funding options. Uh, you guys are going to find out about it, its going to be absolutely great. Its going to be phenomenal, um people are going to get behind it in crypto theres. No doubt about that. When you look at my playing compared to his its not even close okay through trying to get funding to this bill, we got in touch with the policy team at FTX. They sat on our bill for three weeks and tried to slow us down. Why? Because they were working on their own bill, one of our top advisors called their policy team and talked to them policy teams that yeah. They actually never had any plans on funding our bill and they actually tried to steal the person from us. A high level politician. Try to steal this person from us and told this person that they were getting ready to start working on a federal bit license.

If you dont know the bit license in New York City were gon na, be doing a video on it soon or New York State. You have to have a license to operate in the state of New York. Okay, so I have all kinds of exchanges and platforms are abandoned in New York, but you can use other places so thats how we stumbled across all this information five or six weeks ago. We started sounding the alarm on Sam Bateman free trying to do a federal bit license now. We know Sam was watching my channel. How do we know this well, the day after we started about three to four weeks ago, when we actually started saying what was happening. Uh, Sam Bateman Freeds uh uh, one of his his minions Brett Harrison uh, who is kind of how all this information came out in the first place: good job, Brett uh the day we released all this information the next day, Brett Harrison stepped down from FTX us Shocking huh, the next day after that he he followed me on Twitter. So we know that theyre watching I mean, were not idiots who have the biggest crypto channel in the United States. We have the most influence the United States when it comes to crypto, especially when it comes to YouTube, and we have the largest social media following out of everybody. Uh combined in crypto, so you know, were not small fish here, like people want to pretend that we are now heres.

The thing thing that occurred at that point is we started telling people same payment free is going after decentralization is going after peer to peer. So what happens? Sam Beekman free puts out this video uh or puts out this a long Manifesto about how hes, actually you know, theyre pushing for white listing and block and block listing and all this stuff, but were still for decentralization and were still for peer to peer transactions. He actually in that Manifesto was not using the word licensure, which is so interesting um in lieu of this conversation he had uh yesterday with Eric Voorhees, of course, of shapeshift one of the osgs of all ogs in crypto now so its very interesting that the language Was softened sandbagment fruit is basically trying to put out stuff for PR and spin to see how the crypto Community was going to receive what he had to say now. Obviously it led to a lot of controversy surrounding me him Eric Voorhees uh. You know bankless podcast. He ends up on Bangles podcast with Eric Voorhees yesterday now this was the most lopsided one sided debate, Ive ever seen in the history of mankind. Not only does Sam Bateman free sound, like a bumbling idiot, they cant get across a point to save his life, but he would talk for 10 minutes straight and not say anything and then Eric Voorhees would come on the debate and he would own him with one Sentence thats all well take care of where hes to do on the Bangles podcast is to go on there, which Im going to be doing there on Wednesday.

By the way, I believe, um. Obviously, Im gon na tell my sad sad tale about how glasses ruined my life. I hope to get some sympathy uh, but the point is: is Eric Voorhees owned him so badly? It was so ridiculous, literally Sam Bateman freed. This is where it all starts coming out because he starts losing his composure. He starts losing his school. His body language, gets all slumped over Eric, where hes in command in control, the entire time would love to get Eric. Where hes behind our bill, I think hes going to like what were doing totally opposite of what Sam Bateman free is doing. I think it actually fits a lot of what Eric wants to see in crypto, but thats beside the point. The point is here is that every time CM bankman freed would start going down a rabbit, hole he or rattle hell get further and further down to where he finally starts talking about licensure. He starts hes telling you hes telling you what weve been telling you for six weeks. He wants a federal bid license, and his whole argument is basically this well in crypto were gon na have to give some concessions, so we need to give up decentralization thats. His argument thats literally his argument, Eric Voorhees, comes back with well yeah, but like what about like lets say this was in the 90s and were looking at email protocols, Sam Bateman freed so passionately so passionately defends, email right because hes such a white knight, he hes Such a bumbling idiot White Knight for anything that social justice, so here he comes, oh no.

We want to protect the free speech of the people. We want to protect their ability to be able to communicate with each other and to be able to transact uh. You know with communication and messaging and blah blah blah blah foreign. So then, after he goes on this super passionate super passionate, uh, uh standing up a speech where hes standing up and hes driving on the point like we are for the people. We want the people to choose when it comes to email. We want to protect the email protocol. That was the right thing. I will fight so passionately for that. Why? Because it has to do with uh, you know with social justice and keeping my and Eric comes back with okay. What about Ave? What about Ave? What about the Ave protocol all the healthy, wealthy Eric when it comes with my little afro when it comes to uh? You know payments and transactions uh. Well, we just feel like its a little bit different. You know people should you know we need licensing, so people can make sure because theres scammers out there theres not email scammers out there SPF you how many emails. Do you guys get per day from spam? How many do you get per day, how many per day, how many Nigerian prince lottery scams? Do you get into your spam folder every single day, but heres the thing the email protocol is protected, but when it comes to defy Sam does not want of a protected.

Why why? What well? Here we go? We got a centralized exchange, CEO talking about buying the other biggest Exchange in America. Coinbase now youve got this guy talking about licensure, so people cannot send decentralized transactions. You cant use d51 and Eric glazes out Kraken. You know you know as well as I do uh. Sam that decent drives exchange is not going to be able to get licensure and Sam says yeah. We know we know its all about patting his pockets and the jig for Sam bankman freed well. Its up people know this week and Im so glad we got way more on this. By the way we have so much warrants in Bateman freed uh theres, a good chance. He goes to prison by the time were done with him, but thats a thats, another story uh, you know we know. Fdx has directed people to delete evidence, and we have evidence of that uh so uh same should be scared should be scared about what I got because Im getting it from a lot of sources, Sam all of your greatest enemies that youve ever shorted to the ground. Guess these are coming to with all the information the guys wont shut up. You know I have a poll on Twitter. Do you think hes going to try to take me out put a hit on me? You think hes gon na sue me or you think hes gon na get his hair cut. First, you guys go check that poll on Twitter, but but the point here is this – is that Sam bingman free does not have your best interest at heart.

He absolutely does not and Eric Voorhees laid this out so well for him, and he just had no rebuttal. He had no response, one of the hosts uh, the guy with the glasses, a bank list said: oh dont worry, you know were not going to make. You know be careful, you know what Im saying you dont have to worry about. Being careful because you know were not going to make a gotcha clip out of this answer, because you can tell Sam kind of eased up a little bit got a little hesit for some stuff. He was about to say, sam. The entire podcast was a gotcha clip. The entire thing, the entire thing – theres no theres, the entire podcast – where have any idea Id say, Im, making afraid I think you should run crypto. I think he should be the one to decide the regulation. I dont know how any how he can sit in the room with any Congress person or Senator and actually make sense with them. That makes no sense to me, because this man cant complete one sentence that has meaning or value to it. Not one not one sentence. Can he make to defend his point and make it seem like hes right about anything because heres the thing hes not right? We cannot have a centralized exchange, CEO, making regulation in crypto. Absolutely not, and I will tell you this so here. Let me tell you what I mean here last week: we are very plugged in politically and I will tell you that weve been hearing that right now when it comes to the Senate, no one wants to touch Sam Bateman freed right now, hes so toxic right now They are easing back its almost like.

I had this plan that, like we were going to come out, we were going to fight against him. It really is, it really is thats. The first SPF is what youre going to find out uh and a lot of this is a person between him and me because he tried to steal my person. You know Punk me out Sam uh, but the point here is: is that um, when it comes to whats happening out there, youre gon na find out its gon na shape up its gon na, be my boat versus Bill and youre gon na have to choose, and Most people in crypto, almost everyone in crypto theres, not a centralized exchange to CEO, is going to write what were doing, because what were doing gives crypto AC at the table in a fair way to where we actually have a hand in choosing the crypto regulation. That comes instead of leaving it up to one person, one centralized exchange CEO, so I had this idea that man were going to really have to fight against him, and you know I I didnt have to say a word. He made himself look like an idiot. He made himself look like the devil. He made himself look like hes trying to control the space in a manipulative way and I dont think theres one major person in crypto right now, not one major person outside of maybe his little Lackey, Brett Harrison thatll get behind him and say yeah where for what Sams doing nobody is nobody, he has zero people on his side and before were done even even his little lackeys are gon na have to run from him because they may have to testify against him.

So my thoughts on the debate are this: he looked like an idiot. Nothing, he says, makes sense. Eric Voorhees absolutely destroyed him. If you look at the word count, it was about 90, Sam 10 Eric Eric, hardly had to say anything and one of my favorite things about the debate is you could actually see Eric smirk? You could actually see Eric smirk when he would ask a question to Sam because he knew that he was driving home point after point after point, without even having to say anything because Sam himself kept putting himself further and further and further down on the mat. Several people were saying in the chat throw the dowel in throw the towel. Somebody should have thrown the towel in so somebody should have stopped Sam from speaking if they knew what was best for him. But Sam is so arrogant and you guys are going to find out when we get into covering a lot more of this investigative stuff about projects. Hes absolutely destroyed projects, hes shorted to zero, the the crooks and Alameda research that had to Rebrand and he had to get removed from it, even though he owns 90 – and this is this – is not a secret in the project world theres, not a secret in the Vc World everyone sees actually Ill. Tell you this Ill. Tell you this. I actually had a major marketing person from a major crypto exchange reach out to me, and you know what they said.

Finally, someones telling the truth. Finally, someone is telling the truth about this devil. About this person, who is trying to drive crypto into the ground and the only way youre going to be able to do it is Over My Dead Body, all right, guys, thats. All I got, let me know, drop drop comments below you guys go watch the Bangles podcast. You guys. You guys know me in the Bangles podcast weve had weve had some issues over the last couple weeks, but whatever uh they they hosted it and did a good job. They didnt say anything they just let them talk the whole time, which was good, but you guys go to the bankers podcast on YouTube. You guys watch the sandbankment freed versus Eric Voorhees debate and then come back and drop your comments down below. I want to know what you guys thought about it um, if you guys want a really fun experience, go watch it with the live chat and see once I start jumping in the chat. All coin dailies in the chat hitting networks in the chat, uh Bitcoin, is in the chat. Uh. You guys go check that out. Let us know what you think. I think you guys will get a kick out of it.