I think that has been also in the last few videos the The View, especially after we really started to break out of the green Target area reversal area. Unfortunately, I myself was stopped out here, just like. I think it was just like a 20 30 difference. Annoying just shows that sometimes its better to leave the trades a little bit of space good for you. If you followed that long trade and you werent stopped out um, I was which is a bit of a shame because it would have been a nice profit within just a few days. Really but again it doesnt matter really um theres plenty of other opportunities, and there will be another opportunity to scale in. In my opinion, I dont give you Financial advice. I can only share with you where I think the price is going to reverse. I think at the moment, in this fifth wave here to the upside um, we are pretty much close to topping here in wave a if not topped already, we can just double check the target for the wave 5 in a just by checking the length of the Wave one adding it to the low of the fourth wave, and you can see weve reached here in this fifth wave, the 1.236 flip extension. That is one possible Target for a wave 5, but the ideal one would be actually now the 1.618 extension so yeah. We might reach that 1660 level uh.

We dont really have to right its normally the target for the fifth wave sort of between the one to one ratio. He had 15 27 and 1.618 extension at 1660 and this area has been reached, so it can now reverse down at any time um. This would be a b wave in my opinion, because I see all of this here as a three wave structure. Each of these subwaves has three waves. Also, then, the wave 5 has to have five waves. All of this is a leading diagonal, and if we now talk about okay wave, he might be finished with B. Might the next scaling in opportunity again um Ive, based this on? I have based this on the assumption that weve topped now now again it can still push higher, as I said, but I would need to start somewhere just to give you an orientation. Um key Target for the B wave would be between 1384 and 11.70, so between the 38.2 percent FIB level and the 78.6, even though the 38.2 is quite a shallow wave B. So we can also say ideal level would be between 13 22 and 1170 yeah, but sometimes B waves are fairly short here, especially in um in such a diagonal pattern, but yeah lets lets see if we get there and then there will be a wave C rally In my opinion – and it should take us to 24 to 20 roughly before we then come down in Wave 2, and this would be the next major entry opportunity to go long.

You know um. This all is valid as long as in the retracement. Now we are holding the 11.70 level. If we drop below 1170, then I think were also going to lose the 10.57 level, which is this low, and I think then the whole thing is going to come down um and then we have really put in only something very various here and because what we Really need to do to confirm a fifth wave here would be a breakout generally above the 17 level, and we havent done that yet um important. Also, if we take a look here on the daily chart, foreign is still pushing higher. So generally, the uptrend seems to be still in place now that is the daily thats, always lagging a little bit, but on the four hour were already rolling over here yeah we havent got a bearish crossover yet not on the RSI and not on the macd, but Its a first sign that things might be changing and you will eventually see that on the daily chart as well in the indicator. So here this is the um first indication that things might come down here if its not confirmed yet so just be aware of that, you can still push higher. I gave you a target for that, but be ready here for a move down in a wave B. Okay, thats, my update about Cosmos, atom.