com coin Chronos and this bull market that may be coming a little sooner than we expected, or are we still in a bear Market were going to talk a little Bit about that and more in todays video guys, if you like this kind of content, make sure you smash up the like button subscribe to the channel were doing four videos every single day for you and when we hit 10 000 subscribers on the channel were giving Away one thousand dollars worth of bitcoin to one lucky subscribers, so you dont want to miss out on that lets. Take a peek here at these charts, Bitcoin and crypto having a pretty good day so far um over the weekend. We had some crazy, crazy price action here to get started really um. The crypto market cap is back above 1 trillion and looking at Bitcoin, 21 300 guys, if Bitcoin, can continue this movement and break up out of this. This uh Above This previous Peak here of twenty two thousand five hundred dollars guys we are looking at a 25k Bitcoin in a hurry. So right now were at a very pivotal point. We we broke through this little resistance here and here and now were kind of on our way up. Uh. Nothing goes up forever, though so were gon na have to see here if we can continue bullish again November and December typically bullish. Now, if Bitcoin goes up, we can expect ethereum to continue going up as well, which had its you know, been up.

I think its up 20 over the last month, right now, ethereum over through October, which is fantastic again October. Traditionally, a very bullish month, uh shout out to a couple projects right now: Solana, uh smash your like button. If you guys are holding some Solana recently, an announcement came out that Solana is doing a lot more and has a potential partnership with Google. But one of the biggest stories thats moving Solana up today is that officially you can use your Solana nfts on social media platforms such such as Facebook and Instagram, where you werent previously not able to do that. So people see this as a very bullish story, and so Solana is ripping and roaring up today and you know its been down for a while, so good thing. If youre holding Seoul uh, you know pretty good pump for you today, so smash your like button. There Matic has been ripping lately, but Crow coin uh, also on its way, ready to tear. I got ta point something out and I havent really talked about it. Algorand is a good project and elgaran does have an association with FIFA uh in regards to nfts. It details look into that give that a Google guys, but there is a partnership going on with algorand and uh FIFA for this FIFA World Cup and look over the last seven days. You had a 25 pump on some of that information uh. You know folks, knowing that going into this FIFA World Cup.

So what do you think could happen to Kronos, which is the exclusive sponsor for the FIFA World Cup when it comes to crypto and also featuring uh, its nft capabilities by being the engine for a partnership with, I believe it is Visa and FIFA uh pretty cool Guys so theres a lot of really cool things happening. I think Chronos look I mean were at 12 cents today, which is fantastic. Um were gon na look a little more at the chart here in a second but guys theres room for us to break out and get up to 13, and even this 15 cent level well get more into that in a second. But uh guys got ta put into the framework here you got to understand where were at in the market. Now I got to admit you know, Im feeling pretty bullish were getting into November and December people were just very embarrassed. The other day, the uh, the script quickly flipped as Bitcoin, has been going up above 21 000 ethereum, a High 1600 dollar price range, Kronos, obviously into 12 and a half cents. The fear and greed index is showing its a little less fearful as it was yesterday. Actually, eight points up from yesterday so thats a pretty big jump, which means people are inclined to want to start buying right now, but remember if you bought last month, the fear and greed index was down to 26 uh, which means people were more fearful.

If you buy well theres fear, then you will make more money heres another cool chart to look at where were at in the market. I dont know if youve seen this before, but this is the Bitcoin rainbow chart, and this is supposed to give you guys an idea of whats going on here for crypto and Bitcoin and what we can look at in terms of the trajectory for Bitcoin and what We might expect to see coming so, as you can see here, you can see all the different prices over here. This was all the previous bull runs: 2013 up to 2016 uh and the crash right heres, the peak in 2017. heres the peak back in uh, 2021 and notice guys this is diminishing returns. We broke up a little bit more out of this Parabola back in the first Bull Run. Uh this next Bull Run in 2017. We actually broke, went up a little less into this kind of heat chart here, uh to the higher end of the rainbow range, and this one we kind of had this weird double Peak um and we didnt get up as high now theres a chance that we Could get up uh, you know, and these are all the happenings right. So if you dont know the Bitcoin happening is the thing that triggers these bull cycles um, you know for the next happening, which happens right here. You know were expecting the highs right around here, but will we be more towards this yellow band as our Peak, if so, were looking at kind of about an 180 150 000 Bitcoin? If we get up to this orange band, youre talking about a 250 000 Bitcoin, but guys if we we get up into this red band, were talking about a six hundred thousand dollar plus Bitcoin and thats when Bitcoin overtakes the market cap of gold.

So – and this is something weve talked about as well – why am I talking about Bitcoin and the heat map? Well guys? First of all trying to show you where were at in the market. This is where we are today and guys. We are down in this blue blue area, which means it is basically according to this graph and this publication This is basically a fire sale. This is exactly what weve been talking about ever since we created this channel that, if youve been buying guys this entire time, you have an opportunity to make some money, and if you start at the beginning of the year sure there might be some losses from the Front end of the year, but as you get here to the bottom, youre getting some very good prices and we expect just as weve seen in the past, crypto to start creeping back up, look how it comes back up it Scoops right here, and it comes back Up uh and touches down right before the happening and then boom same thing comes kind of start. Coming back up, I kind of came back down to the blue and then the happening and were going up again. We start to move up on our way to The Happening, and this is coming guys. We could honestly get back up to thirty eight thousand dollars, thirty thousand dollars within the next two months or so and guys remember November December – is very very bullish.

So what does this mean for Crow coin? Well, guys were breaking out right now, which is fantastic to see and when you look at the the uh 30 minute chart, you know were looking a little overextended in this rally. Um, but were gon na go out to the weekly chart and guys were printing. Three green candles in a row on the weekly chart and thats how things start? Look you get a rally of a couple green weeks in a row and all of a sudden we have a big price move and I think the next price Target really for us. The big one at least, is kind of this 14 15 region. As you can see, when you look at whats going on here, we can get back up to these Peaks and try to kind of break back above them. So uh well have to see what happens. You know looking like maybe the end of November. I might expect us to be around that 15 price level, but guys Im, feeling really bullish. Remember weve got the FIFA World Cup coming up. Elgarans had a great time with it. I think is only a matter of time before we break out get back up on our way to that dollar price point, knowing guys that it is a top 10 D5 project, knowing that it is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world with one Of the fastest growing user bases in all of crypto guys, Im bullish, bullish, bullish, buy the dip hold on for the long term.

If you guys, like the content, Smash Up the like button subscribe to the channel and as always guys youve got to remember to DCA hodl, and we will see you in the next one thanks so much everybody. I got two videos for you right here.