I want to make you aware here also of a possible Trend shift a possible Trend, change, nothing reliable yet, and nothing has really changed yet in terms of the idiot wave count. But I still want to make you aware of this possible change and because the trend might now be shifting from a downtrend into an uptrend and the reason I say this is because we have increased volume here um since the end of October yeah, I mean slightly Increased volume, but you can see it is basically I mean we had two two real spikes uh two real spikes here, but it is still higher than it has been most of the time since well, since May really so you see, I would say, a substantial increase In volume is not massive, but it is certainly higher than it was in the recent weeks. With a couple of exceptions, theres one point, then we broke above the descending trend line. We have been below the trend line since middle of August. I think that is also something is quite substantial. Now we havent taken any relevant highs out. That would be the next step, but you know that I always try to keep you aware make you aware of things if things are changing and assumptions are possibly changing, nothing has changed yet my assumptions really because I cant really make a change to assumptions unless something Really changes, and until I really see evidence in the chart, all it has done now is to break a trend line.

Now that and and we see volume, but these are early indicators. You know there are never certainties anyway, in crypto and in financial markets, but as soon as you have an early indicator that the trend might be shifting, you know I want to keep you updated. I want to make you aware so this is certainly interesting um. If we can still count this as from the top as an Impulse down a wave one down a wave two up, then in this wave three down here, another one, two setup and this would have been yeah well. This could still be another one, two setup at this stage yeah, but it will get. I tell you the point when this gets very unlikely yeah and where it will get more likely that we actually also break here to the upside above 6.7 cents. Um, because I told you in previous videos that obviously the lets call it, the bearish Assumption with a target of four cents, is in play until something changes, and one of those changes was the break above 6.7 cents, because it would take out this one. Two pattern and yeah would make a downtrend less likely, I would say right and then we still have to take out here the seven and seven point four percent level um. But when will it get less likely that we are still breaking down? Well, you could argue its already become less likely due to the trend line break now, thats, not substantial, but its its still something to keep an eye on um.

But the really important level is the 78.6 flip level. So, above six and a half cents yeah, it is less likely that this is still a bearish pattern, still its still possible. Of course you know and um. However, if I see this as a one two setup within the yellow wave three, I would I would need to shift all of this to the right hand. Side then um a break above the 78.6 retrace is always an indication, early indication that things might be shifting. Yeah, so weve got the trend, line, break increased volume and the break above six and a half cents would increase likelihood further for a further break or to the upside yeah, so thats, just something um that I want to make you aware of, because I think it Is important this move up, though, still at the moment, doesnt look very bullish, but in line with several coin breakouts in the last few days, Im keeping an eye on the charts for you, and I make your way of early indicators.