It go straight to the site change the network from ethereum to Smart change. Just select this much in here now it will reload it, but clearly the top right, three dots yeah load and then now we can go ahead to read every details about the unit, okay, yeah and not just that. You can decide to read everything about your white paper before we wont start claiming that okay, maybe after cleaning the bank, can come time. This is where youre practicing your pursue, and then you pick your amount of PMB youre willing to buy and you click on Buy to do that. The technical transferred to you to your audit – and this is meant for just the first 10 000 to a lot of people – have claimed this. I think its a few so once its up to 10 000 before the listing date, it should be stopped, so you can go ahead to click on claim to clean the airdroper. Before that, I will make 80 percent of pnb into your wallet and 100 of your native coin to your wallet in pictures. Matching wallet address here, which will be the 20 wallet address, click on get referral, link you copy the link and share it among your friends and colleagues on different Channel platform like Facebook, Snapchats, Tick, Tock, Telegram, Reddit and so on. You know you do this. The more people partake in your project and the more talking and being big Im just going to take our free to Kenya, click on claim and a smart contract curve initiated without which will approved, on short proof, its the best sensor to your wallet.

Now the next step is to get the contract address, which Ill drop at the description below on my telegram, Channel, also scroll down to the sites, and you see the contract address now you can copy it button click on the down left button on it. Click on the top right button here, Beauty contract address it doesnt come up. You just click on add custom. Token change the network here from ethereum to Smart chain, select the smart Channel click on paste here, right click on done. I say this is not so you need token Ive been able to get iPhone multiplier if you get the amount I made so far. So simple as that, if you have any question answer the comment section in my telegram Channel, thank you for watching. Please do your own due to the Jazz and search on any talking about partaking. Are there thank you for watching, do like share comment and subscribe to my channel.