Look at that beautiful dump. We called to the downside. We should fall to the beginning of the rising wedge and we did that. I circled this before it happened. Everybody we had this call. Can we continue now Im suggesting that were back in the pattern and were back in the pattern? We should fall to this area. Here we fall back to 109 bitcoins gon na make a big bush and were gon na see a move. So um Id like to see what this looks like on the smaller time frame: seven minute. I want to see a bear flag here and we we got a pretty nice one and look. This is about to dump so when this opens back up uh, I believe that that doesnt look good at all and thats great for Bitcoin, which shows that Bitcoin can break out of its flag too. So maybe more sideways, maybe Bitcoin just going sideways, so the dollar Market opens and the second it does its gon na boom. Babushkas right I mean we are collapsing. We are collapsing. We are collapsing. The US dollar Fallen 1.9 to record the biggest one day drop since November of 2015.. All right cryptocurrency is outweighing. People want to make that Powerball people can think they can win way more money on on cryptocurrency cryptocurrency super super moving like look at it. Its doing great lets take a look at the total market cap of all of the all coins, which I havent done in a while total three throw you for a loop here lets take a look at total three and see whats happening.

What is total three? Its all the all coins excluding Bitcoin and Eve, so its showing us kind of what the little guys are doing in the market. So we want to look at it on the daily time frame and take it in so we had this last fall and big bush up. We came back down and were holding this note. We break this were gon na fall all the way back down to 65, but you really think the all coin Market, with Matic with all these Bitcoins Solana and all the staking and all this stuff, could go all the way down to 65 billion. If it does, I mean its gon na lose basically thats. I I mean well yeah its 7 8 of his net worth. Basically, I mean thats Insanity right. So this is a nice wedge that broke out, came back down and retested, showing that theres support right here. For sure, at 369 billion dollars so now we also broke Above This resistance too. So its all about can the daily stay above it. We want to see this flag flag out. We want to see it just do this thing and then we want to see a nice move, so you want to see these all coins consolidate, a couple ones can fly off and then we want to see this bigger move continue. We want to see us get back above. The moving averages lets take a look at where this is on the weekly well above the 200.

Simple, never went below it, so never went into bear Market territory like Bitcoin. Did you see what Im saying? Well, I mean it did I mean it went low, but my whole point is it never went lower than the 200 simple thats. An interesting concept lets look at total the entire market cap of all of cryptocurrency, its another thing that we want to talk about and break down. Okay, and what I was showing. You is its super important that we stayed above the 200 civil and we dipped a little bit below it here for a couple weeks, one two three four, but were back above it now thats important and we broke back above this too. I also talked about when the bottom of the whole market is when the 21 rounds off of the 200 simple thats, usually when youve definitely bought them, and you actually start a bit of a rally at that point were very close to that structure were very close To that appealing were see – or you know this little move here – this isnt a billing move – I mean this is really exciting to me. So if I can see this 21 kind of curl up and bounce off the 200 simple its going to be a pretty big deal, I like what Im seeing for that and we did break out of the resistance clear as day. Okay – and you know again, it could be a breakout fake out and we could come all the way back down, lose the zone and dump anything is possible.

But this is a pretty interesting concept here and I want to see us get back Above This level here. At 1.03 trillion, okay, I think I made a group that I may have hid yeah there you go and so lets look at my levels here so looking at this I mean we had to bounce and we did off 959. We ripped through this. We came. We got the resistance at 1.03 Trail, and so now we flag out and the whole story is to stay above 991 or 959. We stay up. All those two areas were gon na, be in pretty good shape. Okay, so yeah, I believe a pullback is coming that 22 hour. Doesnt, look good, you know were overbought on the daily, a pullback has to come. You know it would be amazing if we stay above a trillion. You know what I mean, but any you know well. Take it one step at a time. I just want to stay above 950 bill. You know what I mean well, take it one step at a time, but here I do the same thing I do on the smaller time frames. We could just project this flag. This would be beautiful if we stay in that flag and we stay above a trillion dollars on the flag. Itll be so awesome. This would be a dream. Come true. Is it going to happen? We dont know, but I can project the can I and we can see how it plays out so thats, something on the radar right now: okay, Bitcoin dominance.

We want to look at that for the night too, see if the all coins get a bit of a move or if they get pounded, Bitcoin dominance, trying to make a big move here on the daily and starting to move up. That could be hard to trade. All coins watch your all coins four hours about to give a relief rally for the alts, its a pretty good sign. So we want to see Bitcoin dominance. Kind of bleed off the one hour also thats a good sign that these alts may actually get a bit of a move. Here you got a shoulder here to hold Head and Shoulder popped out, but were getting overbought and were at resistance. Maybe we come down a little bit before we pump again, so the stochastics tell us a little story of Bitcoin dominance and its about to give some relief to the all coins right here we broke above the resistance, see this and now were right were outside of It you dont, want to go back inside this white line and you dont really want to go lower than this. If you can, so you want to stay at this 40 Point 50 level, but if you start to fall down that or even go sideways, thatll be good for the all coins. You want to see. Bitcoin dominance struggle a little bit.