As of this morning, Google is officially running a Solana validator. This was tweeted directly by them a few hours ago, hey co, founder of Solana. Should we tell our followers about the big news now that weve got your attention check this out, Google cloud is running a block producing Solana validator to participate in and validate the network. Google has backed Solana. Also did you think we only had one announcement think again, Google cloud is working with Solana to bring Block Chain node engine to the Solana chain next year, so it will be easy for anybody to launch a dedicated Solana node in the cloud, meaning that Google is Going to make it so much easier for a common person to run a node on the network. Now what Google wont tell you is this: does make the node hosting so much more centralized right. You trade off ease of use, accessibility for decentralization yet was Solana who shuts down every other week, were they that decentralized in the first place, hey, maybe thats. Why Google liked them but wait theres more Google cloud is indexing Solanas data and bringing it to bit query next year to make it easier for the Solana developer, ecosystem to access historical data now indexing all this data, obviously a huge need in the blockchain space in General, as blockchains use a lot of data, we need a way to quarrel that and, while the decentralized web 3 version of indexing data is the graph crypto protocol theyre aiming to do this exact same thing in a decentralized way.

Global Cloud just said yes to Seoul and last but not least, just a reminder that Google Cloud will also begin accepting crypto payments via coinbase Commerce, so youll have more optionality of payments for Google cloud services. So if you want to pay them in crypto, Google will accept it. Theyll take your Bitcoin, but what this means to you as a crypto investor. This is huge huge for adoption, huge for validation on the network, huge if youre invested in Solana. You love this. So probably good for Price. Yet if youre in cryptocurrency for decentralization, this is bad Story. Number two Sam bankman freed, making it possible for Voyager to return funds to customers were excited to help return the assets quickly to customers. The Voyager account shared the details. Voyagers by now, you should have received an email or paper solicitation package with further details on our updated plan, our approved disclosure statement, the proposed sale to FTX us and your ballot and voting instructions. So if you had your funds in Voyager and you lost it, they should have emailed you, because now you get a vote, you got ta say your votes may be submitted online or by email to be accepted. They must be received by November 29th. If you have not received your packet, please email Voyager inquiries at this email like right here. So it looks like because of the FTX buyout that Voyager customers are still in a much better place than Celsius.

Customers, yall are lucky, says a Celsius Network customer and next up what about lower cap? Altcoins crypto wireless carrier, helium mobile, will power, Solanas Saga, smartphone, so Solana, labss upcoming Android phone can use heliums hybrid carrier, which fuses its decentralized network with T Mobiles 5G. So basically good news for helium holders, because this means heliums wireless network will be available now in Solanas Hardware, Android phone. As we know, wireless network helium recently voted to move their entire platform onto the Solana blockchain. Now that Alliance is set to get even stronger, with helium and soldana, bringing their respective mobile initiatives together if youre invested in helium or Solana heres what you should know, the Android powered Saga phone will come with a free 30 day trial for helium Mobile in the United States offering unlimited Voice and text during that span, The Saga phone will not be exclusive to helium mobile. However, with Solana Labs, making very clear that their smartphone can be used with other carriers as well, so we will see what the people choose the incentive. However, if they chose choose heliums Network as they can earn crypto, not only will this partnership ultimately Drive usage to the helium network, but Saga customers who sign up for heliumobile will be able to have a seamless and integrated user experience and could earn crypto rewards for Using their cell service now for those of you invested in Litecoin, I do have a quick update for you.

The Litecoin mining difficulty is hitting new highs, says the foundation, so this is basically hash rate. Litecoin mining difficulty is hitting a new high peaking at just under 18 million hashes and Mining difficulty measures. The average number of hashes required to solve a block and increased hash power for a proof of work. Cryptocurrency is bullish. That means the network is stronger. That means theres more support from the miners globally choosing to mine Litecoin, and why is this whats changed? Well, the big thing is that again we have a having event on the horizon for Litecoin, specifically the third having takes place in 2023 and reduces the current issuance from 12.5 Litecoin each block to cut in half 6.25 and by the way this is different than Bitcoins. Having in the date specifically Bitcoin is having their having in 2024 Litecoin your prior, like always, 2023, so imagine youre a miner at your job, and you know in about one year your salary is going to be cut in half. Yes, you would double down before then to make the big bucks before the having happens. Also, you may have noticed that litecoins price spiked 13 percent, probably due to the payments giant MoneyGram, announcing that the US will soon be able to buy, sell and hold Litecoin BTC eth on MoneyGrams app. We share this with you. The day that was announced. Lets talk about tezos why its different, why its better directly from their leadership but first just a reminder.

My brother and I will be speaking at the central Con coming up later this month, get your tickets linked down below if youll be in Miami. If you live in Los Angeles and if you enjoy comedy join us for web 3 is a joke where you can laugh, learn and Link Aaron, and I will be speaking providing the learn section also comedy involved too jokes about web3 join us link down below and Finally, altcoin daily is a very close, very close to winning the blockchain influencer awards. Please vote for us for best news, source and influence of the Year link down below, but lets talk about, tezos how they are differentiating themselves in the space and why? Why should we still care is tezos still thriving today? Awesome coverage of their CEO watch this so, while most cryptocurrencies, that kind of rode up during the nft increase have cratered in the minting um on their chain. Texas has actually thrived and it has more usage of the network than than 2021, which is incredible, wheres the demand coming from Mostly the art World um. So, basically, you know crypto one of the main criticisms of it. Is that its a solution in search of a problem um for digital artists? It actually does solve a problem um and what you see is like in organic communities, um people sort of rallying together and mentioning their art on the blockchain and then theyre able to trade it so and so forth.

But um thats, one of the few sources of organic growth in this industry writ large in particular on tezos its an interesting conversation, because it takes us away from just trading crypto, making money losing money. Its about a use case here for crypto, so just flesh out how your crypto is different to the likes of a Bitcoin in ethereum, yeah um. So teslos is a smart contract platform um. So at first flush it looks very similar to ethereum. One main difference, though, is that tezus allows for token holders to vote on and ratify upgrades to the protocol, which are then instantiated in a decentralized fashion, meaning like basically, someone can propose a new bit of code and then a super majority of people who own the Token have to come together say like yes, we want this in order for it to take hold.