It looks a little bit gloomy with some of the stuff that Ive got to cover off for you today. If you enjoy this sort of content – and you want to support the channel mash up that like button subscribe, if you havent subscribed already tap in that Bell, selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video. This will save you time because I will go through the the news. Lots of it is just pure nonsense, but other stuff is really important and you really should know about it. So you know were going to highlight those for you here. Dont forget to jump in our Discord. Link is in the description of this video, its absolutely free to join and theres no reason not to theres. Over 4 600 are people in there talking about crypto 24 7 supporting one another navigate the space safely. Its definitely a place to to be in a recession, bear Market scenario for certain okay, so go check that out right lets, get down to the desktop, so the first uh thing that I want to cover off here is the fact that China, uh secretly holds six Billion dollars worth of bitcoin ethereum and other crypto assets triggering a serious price crash warning now Ive talked, I dont know how many times about the potential for lower lows and Black Swan events, and this is another example of you know a potential Black Swan event that We could see in crypto and Ive, as I have said a few times now, back in 2018 influences like they have been were saying.

The bottom was in and it wasnt it come back. It come much much later so yeah we could be going through the same scenario as 2018, so just be aware of that. Be cautious in the market only invest what youre willing to lose its a very, very volatile Market alongside other financial instruments, also being very volatile because of the recession, the landscape, the war, the property crisis, the supply chain issues and everything else that weve got going on Interest rates um, you know, look theres just so much. The cost of living is just ridiculous right now, so you know just be really cautious. In the space Im, not a financial advisor treat everything. I say with a pinch of salt um, you know and treat as educational purposes. Only moving on and weve got EU delaying the vote on the m. I c a crypto legislation until February now. Look, I I mentioned in this a little bit earlier today in our Discord and I believe on Twitch as well around the fact that you know if anything comes out of like the G20 um or you know the UK government its not going to be happening. You know instantaneously its going to be theres, going to be a length of time before things can happen and its for this very reason right. These dinosaur type people that are in power really dont understand the technology just yet and they can get in people that you know they can have as uh, I guess um advisors or experts, but you know many of those are talking out of their ass.

Also so, look you know. Technical issues with the lengthy texts could delay the start of the licensing regime set out in the markets in crypto asset regulation. So, basically, in a nutshell, what this article is telling us is telling us that yeah its lengthy and its complicated and they dont understand it its pretty much the the gist of it hes going to take him an extra couple of months to get their heads around It theyre, probably all there like scratching their heads like what is a ledger um. You know what do you, what do they mean its immutable like what whats this terminology mean uh. It must be so confusing. Um. Maybe just get some people in there that you know uh have got an idea of technology and stuff like that um I yeah look. Maybe me just having a bit of a rant here but its not that complicated uh. In my opinion and dont get me wrong. I think theres going to be a number of iterations to whatever they put out anyway, because theyre going to get it wrong several times before they land on something that you know is reasonably gon na be working. You know what I mean its gon na its gon na take a while moving on weve got proposed. Uk rules well make advertising crypto a lot harder. Industry warns like what is going on in the world right now when it comes to. You know the UK in one breath theyre saying they want to be the hub for crypto yeah.

It reminds me a little bit of Portugal a year ago. We want to be where everybody you know can come and you know no tax for for crypto, and then you know a few months later: its uh 30 tax for crypto. You know its like they, they lure you in and then um. They realize that actually they they its not sustainable, they cant do it um, and I think here you know, weve got I dont know youve got different people trying to to battle against each other in different ways within you know, government you know the the regulators and And all that sort of stuff, I just think like get on the same page at least um. Let me know your thoughts and your opinions in the comments below, but it feels like theyre, not all singing off the same hymn sheet uh. When I look at a lot of this right, so industry members are sounding the alarm. The alarm uh on a proposed measure to require crypto service providers to comply with local advertising rules, which could add an additional layer of authorization to an already complex process. So look its not great is it lets be honest and uh. Nick and myself know this from from experience right, we havent been able to do ads because of the the business sector that were in is a real shame. Um, you know even talking about crypto, you cant advertise it, you talk about crypto, it is uh, it is beyond me uh moving on, and this is going to be the final piece um and probably the most alarming of them all.

In my opinion, crypto Gloom deepens on JP Morgans team, Venture Capital warnings. So you know basically the um, the huge company JP Morgan highlights. Vc funds reluctant to invest in crypto sector Trend May boost the odds of a prolonged crypto Market slump. So you know, Nick and myself are sat here and were saying. Look we dont think the Bottoms in youve got the numbers indicating it in different. You know sectors not just looking at indicators, seven indicators, eight indicators say that were were you know the Bottoms in? Actually, you know look outside of that right. Youve got a data set that hasnt experienced a recession, youre measuring it against uncharted waters and youre, expecting the same to happen over and over again. Um like get with the program, its more than just technical analysis that we need to be looking at. We need to be looking at the fundamentals we need to be looking at. You know the financial markets. We need to be looking at the history of other Financial instrument, governments, you know how long did it take for the adoption you know. All of that stuff is really really important and I think that you know theres an awful lot of influences that dont look at other. You know scenarios theyre, just you know all focused on the same. You know tiny minute data set, which is crypto at the moment and theyre not taken into consideration, were in a recession that isnt, even you know as bad as it could potentially be.

Youve got all these potential Black Swan events and other additional. You know events happening around the world that you know can compound. The really bad scenario were already in um. So look. I think that you know theres some big big companies putting out alarming warnings, and sometimes you know you need to not believe them and you need to question it and Id still say question it but, like I know that you know were sat on a lot of Capital all and were not investing in it were not investing in like crypto as much as we would normally why. Why is this? Well, this is because we think the bottom isnt in yet the whales. Clearly, through the the wallet um, you know analysis that Nicks been doing indicates the Bottoms, not in you know, unless theyre making huge mistakes, which means that all the big players are making big mistakes. Nick and myself are making big mistakes and these influences that Ive never experienced um. You know a recession in their their life. Have you know barely the ability to to lease their own shoelaces um? I just I I you know theyre right and the big moneys wrong. Like come on, like you know you, let me know your thoughts, your opinions in the comments below um but yeah. I dont know how much uh obvious it can be made um to the masses that that weve got lower lows to come. I think theres going to be problems with property.

I think theres going to be problems. You know continued problems in the stock market. I think you know the the metal Market could even be affected. I think theres just so much more issues that were likely to see banks are also making it very difficult for people to purchase. You know crypto um theyre, you know making it very very difficult for you to take your money out of Banks and why are they doing all this? They need the liquidity they dont. Want you taking your money out of the system with that money leaving the system they cant utilize it for loans and other you know purposes to make them money. So you just think about all these. You know small little things that are happening. They start to add up but yeah, like I say, let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below I wish. I could be the bearer of great news. You know were on the up now, but unfortunately I cant Im always going to be. You know a realist with you and let you know how I see the market and Nicks going to do the same. It might not always be what you want to hear, but sometimes you need to hear it and question everything that we say question and everything that everyone else says and make your own. You know judgment and own investment decisions were not financial advisors, but you know were always going to tell you how we see the market.

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