So today we are going to be discussing why CZ actually invested into Twitter along with Elon Musk, and we are going to be discussing Instagrams plans for nfts and Googles plan to help Solana with that said, nothing in the video is financial advice and lets just jump Straight into it today, ever since Twitters new sync was in, I was asked about it in every interview and I had many interviews last week. So here is the summary. This is CZ from, of course binance. So he supports Free Speech. Twitter is a global Town Square. Twitter gives us our voice. This alone is enough for us to invest. So if you didnt know already CZ actually invested, I think it was around 500 million dollars into the acquisition of Twitter, along with Elon Musk, so as part of the Elon Musk deal, and the reason why I think this is so important, quite obviously is because they Are one of the biggest liquidity providers? He actually goes on to say this in the Tweet, but they can provide the infrastructure needed for any sort of crypto integration into to Twitter and, as we know, there is a lot of speculation that this may revolve around Dogecoin, which could be absolutely incredible right. Lets. Just check this out a little bit more free speech is a pre workers, a prerequisite, a prerequisite for having freedom of money which we are building for. They support entrepreneurs and they believe that Twitter has a tremendous untapped value and also the important one.

We are happy to help with web3 integration if needed, everyone needs liquidity and we are the largest provider of liquidity. Of course, if there is any notion that Dogecoin could be integrated into Twitter or another cryptocurrency, it might not be Dogecoin, it could be Bitcoin or another. Crypto right binance are going to have the tools in order to make that work. So this is an absolutely incredible partnership and I think people arent as excited about this as they would be if we were in a bull market right if we were in a bull market. I think this news would be far more influential on the price of the overall Market. With that said, if you did want to sign up to binance, to support them and use one of the biggest liquidity, your providers in the market and have access to over 350 listed cryptocurrencies, they are, in my opinion, the best all round platform. If you are looking to hold your crypto to buy and sell, and all of that sort of good stuff, Ive been using them for over five years, and I would definitely suggest them to my closest friends, because I personally hold my crypto still on the platform. The crypto thats not in Cold Storage, its on binance ready as liquidity. If I do want to sell it, or I want to buy more or whatever that is so theres a link down there in my description and you can get up to 600 in a welcome bonus just for following that link and again, I really do suggest them To my closest friends with that said, the overall market today we do have some green coins, but over across the board, we are looking at a little bit red now.

As you know, we have had a very nice pump this week, so it is totally normal for us to see a little bit of a pullback, especially on the weekend. Today we are down 0.36 in the overall Market, still holding on to that lovely one trillion dollar Mark and, as we spoke about binance and Twitter, Dogecoin is actually down three percent today, but we have seen a Monumental run of over a hundred percent so like we Were saying on the channel of course, profit taking and pullbacks are inevitable when those sorts of moves happen in a bear Market. With that said, we do have price moving very nicely here. We spoke about this level yesterday, 21 200, and we are sitting on that right now. This is the hourly chart and, as you can see, we did hang around here around 20 000 many times it was proving as quite a strong level of support. Here we broke above that now breaking above the 21 2 and holding on to this. Hopefully we can make a move upwards. Now we do have a few things that are looking good for the overall market. Weve got the dxy having a sharp turn downwards. As you know, this affects the markets positively. On top of that, the S P 500, which is correlated with the overall markets as weve seen, is trending upwards. Although we are seeing a little bit of a decoupling here with Bitcoin actually being more stable than the S P 500.

We can see here that, with the news of the the new interest rates, we had about a five percent decline in the price from that little Peak there, but Bitcoin itself actually only went down around 3.5. Of course, this was in and around the inflation data news, but very good to see, but the Bitcoin is actually holding up now. I think that this has a part to play with the fact that people are starting to see Bitcoin as one of the options to go to in this crazy inflationary period that were in Ive, been saying this. I think its a perfect hedge um people go against that and say well its dropped down over 50 60 since the highs. But what I say is look back on bitcoins price history. Three years ago, four years ago we are in profit. So the thing is is that it still hedged me against all of the issues with that said, I personally think its a great place to be holding some of my net worth. In other news we do have. Google cloud is now running a block producing Solana validator. So on Saturday, the 5th of November, the Google Cloud team announced three pieces of good news for uh Solana. Google cloud is running a block producing Salon of validator to participate in and validate the network. Google cloud is working with Solana to bring blockchain node engine to Solana chain next year, so itll be easy for anyone to launch a dedicated Solana node in the cloud.

And thirdly, Google cloud is extending Solana data and bringing it to bigquery next year to make it easier for Solana developer ecosystem to access historical data. So these are the kind of Partnerships that were looking for right. I still hold quite a large position in my portfolio in Solana. I took some profits of Solana at around 180 from my memory. Of course, it still had some ways to go from there, but, as you know, on the channel, I always talk about taking profits and the important thing is to not get caught up in the emotions of thinking that you missed out just waiting about a year. Now we have much better buying opportunities and in a bear Market we want to find projects that are still building and still generating these huge Partnerships. So this is great news for Solana, even though weve seen some problems with the network over the last few years, with hacks with crashes all of that sort of stuff. It is still in the teething phase, in my opinion, and they can definitely grow from where they are, although there is still some downside, in my opinion, remembering that Solana before the last bull market was at three dollars right, three dollars here in the bear market and Talking about big Partnerships we do have Instagram is officially now an nft Marketplace which sounds kind of crazy, but meta has started to roll out features that let creators sell nfts on Instagram.

According to information shared with nft, now, Instagram have made new features available to a select group of its creators on the platform and when these digital Collectibles are purchased on Instagram, neither the Creator or The Collector will need to pay fees. However, it was said that this will be at launch, which could potentially indicate that this may eventually change. So it probably wont always be completely free because they are running on polygon. For these nfts and of course, there is a very small minimal gas fee. For this Im sure, as it starts to roll out, they will introduce gas fees for the users, but right now we do see polygon down four percent today, but remember member. We had a very nice move of polygon in and around this news being released about the meta partnership, along with a bunch of other huge Partnerships in the space. So this is what were looking for big Partnerships right in a bear Market projects like polygon, like Solana having these huge Partnerships, could show us huge opportunity if we can be patient and, in my opinion, dollar cost averaging is the best way to play these sorts of Things with that said, the market is in fear, so we have moved out of extreme fear and the market is expecting more of a rally coming forward. Will we see more of a rally? Really we cant tell from where we are right now I havent taken any profits yet from my long term positions.

If we do have a big euphoric pump in the market, I definitely will consider shaving some of these positions in order to have more cash to buy. In another dip that I think will come because Im not convinced that this bear Market is over yet, but I am completely open to being wrong.