So what we got going on here, looking at polygon Im, saying that were within a uh, were within a wave three from our much larger impulses and this Wave 3 I expect, is going to be one that is going to go up pretty significantly. That could take polygon to possibly around 1.80 but uh, but obviously were still working on that. We currently had gotten to around uh 1.30 cents, and what were seeing here is we had our wave one that had started at our 52 week low. That was at around 31.5 cents. We had completed that wave one at a price of around a dollar six, and that was in the middle of August. So, from the point of mid mid June to Mid August, we completed the wave one, and then we saw retracement with that within this wave, two that had completed at the third week of September and then what we had seen is now this third wave that were In right now, this is that one that I think is going to be the big breakout wave. Now there are multiple things that just happened, which I talked about in the previous video, and that was where we were at within the wave five that was, that was a very important uh price, because there was a huge level of support that we had with polygon. Back in 2021, and then we had lost that in the uh in the in the second quarter of 2022.

So what you can see is that that price above a dollar polygon, was able to bounce off that price and go to these much higher prices, as it had done, such so after had lost that support back in May of 2022, then the price really fell through And then so we got to our 52 week low, so thats what weve been working on, attempting to try to break through and try to overtake that price and also our our different moving averages. So what just recently happened within the price pump that we had polygon had managed to actually pump through that 200 day, moving average, which was an area of resistance that polygon had when it was attempting that breakout within the first wave. So there there was the the 200 day moving average of that price, and there was also that that key one dollar price of support that polygon needed to hold within the first wave last time so after it managed to pump through that 200 day, moving average. Just recently, it really pumped through these different Fibonacci levels and had that big breakout that I needed, because it pumped through so many different moving averages. And what we got going on now is that polygon had reached this price its around 1.30 within that pump. And what were seeing now is were seeing some uh, some retracements. What were going to be seeing were going to be seeing, of course, a five way move within this.

This larger Wave 3 movement here – and I think that that theres a lot of potential here so taking this on over to the four hour chart, lets get rid of some of this stuff, so it doesnt get too confusing. So what we have here on the four hour chart you can see how theres still that possibility that were going to uh, possibly pump one more time and uh and at the same time it doesnt really matter. If it does this wave. This is the third wave part of this wave three um third sub wave. I should say this is the the third Subway of this wave, three and uh. As far as these sub waves go were going to be coming down within our fourth wave and then were going to be going back up within our fifth wave and that fifth wave is the one that hopefully will take us to around the the dollar. 80 pricing. Thats really good possibility so seeing these uh these different price movements that we had with polygon. Looking at that that wave one that going from a price around 31 cents to a dollar a dollar five dollar six, that was a really nice significant price move. So now, within this wave, three going from a price at around uh, 68 cents or so and then going all the way up to a price, thats 1.85 thats a really nice price pump. That could happen there. So this is all things that were going to be monitoring very closely here and I think theres a possibly this could happen.

So what I think here in the short term, I think that if we dont see another pump here in the short term were going to be coming down. Actually, let me turn this on over. The arrow chart maybe get a better idea about what were seeing. So we are seeing some consolidation, so this consolidation could actually lead us to another pump, which we would make another adjustment to where our our um, our third Subway, would be, and then at that time I would expect eventually that we would come down within that. Fourth wave and then go back up and complete that fifth wave, so so the uh, the technicals here, looking at the pattern seeing the consolidation, this could go either way. This could be bearish or bullish. We dont know, but its definitely consolidating theres. Definitely a price movement that is getting ready to happen, so uh definitely worth monitoring what this is. But I would also expect at any moment if its, if its the next pump its going to happen or if its or, if were going to be seeing some um. Some dip in the price just expect thats the fourth wave coming in and then were going to be going into that that wave five soon so at some point, theres going to be um a good good area to possibly be be accumulating more here soon. So right now Im sure a lot of people are probably taking profits. So keep that in mind if youre someone thats looking to take some profits more than likely.

This would be possibly a time if thats something that youre looking to do, but obviously Im not saying that to you Im, saying thats what I would be looking at right now and I would be accumulating after a confirmation of that fourth wave, so anyways um Ill. Just leave it right here for now, things are looking really nice for polygon, and I dont expect this to uh to end anytime soon, besides a little bit of a dip for the fourth wave to go back up in that fifth wave to uh, to bring out A very awesome wave three to an end that could possibly take us into December or who knows where its going to go but but Ill keep you guys updated on what does happen with polygon Ill make another video here very soon on where things do go with This Wave 3 or when this Wave 3 is complete and were going into that wave four. So with that being said, please, like share comment, subscribe new content coming out all the time I post about Bitcoin and ethereum every single day and talk about many different altcoins. Every day as well so Im gon na go ahead and jump on the next one.