We can consider it. What is our remaining entry? Can it be done at this time? A lot of such questions are coming and after watching this video of today, all your questions. If all the doubts are cleared, then, like the video call now and make start, you reach this video to these friends scan the FTX.com file a bankruptcy, and now the news is also coming that FTX. .com used to analyze, everyones trades and executive trades from the on It so that retail users lose their personal trades there and earn exchange money there.. This are bad activites, unethical activites trading style. Here the FTX used to follow that the blockfi was declared a scam here and filed bankruptcy, continued to be withdrawn on the crypto.com and there is no deposit. Sign. Get.io and Hubiglobess Situation is not right. Indian crypto currency exchange coin switch kubar. There is no positive news on that. Also, Despite all this BTC is trading in the range of fifteen, sixteen sixteen and a half seventeen thousand dollars and is currently holding that position. In this video. I will also tell you why this is the second news that binance have talked about supporting good good projects, those projects specially which are not able to sustain themselves due to liquidity crisis. But this one, I consider the statement manipulated because the Continental Withdrawal started on top of the binance. When the news of FTX came., There has been a scam of FTX. com and to save your honor, and there is an atmosphere in the market itself about special which centralized exchange where centralized changes are not able to answer about the security of peoples.

Money then here is my, Has given a statement to make the reputation. Binance has also said that the centralized exchanges in which the guarantee security of the money lying in it is exchanged if you withdraw it and take it to the trust wallet in tumus or decentralized. Then the security will be yours, which is quiet hour., That if we take them in security, will be ours, but atlist our money will be lying with us, Like FTX exchange will digest our money. You see that MTGox scam happened in two thousand thirteen, after which many crypto scams have been done right now, FTF. Till date, no one person has received a single rupee in return from these people. So if an exchange camp is done tomorrow, then our money will not be received from anywhere.. The money will be lying with us. Maybe the value of BTC will come three thousand dollars atleast moment. I am giving five thousand dollars, but our BTC will be lying with us and we will have to hope that tomorrow, two years, five years After ten years, it will go to one million dollars. But if someone gets delayed by us, then that hope will end. At the same time, I want to say one more thing. Many people are feeling that this is a final bottom of the market. And I think we are almost near to bottom. It can be bottom and we can also be near almost bottom.. If i tell my 90 20 prediction that btc should go to 12 to 13 thousend dollers, I am not a financial advisor.

I am analyzing these things. My team is analyzing things. I am telling you that I am telling you that BTC twelve thousand thirteen thousand Dollars should go around. That is a perfect buying. That cannot happen here, although there is no shortage of people who claim around nine thousand and ten thousand dollars from the, but I still believe that up to twelve thousand thirteen thousand dollars., If you look at the price at this time, it is trading between twelve hundred Thirteen hundred dollars and four months ago they had put a bottom of eight hundred and ten dollars. At that time, BTC had put a bottom of seventeen dollars.. We have not broken it. Yet. Matic it was around 3.5. Now its is running around 3 time high. If you study BNB, then BNB is also a dumper at its highest to almost fifty percent, where there is an other alt. Which ninety five to ninety six percent, nine nine percent have been dumped. While BNB is the only project completed in the entire crypto market, which has been dumped only up to fifty fifty percent, more has not been dumped yet.. I believe that BNB should come from hundred to 125 dollars, although there is no guarantee, but I believe that after analyzing things, it will be a perfect BNB metric and carbon jones, where I am assuming Ethereum up to six hundred and seven hundred dollars. Im doing around Zero point: three: zero point for dollars to metric and thats, where I I consider BNB to be perfect around hundred hundred and twenty five dollars, and if these perfects are to come, then the shock of BTC is bound to be up to twelve thousand thirteen thousand dollars.

If you still have prices running in the market above these points., On top of this, if you buy – which I have done my seventy five percent bike and have requested all of you, the number of times that, if you want to do it, then there is a Perfect buying that is running right, now. As a moment. I am giving an example. You can give it because a lot of comments start coming. It happens. I will give an exam if you are planning to leave ten bitcoins here and sixteen thousand dollars. And if you think BTC will come above twelve thousand dollars tomorrow and if you beying above sixteen thousand dollars, then only four thousand dollars. You have taken BTC expensive. But if your projection report BTC is only up to one lakh, one lakh one and a half lakh two lakh dollars in next five years, then there is nothing wrong with spending four thousand dollars extra. But if BTC catches a bullish movement by taking a reversal from here, then BTC can be up to twenty five or dollars. Go away, and there again you do not get these buying zones. That is at this time. No person can tell you the perfect buying, but now the market conditions, the prices that are running within one parameter, are confined within a perfect buying zone.. You can go thinking that if you hold it for the next five years, I am repeating again that if you are buying on a project today and thinking that you will get profit in fifteen to twenty days a month, But the current bean zones will give you As much profit in the next five years as BTC is going to give you in the buying range above ten thousand twelve thousand dollars.

, If you do not feel anything in the gap of BTC, then you complete your bikes here till make start seventy five percent, and In the end, I will say that do not hold the remaining twenty five percent in your words.. Keep it so that if there is any such bad news on the night of the over and the market is dumped immediately, then our bids will be hit there and we were able to hold those assets again, which people used to video of different people. Listening to Them changing their bits again and again they will not be able to take good, perfect buying zone. Here. I am saying again that I have done my seventy five percent thinking that for the next five years I will be held. And even if the market goes a little down from here, then it is also not a problem. I am going to hold these projects because these futures are not going to see a lot of gap. Here. Will share with friends, and I think that another big bad news in the market and the market will give us the final bottom here.