I have the most bullish news that we could possibly get right now and Im gon na be telling you this exactly in this video. This regards Shiba Inu it regards Dogecoin in regards every single cryptocurrency, so make sure you really stick around to the end. This time I am not playing. So let me get straight into the video and show you what is happening well. Bitcoin is pumping. Ethereum is pumping Dogecoin pumping Shiba Inu pumping every single cryptocurrency is pumping right now. Why is this happening? Is this a fake Apple Im gon na be showing you that this is not a fake out? This is the real deal holy feeling Im gon na, be showing you right now exactly why so earlier today there was a Fed meeting and guess what they talked about interest rates. They talked about everything regarding the economy and something that was said was extremely bullish and it led to this reaction. Look. This is the stock market. Ladies and gentlemen, the NASDAQ pumped five percent at indices does not pump five percent and NDC on a very extremely bullish day might pump one percent it pumped five percent. Today. Look at that candle thats, just the NASDAQ. This is the S P. 500 futures. Look at this crazy, crazy bounce in the market today, ladies and gentlemen, at the same exact time, we had the massive crash with the US dollar. All of these things mean extremely bullish, things for cryptocurrencies and the reason why is because the FED Jerome Powell said that they are going to be slowing the raising of race, which is another term called pivoting, and when this happens, the crypto markets take off the stock Markets take off like crazy, and why do stocks matter well, cryptos follow stocks.

The financial markets, cryptos, are a part of the financial markets. They have their foundation in the traditional financial sector and thats. Why its very important for us to understand whats happening in the stock market, but I do all of that for you on this channel thats why you need to subscribe with notifications on – and here is the point. So as a result of that, we are seeing a massive pump in the crypto Market in all parts of the crypto market, and this is huge now we have just crashed the last couple of weeks because of a whole bunch of fun. But here is the thing. Ladies and gentlemen, were actually beginning to break out and recover from this crash Zone that weve been stuck in for weeks, and if this can happen, which is very likely and very promising. Based on the information that I just showed you in the beginning of this video, we can see huge pumps in the crypto market for every coin. Not just Dogecoin, not just Shiba Inu, but every coin and the coins that are looking especially very very bullish, is going to be number one Dogecoin. We have Shiba Inu, we have ethereum, we have quantmatic Solana xrp. These coins are looking very, very bullish, and I believe here very very soon that we can be seeing something crazy, crazy price action, some crazy pumps and it is going to blow your mind. I think that we potentially have reached the bottom.

We could have reached the bottom. That is certainly a very strong possibility, but we can of course, go lower and break these lows at any moment with any type of crazy news out there, but that is unlikely. The likely scenario is that we could actually be very close to a bottom or have already reached the bottom, and this is the narrative not only of me and on my channel, but this is The Narrative of pretty much any Financial expert in the world about cryptocurrency Is that we have potentially reached the bottom or that we could go lower, but ultimately we are very very close. Now in the patreon I am giving the most profitable, buy and sell alerts on the internet where we are up over 70 percent in just a weeks time from the spot Market. Not future is not leveraged. Im telling you lent Im literally telling you when to buy Doge point when to buy all of these cryptocurrencies before they pump and blast off and its happening several times this week, especially in tier three thats. Why you need to join right now. So you do not miss out in the most profitable. Crypto trading community in the world also buy a bit is giving away thirty thousand dollars to anybody who who opens up an account using the link in my video description and deposits cryptocurrency for the very first time if you deposit any amount of cryptocurrency for the first Time using my link below you will qualify up to bonuses up to thirty thousand dollars, make sure you do that immediately.

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