Crypto Holders – IT HAS FINALLY STARTED 🚀 | Coti Cardano DJED | Big Polygon Sandbox Ethereum News!

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Crypto might be FU*KED here’s what I’m about to do.

Bitcoin last night got up all the way to 24 000. was it 24, 000 or 23 800 yeah, 23, 800 and the whole Market is getting a little bit crazy right. It makes me very uncomfortable to see how bullish, basically, everyone is on Twitter, apart from some of the people that I follow […]


Se forme comme on peut le voir ici on voit, la charte, qui, monte, trs clairement, rien comme on peut le voir on est pass de prs de 3350 aprs pratiquement 13000 donc lorsque la ligne, bleue ben passe, au dessus de la ligne, jaune donc on a la Bleue qui repart la hausse, et […]

Rounded Top Signals Danger For Crypto; Bitcoin Disagrees!

My name is Michael hope. You had a fantastic weekend enjoyed plenty of time away from the screens and youre ready for the new week now this week, promises to deliver, as we have a lot of stuff going on in the fundamental space which we know can give us a bit of volatility. So, […]