This is your altcoin Buzz news: hey whats up everyone. My name is Cody Buffington, make sure to like subscribe and turn on notifications. So when we drop our latest content, follow us on Twitter at allcoin, Buzz IO and as always, this is not Financial advice and we wish you the best of luck in your crypto Adventures. Last night, Bitcoin Wicked down to just over 22 500 from a high of 23 900, the previous day as investors de risk before the fomc meeting tomorrow, causing 46 million dollars of long liquidations, U.S equities lost ground on January 30th, with market wide nerves over the FED, Showing themselves in a de risking appetite, this was also seen on crypto exchanges as stablecoin deposits cooled off. Reducing dry powder available for deployment into crypto assets as Bitcoin shows a minor bull run, the connected mining ecosystems year. Long struggle for survival has started to pay off. In the first month of 2023, the Bitcoin mining Community experienced a 50 increase in Revenue through mining rewards and transaction fees. Bitcoin mining Revenue jumped from 15.3 million on January 1st to nearly 23 million in the span of 30 days as more miners joined to power and secure the decentralized Bitcoin Network, the hash rate continues to reach new. All time highs. The Bitcoin hash rate stands at around 300 extra hashes per second. This time. Last year, bitcoins hash rate was roughly a hundred and 82 extra hashes per second making for a total increase of over 67 percent Twitter Chief Elon Musk has reportedly instructed his developers to build the platforms payment systems in such a way that crypto functionality can be added.

In the future, according to a January 30th Financial Times report, two people familiar with Twitters plans, said the payments feature will support Fiat currencies to start but be billed to accommodate cryptocurrencies. Should the opportunity arise, Twitter has long teased, bringing payments to the social media platform forming part of musks stated plan to make Twitter an everything app in early December, images were leaked, revealing Twitter coins, a secret in development, digital asset to be used for payments and tipping On the platform with many hoping, it would involve crypto in some way and in November, Twitter payments LLC registered with the U.S treasury Departments, Financial crimes, enforcement Network or fincen, which are allowed to process payments in a Twitter space event. Around the same time must said, he envisioned allowing bank accounts to be connected to Twitter profiles and incorporating debit and credit cards along the platform to be able to facilitate money transfers following the future approval of the U.S licenses, Twitter be eyeing gaining regular to our approvals Internationally Elon Musk also recently said this. I do think there is a role for crypto in the future without speaking to any big particular crypto coin um, as a means of ensuring that the monetary system does not get completely corrupted it. Essentially, it provides competition to the fiatric system, so when Elon Musk introduces crypto payments across the platform which two cryptos would you propose Elon Musk use on Twitter, Bitcoin, eth, cardano, Matic or Dogecoin pick two and let me know in the comments down below and the best Answers will be featured in our news video tomorrow.

Alif zero has one auction at number 38 for the polka dot pair chain slot. The bid has been made in an effort to secure the infrastructure for the upcoming lf0 bridge to the polka dot ecosystem. Lf0 is a layer 1 privacy enhancing blockchain that ensures scalability low transaction fees and maximum security guarantees for developers. One of the key drivers for a layer 1s performance will be its rate of adoption, lf0 utilizes, the rest programming language, a high performance coding, language already used by Solana and polka dot. This will make it much easier for developers to migrate over and on top of this lf0 utilizes ZK snarks for privacy layer, its technology liminal adds privacy, while Bridging the network to other platforms. Privacy will be key for institutional adoption and could place lf0 perfectly to take advantage of this Damien strazzak. A developer at ale of zero said, were excited to take the significant step towards becoming closer to the polka dot ecosystem. Its important to note that lf0 remains a sovereign Standalone chain and not a pair Chain by definition, weve built a network based on our own alif bft consensus protocol and combined it with the substrate framework. The pair change slot serves strictly as a bridging mechanism. This new pair change slot will highly broaden the capabilities of the lf0 network as obtaining this slot is a critical step towards establishing a two way connection between lf0 and polka dot ecosystems. The paratrain slot will also allow lf0 to indirectly bridge to ethereum virtual world.

The sandboxs sand. Token is witnessing a surge in price over the month ahead of its token unlock, scheduled for February 14th, token unlocks are usually considered. Bearish events as the project will be releasing 12 of the tokens supply equivalent to around 273 million dollars worth of sand, theyll be releasing it to seed and strategic investors with half of the 12 going to investors. Sand is the utility token used in the sandbox ecosystem for transactions and interactions. Its price has increased 90 since the beginning of the year and is now trading at 74 cents. But we all know why its rallying ahead of this unlock BCS are dumping money into the project, to get the attention of retail to fomo in and drive up the price so that theyre able to cash out more the day after the last unlock on August 14th. Nearly 75 percent of all significant trades were sell orders as investors look to cash out of sand. That cell pressure continued in the days after the unlock, SL orders dominated, buys. The allocation of sand unlocks is skewed towards investors and the token performance has suffered during the unlocks. As a result, the sandbox has an unlocked schedule that is due every six months months until 2025, with the same allocation to investors. So, as a general rule of thumb, a better time to accumulate tokens is, after a token unlocks and then dumps, and the best time to take profit is the time leading up to a token unlock as VCS are driving up the price Jed, the over cladralized stable Coin on cardano is now live on.

Mainnet the Jed platform can be accessed at and Jet is also available on Min, swap Wing Riders and muesli swap. They also expect it to be listed on other Platforms in the cardano ecosystem and, as recently announced bit, true will be the first exchange to list Jed and Shen with over 40 Partnerships to enable its proper utilization and adoption. Jed will also unlock opportunities for the cardano ecosystem. Around D5 payments and more the liquidity provision took place last night, bringing the jet Reserve ratio to a healthy 600, which is an optimal ratio for launch, as it will allow users to Mint both Jed and Shen. Upon launch part of their future plans for Jed are to add other assets. Aside from Ada as collateral to minjid saying our plan is to add other coins, especially wrapped assets like to wrap Bitcoin and wrapped eth as collateral to Mint jet on the cardano network. Muesli swap will be offering yield, farms for the stablecoin, pools and Reserve coin, and Shen theyll be doing Jed, Ada and Jed iusd, which we concentrated liquidy pools and the liquidity pools for and Jed iusd will have yield. Farms to earn users M yield tokens the NASDAQ. Recently wrote about polygon and how theres one cryptocurrency that has the momentum of a different type that could make it. The ethereum of 2023. polygon in the blockchain has become the go to for Corporate America. Polygon is a layer 2 blockchain built on top of ethereum and corporate Partners have flooded to polygon in part of its scalability and development resources and in part, because polygon is paying millions of dollars to attract them.

Instagram has enabled nfts on his platform. Stripe is using polygon for payments and Starbucks is using it for a new nft loyalty program. Polygon gets to ride the development capabilities of ethereum, while attracting businesses with its lower costs and once businesses start to flock to polygon, others will naturally follow. This was a similar Dynamic to the nft wave of 2021.. Ethereum became the go to blockchain, so why build anywhere else? It looks like this will likely be the case for polygon, but its corporate money flowing into polygon. This time, ethereum turned deflationary two weeks ago, with its net Supply, increase turning negative for the first time in over a month, but while Bitcoin has gained nearly 43 percent this month, ether has appreciated by just 36 percent some of the reasons for its underperformance compared to Bitcoin include defensive, positioning ahead of the Shanghai upgrade in a few months. This will enable withdrawals of eath from the beacon chain. Some fear a share of these unlocked tokens will be sold. The whole staking. Balance of 17.26 million cannot be withdrawn on the day of the upgrade, however, and only 43 200 each can be unstaked per day. However, the total stake in rewards of the past two years, which equates to around 1 million each, can be withdrawn instantly. Another Factor being the previous crypto Market, upswings began with Bitcoin leading the way higher and all coins, including ether outperforming Bitcoin. In the later stages of the bull market, history seems to be repeating itself with Bitcoin and stable coins still being preferred as a gateway to the crypto Market.

We see this in the strong increase in Bitcoin spot volumes. Meanwhile, each spot volumes have not increased as much. The market cap of usdc a stable coin issued by U.S based payment Tech firm Circle, has dropped below 50 billion for the first time since January 2022.. A few reasons for that include binance, the worlds largest crypto exchange by volume announced earlier in September that it convert its users, usdc balances for its own stablecoin binance USD the usdc supply held by the top one percent addresses AKA. Wales has also dropped to 88. In September, from its highs of 94 in February, the plunge was accelerated after Tara, a 40 billion algorithmic stablecoin project collapsed in May, stirring, negative sentiment towards the entire stablecoin industry and the uscc market cap also plunged after the U.S treasury imposed sanctions on crypto mixing service. Tornado cash over money laundering concerns Circle, responded to the sanctions by freezing all usdc wallets owned by tornado cash. The Firm also prevented addresses that may be associated with the band mixing service from using usdc. In contrast, usdt or tether avoided blacklisting 200 to Cache addresses people have now realized that theres more risk in holding usdc thats it for all coin.