The US government is using Tick Tock to make a massive power grab that affects your freedom, your rights and yes, even your money. The threat is real Im gon na break it down for you today lets get it Music. Welcome to billboard crypto my name has been today were going to be talking about the so called Tick. Tock ban its actually a pair of bills called the restrict act in the Senate and the data act in the house. Both of these pieces of legislation are using fear of the CCP and its influence on Tick Tock to push through a sweeping overhaul of how information is exchanged online. Its like the Patriot Act on bath, salts, cant, believe Im going to say this, but passing either of these bills would mean the U.S has all but eliminated free speech in the country and if you violate the law, well, you can have all your property seized under Civil forfeiture be fined one million dollars and raise a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison over something as simple as using your cell phone to watch. A video insane lets get one thing straight: no fan of the CCP, its common knowledge that they are one of the worst governments on the planet have a long list of Oppression and subjugation. Tick, Tock is no doubt being used by the CCP and its not a bad idea to reel it in, if not ban it out right these bills arent doing that and they dont just stop at targeting the CCP.

Their strict act and data act are sweeping Broad and give the Secretary of Commerce and Director of National Intelligence nearly unchecked Powers, not just to enforce this Draconian law. But add more countries to the list. Stated goals of the bills are to keep foreign regimes from influencing or posing a national security risk or risk to the safety of U.S persons. Everything the Commerce Secretary does is approved and their actions are only subject to disapproval by the U.S Congress. Let me be clear: elected representatives can only stop the secretary after the fact after the damage is done and lives are ruined, but why? Why is this happening, and why does the White House want it to happen so quickly, theyre using Tick Tock as the scapegoat telling us that Tick Tock is harvesting user data to influence elections or spread disinformation, but isnt Facebook doing the same thing not supposed to ask Those questions theyre, saying that Xi Jinping, is doing Mass surveillance on U.S citizens and well use that information against us. It has an NSA CIA FBI and rs been doing that as well whats that thats right Im supposed to bring up those questions either the government knows theyre losing the narrative and theyre desperate to get control of the message going out to American citizens. The case against Tick Tock: well, it may be real and it could be being used to surveil us for the restrict act and data act goes way too far.

Beyond just Tick. Tock puts unelected, deep state operatives in control of every single way we communicate online and they can take your house away from you if you break the rules so lets get into the nasty details of just how bad these builds are. The data Act is a follow up to the original Tick Tock band, put forward by Donald Trump in 2020, the veil to circumvent a rule called the Berman amendments. According to the Berman amendments, information or informational materials cannot be banned, so the data act adds a new definition of sensitive data that is bannable crafty bit of double speak now. Whats, the difference between information and sensitive data give you an example: hi, Im Ben and Im happy today. What did I just do? Well, I didnt do a tick, tock dance, but I just gave data relating to my mental or psychological health and thats considered sensitive data. See how broad this is so the data Act is bad and wants to restrict what you do online, but is limited just to tick tock. In fact, its similar to Im not making this up the anti social CCP Act was put together by Marco Rubio, so where the data act wants to make sharing anything online, a possible federal offense, the restrict Act is there to put you in jail for using a Vpn or even going to a website, was put together by a bipartisan Coalition of senators headed by John thune, Joe manchin, and Mark Warner.

Among others stated goal is to stop foreign enemies from using the internet to harm U.S citizens. It sounds pretty weird because Im pretty sure we already have laws in place that do that, but the language of the bill is where things get very dark. The bill lists several governments as enemies like CCP, Iran, Russia and Cuba says that any entity. Yes, that does include Daos controlled by them, can have their transactions monitored and deemed a security threat. Any exchange of data that passes through a router or cell phone or a satellite Network, vbn cloud service, AI, webcam, literally anything connected to the internet, can be deemed a risk to the government or citizens and at a moments notice it can be investigated whether you know It or not. This is why its not only the videos and pictures but text messages, audio emails and even sending crypto like Bitcoin or ethereum. By now, you may be saying: okay Ben. That sounds bad, but were just talking about enemies of America. Whats the big deal, the big deal is that these definitions, change threats can change depending on whos in power, with a stroke of a pen, this bill could Encompass domestic threats as well. Anyone whom the government deems a threat can be disappeared by this unelected enforcement group. With no oversight and abilities are steep if youre thought to be 80 in the transaction of data, then you can be detained with no due process.

Find a million dollars have all your physical and intellectual property taken from you via civil forfeiture, and be sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison, even if youre found innocent of these charges. The damage to your credit, your job, your reputation, could ruin your life forever because heres something else in the bill. Any action deemed necessary can be used to mitigate the threat, any action theres an assault on the internet and On free speech. It must be stopped. These bills would turn the us into a communist country full stop. You guys can click the link below to find your congressperson or Senator and write email or call and respectfully tell them, do not approve of the data act and restrict act and see the builds as a threat to democracy. Please click the like button and share this video. So more people get the message about just how bad this bill is hey and lets. Stop it its all. I got be blessed the way out: Music, Music.