Bankruptcy and binance has a major announcement regarding Bitcoin this Israel coinbuzz news, hey whats up everyone. My name is Cody Buffington, make sure to like subscribe and turn on notifications. So you know when we drop our latest content. Follow us on Twitter at allcoin, buzzio, and as always, this is not Financial advice and we wish you the best of luck in your crypto Ventures. Warren Buffett is moving into Cash, suggesting hes bracing for a possible collapse and risk on asset prices with Bitcoin up 70 year to date and correlated with equities, should Bitcoin investors also prepare for a potential stock market crash Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway dumped 13.3 billion dollars worth Of equities and increase exposure in cash and United States treasuries in q1, meanwhile, it channeled 4.4 billion dollars towards purchasing its own stock and 2.9 billion dollars on the shares of other publicly traded companies. The market considers Berkshire Hathaways performance, a key indicator to gauge the U.S economys health, given the firms Holdings range from American railroad to Electric utilities and Retail businesses, but the 92 year old investor who has credited the US economys growth for the success of Berkshire Hathaway in The past is no longer optimistic. Buffett said last weekend at an event that the majority of our businesses will report lower earnings this year than last year. The incredible period for the US economy has been coming to an end for the past six months. Berkshire raised its cash reserves by two billion dollars to 130.

6 billion in q1, 2023, the highest level since the end of 2021. When inequities entered a bare cycle, The Firm also holds a vast majority of its cash in short term treasury bills and Bank deposits. Thanks to higher interest rates near five percent, in other words, Buffett is preparing for a potential stock market crash, particularly as the U.S banking crisis unfolds, with the shares of many banks such as pacquest Bancorp and Western Alliance, Bancorp sinking, the increasing possibility of a global recession Also risks putting downside pressure on bitcoin with his 100 week correlation with the NASDAQ reaching its highest level of around 0.42 percent. In the short term, there are little expectations from the U.S consumer price index report on May 10 about easing inflation in April. According to Bloombergs survey, economists expect core CPI to remain unchanged at around five percent. Suggesting more rate hikes are ahead. Deloitte Consulting AG, a subsidiary of the big four accounting firm Deloitte, has tapped the polka dot base killed protocol for digital identity Services. Kilts will issue reusable digital credentials for Deloitte, Consulting kyc and KYB identity checks which aim to detect fraud and other criminal activity. Makeup: bitterelli, head of Deloitte, managed Services, said digital credentials that are convenient, cost effective and secure. Have the potential to open new digital marketplaces from e commerce and D5 to gaming. Kilt said its digital Identity or did could support a variety of additional use cases, including Regulatory Compliance for Banking and defy age, verification and private.

Logins and fundraising. Deloitte has generated 59 billion dollars of Revenue in 2022 and its a welcome boost for the polka dot ecosystem, which was hammered in the bear Market following excitement for its initial batches of pair chain auctions, polka dot, tweeted Deloitte, the worlds largest accounting firm is the latest Major Enterprise partner to come to the polka dot ecosystem, Kilts Tech eliminates existing inefficiencies around kyc and KYB processes that can put consumer data privacy at risk. While addressing Regulatory Compliance for Banking and defy deloittes custom, farmers will be able to store their digital identity credentials in a digital wallet that is managed through a browser extension. The company said that the customer can choose with whom they share their credentials and which data points they make available. Kilt said that many existing kyc certificates are paper based and are not reusable, resulting in the vast collection and storage of personal information that puts consumer data privacy at risk. Web3 Launchpad and advisory company engine starter Mana announced today that its been granted initial approval by Dubais virtual asset regulatory Authority or Vara, while it undertakes an in depth process of applying for a license with the Middle East and North Africa, considered to be a booming web 3 Market engine starter is Seeking a foothold in the region as it aims to be. The premier launch, pad and incubator for web 3 metaverse gaming and entertainment experiences along with operating out of Dubai. The metaverse capital of the world engine starter has ambitious plans to be the go to provider for web 3.

Adoption in the region, including the addition of more portfolio projects, focusing on impact and sustainable initiatives that complement the uaes commitment to climate action. Prakash co, founder and CEO of engine starter said: this is an important step for engine starter as getting initial approval and continuing with our license. Application makes clear our commitment to achieving the highest standards of accountability and transparency in the web 3 space. We are committed to conforming to varas high standards and know this will only accelerate our growth in the Middle East and Beyond. Dubai has been laser focused on establishing itself as a global hub for web 3.. It continues to provide much needed leadership in terms of Regulation and Innovation, especially with initiatives such as vars own foray into the sandbox. New blockchain game releases are on the rise between q1 and Q2 this year and are Partners at Meadow world. My city by marblex have incredible potential. Marblex announced the launch of metal world my city in mid april, and the game already supports iOS Android and PC users. However metal worlds biggest appeal is its earning opportunities and intriguing Graphics. The games developer netmarble, describes meadowworld as a metaverse, with virtual real estate and building collections. The game features board, game, mechanics and the opportunity to have virtual lands and buildings in the metaverse meta world. My city is a metaverse board game where players engage in real time. Competition against other players from all over the world.

The game is the sequel to the popular lets, get rich a global IP enjoyed by over 200 million players. Meadow world. My city boasts virtual buildings and settings based on real world locations such as Paris, Bangkok and New York City players construct their own virtual buildings to create a city theyve, always dreamed of and meta world. My city features unique characters for players to use each with their own skills. The game also includes tremendous Avatar, customization options and one of the highlights of metal world. My city is the inclusion of famous landmarks in the metaverse, such as the Statue of Liberty. Players can choose to invest in Virtual Homes and structures in the real estate Simulator part of the game. Furthermore, they can later develop and resell. Those structures for a profit players can compete to control the good spots on the board in order to win they can achieve this by reaching the point target or by forcing Rivals to pay excessive fees if they land on one of their buildings. Our game testers just shared with us that you can earn up to 500 a week with this game after youve, learned the ropes and played it for one to two months for more information check out. Our dedicated video from yesterday link down below leading cryptocurrency exchange, binances nft Marketplace, said on Tuesday its planning to add support for ordinals or Bitcoin nfts later in May, opening up even more opportunities for nft collectors and creators and further expanding binances nfts multi chain ecosystem finances.

Nft Marketplace has already announced Integrations with a range of networks, including BNB chain ethereum and polygon, and well be adding Bitcoin in the coming weeks. Bitcoin ordinals, which launched in January 2023 our way of creating Bitcoin nfts by attaching data to individual satoshis satoshis are the smallest denomination of Bitcoin and the ordinals protocol allows for each individual Satoshi to be identified and transacted with extra data attached through a process called inscription. This additional data can include text images, videos or other content, in addition to bitcoin ordinals being added to the binance nft marketplace. The update means that binance users will be able to purchase and trade Bitcoin nfts directly with their binance accounts, eliminating the need for separate Bitcoin wallet that supports inscriptions. My ear come out had a product at binance said. We want to bring the broadest choice to our users and Bitcoin is the OG of crypto? Were super excited to bring Bitcoin in ordinals to binance nft, and we believe that things are just getting started here and cant wait to see what the future holds in the space cryptocurrency trading platform bitrex has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the district of Delaware. In a May, 8th filing in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, bitrex estimated that it had more than a hundred thousand creditors between 500 million and 1 billion in assets and between 500 million and 1 billion in liabilities as part of its bankruptcy Proceedings the Declaration followed the U.

S Securities and Exchange Commission charging, the company and his co founder and former CEO for Securities violations. In April, the SEC claimed that big Rex and bittrex Global operated an unregistered Securities Exchange in October. The exchange also received charges pertaining to bank secrecy, violation, acts from the U.S treasurys office of foreign asset control or ofac, and the financial crimes enforcement Network or fincen and agreed to pay around 29 million dollars in a settlement. Ofac is the largest creditor listed on bitrexs bankruptcy filing with the exchange booking a 24.2 million dollar claim for the office. Fincen is also listed as a top 50 creditor with a claim of 3.5 million dollars and the SEC is listed with an undetermined amount of claims. The secs enforcement actions and its recent bankruptcy filings comes as bitrex announced in March that would wind down its U.S operations by April 30th. Citing continued regulatory uncertainty in the Country Bear Xs. Bankruptcy is the latest in a line of other crypto changes or Landing platforms that have also recently filed for chapter 11. Bankruptcy, including FTX, block fight Celsius and Voyager digital, make her doubt a decentralized autonomous organization that operates on the ethereum, blockchain and issues the stablecoin die. Has announced that its launched the spark protocol a lending solution for die users according to the announcement, the first version of the spark protocol will act as a landing Marketplace. The platform is specifically designed for die and aims to provide users with access to competitive interest rates.

The spark protocol is also linked to Makers, d3m or direct deposit die module, A system that enables interaction between the maker ecosystem and third party Landing pools. The link between spark protocol and Makers d3m seeks to enable users to borrow dye at more competitive rates with an initial annual rate of just 1.11. Ultimately, the spark protocol lending solution promises to enhance maker Dows die Landing capabilities, increase liquidity offer users. Improved rates offer a yield bearing version of die and improve more liquidity options, thats it for all coin.