COTI Crypto – Price Chart, Price Update and Technical Analysis, Price News Today!

Some of you guys have requested that and theres. No wonder why, after these huge pumps and downfalls after the last few days, a lot of volatility in the market – and i really want to make this video to tell you – be a bit careful now, because why i was really bullish on […]

Top 3 Altcoins Ready To EXPLODE in September 2021๐Ÿš€|Crypto NOW! 1900% MASSIVE UPSIDE (DONT MISS OUT)๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Welcome back to number one place for all your investing needs in todays. Video were going to be looking at three potential altcoins to buy here at the end of september. So right now, in the past 24 hours, the market is green. We are up about 1.’. We see our top gainer here, which […]

CRYPTO CARS WORLD! FARMING Y CARRERAS!!! | Probando las DEMOS | Review en ESPAร‘OL | Aromaz

Tocas word que sabes de cryptocard words el otro da lo sub, en en tweet estbamos en directo la gente de que, tocamos nos estaba viendo en directo y me llegaron mensajes, por privado, ahora bajaremos una cosa que enviarte y aprovechamos que ests en directo para que la Ensea pues tambin dije voy, a […]


Just in a matter of few hours, weve been hitting this crucial support during the past few days. What does this all mean for the bitcoin? Are we going to follow this downtrend all the way down into the crypto oblivion, or maybe wick of accumulation? Pattern is going to finally play out and send […]

Most Urgent Fact That Everyone Has Wrong About My Q4 Exit Plan

So i want to clarify this. I am not exiting altcoins, yet all coins are still my number one bet, as always, for the next q4 mega pump here as bitcoin makes new highs, i believe on the back of an etf whats gon na happen. Next, though, over the course of the next sort […]

Is Ripple XRP Vs. SEC the MAJOR BLACK SWAN EVENT of Crypto?

As always, it is nick here, back with your daily crypto news and analysis, and today were actually going to be talking about crypto, but specifically were going to be talking about a black swan event, not in the way that a lot of other you know, xrp youtubers, Talk about a black swan event […]

Crypto relies on global markets: Expert on China's crackdown

I i dont know the market seems to at times come to grips with uh with chinas actions, and there was nothing completely um, new or or shocking about china. Given what weve seen up to this point, probably and theyve, got their own concerns with their own currency and everything else. The question is […]


I still think there is good possibility for cryptocurrency over the coming quarter as we roll into quarter 4 of 2021. The big hyped up event in crypto and bitcoin so before we dive in make sure youve bumped up those youtube numbers down below by hitting that like button subscribing to the channel. So […]

Bitcoin & Crypto Banned Again Andโ€ฆ No One Cares!

You know, because the last 10 times didnt work 11th time thats going to be the charm. Is this the 13th time the 15th time i dont? I cant even keep track anymore, chinas banned kryptos. So many damn times at this point, but this story happened late last week, but its not quite over, […]

๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€ ICO Airnext – Crypto monnaie AIRN – Prรฉ-sale 1er octobre – Investissement ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

Ce quon va voir dans cette vido lets go alors comme, je disais aujourdhui on va avoir un accs aux mmes, plus prcisment une pr sel avant la sio, et vous allez pouvoir y participer donc en premier, lieu je vais vous expliquer en quoi consiste le projet autour De cet hatien au ensuite, laspect […]