Okay, you have a ton of updates here, so lets begin basically were still stabilizing the screen, its still kind of going up and down. So not too many big things are happening to the price. At least but behind the scenes were having some things happen so lets continue. I want to talk about this, not really too much information on their twitter, but if we go here to uh the page, there is a thing here says: crypto.com keeps buying ship. They know ship is deep, effing value, so i dont know if this is christian.com buying the coin, so that would mean that the coi they did buy this much of the coin here, which would be pretty insane. That would be pretty insane 282. A million dollars im, not sure im, not sure that this is whats happening here. I think we have an answer here, saying if i do finances isnt this just the cold wallet, they hold their users tokens in, so it increases when their users hold ship. I think this is it. I think its, not a crypto economist, buying its that this is basically all the users combined how many ships they have and its basically 282 billion, so 282 million dollars, which is still, of course, a huge number here. So is crypto.com buying or are already just all the holders of crypto.com. So this is a huge number either either way so awesome to see that people from crypto.com are interested in toshiba inu.

So still pretty cool to see lets continue got more information here. So i want to talk about something thats producing so lets say: bitcoin bull run sparks a hundred. Eighty thousand bitcoin price prediction ahead of its additional fireworks. So uh we can read the part of the synchro crypto scenes particular special through september data from queen quintography marks market pro and trade new track, btc usd as it cross cro crisscross the 50 000 barrier after returning to its uh it for the first time. In almost two weeks, the largest cryptocurrencies saw four point: five percent gains on the day. No those nonetheless beaten by three of the top ten altcoins, with all with all managed over seven percent. Against a largely policy background. Traders were undeniably bullish on bitcoins uh prospects, so break above 50k, so from 50 to 80 to 60, basically 58 to 60 000 to follow sitting above 200 dma, which is now acting as support. So what is your price discovery plan about? Those high 3x seems reasonable, which is around 180 000 per bitcoin. You dont go make new all time highs for 10 percent gains, uh words youre breaking out into that last range. This is the chart. This is what they think it will happen here. This is the all time high before this, where the price is right now its its leveling, basically on 50k, so 49 to 50k right now. So this is what could happen just break through to the top side, continue to go up and hitting the all time high.

Like we said 64 000 per bitcoin now, can it do a 3x after that? So can it go to 180 000 now? Why is this important? Because if theres a chance, that bitcoin does go to those ludicrous numbers and, of course, theres a chance that shebino should be able to increase at the same pace at the same number. So if you actually go, we need to go to the four hour trip because its we cant really see anything here, its a one of a kind, so imagine from here doing a 3x so basically 3x for this coin. Is it possible? That means we need to increase by 300. If we do measure from here where we are right now to 300 percent yeah, its all basically were still not were not going to even reach the all time high, even if we do increase by 300. So look at this from here to here. This should be around 300, so, just by seeing this, there is a possibility that we could be able to reach the all time high now thats, if only bitcoin, does a 3x now it only if it only doubled its in a whole different story. Now she been using, of course, works a lot more differently. We dont need so much volume if we want to increase with 300. Bitcoin needs a lot of volume and a lot of money if it wants to increase by 300, of course, but is there a possibility that shibuya can reach the all time high by the end of the year, or at least the start of next year, like in This bull run, there is a possibility, but big thing needs to happen.

So what needs to happen to this coin is that we need basically, we we need exchange. We need the exchange, we need uh, some good news happening and plus more listings. So if robin hood does list the coin or if coinbase pro or at least coinbase does list a coin, then theres a huge chance that this coin should be able to just explode to continue to go up or basically, if elon musk just talked about the coin, Then thats a huge again indicator that the coin will explode and continue to go up. If you go look at dark coin here, door could has still been continuing to go up a lot more, so it didnt have a rejection here, just like ship, but at least its trying to go up again but ship here, as you can see, not too many Increases just we got rejected, we did go down were trying now to pump up again. So again we did increase. If we do measure from here to here, we didnt increase by 12, but its still getting rejected at these levels. But dont really do the same thing. So we got doc when you get got rejected right over here, so we even made a bullish cross here, which is pretty cool that should be to make a burst cross, not really were still in that bearish cross. But if we go to the one hour chart, are we close to that cross yeah we made like a bush cross here.

We actually made a kind of process here, so we cant really even measure it, but we need to make the bullish cross if we want to get things to happen in the shibuya. So these two guys need to cross one more time and for it to continue to just go up. This is what happened right over here boom and they continue to go up now, its still a good indicator for she winners that these lows are getting higher and higher. So you can just heat this slow, this low, this low and this low. All of them are just making this pattern where we do still go up, which is a really good sign that were not getting were not making lower lows were just making uh higher lows. Actually, so, every single time we go higher and higher and higher. So what could happen in the end is that we should be able to break through now. How long do we need to wait? Its still were still not there like look at this. I can make the triangle look like something like this, and that means we still need to be patient because were still a long way to go. So what needs to happen here is that ship needs to increase all the way to here. So that should be another. If you go from here to here 10 to 12 – and we need to break through this, so it needs to break through this and thats gon na be one hurdle, so one hurdle is just we need to break through this.

The second hurdle is that we need to uh increase more than this level here, thats going to be the second hurdle and the third hurdle once we pass. If we do pass this level here, that should be at 0.0001. Basically, then we have to like. I said we have to get past it. Basically something like this, where we do go up stabilization, a little bit go up. Symbolization a little bit go up stabilization here. This one needs to happen to ship. If we wont get this happen by the end of the year, if nothing happens, that we just talked about thats gon na be a huge huge problem like i said because were still making higher lows here, as you can see, were still kind of going up. Thats just a huge indicator that were still pretty much okay if we make if we break and make a lower low. So if something like this happens, but we do go down, we go underneath this level. That would be really bad now, thats going to be a sign that its its just a huge bearish sign that this coin will continue to go down and just yeah go down more and more now, because we didnt really make that we just continue. We bounced off at basically 0.0006, like 65 thats, a good indicator thats like a good safety level. We did bounce off that just awesome to see. The problem is, like i said, were still in this triangle, so we need to get out of this triangle.

We did try to get out of here, but, as you can see, we got rejected at this level, because this level here has so much resistance. You can just see we got rejected here here here like there, you go its like four times: rejection, thats why? We did continue to go down now. What should be happening is that when bitcoin does hit some like insane levels and ethereum, they hit some insane levels like ethereum is already pretty close here to the all time high. Just look at this boom, its 11 percent left to just hit that all time high people need to sell guys, so people are going to start selling their ethereum and bitcoin just needs to go by 10 down and then a lot of people go have a lot Of profit to actually go invest into other altcoins, so thats the biggest reason. This coin has a chance to just continue to go up because uh people just have a lot of access here to chibinu its just easy to buy shiba, inu and thats. A big reason. Why people do want to buy it, because its just super easy, it is on all the different platforms, so were going to see, were going to see whats going to happen. This is my prediction: if this is my super bullish, prediction like this is the best thing that can ever happen here to shibino will happen. We dont really know because if we dont have any good reason for the coin to go up, then it wont go up.

So if we dont have any good news or like new publicity, nothing will happen to the coin, so patience thats. The only thing that happened here, its just patience, a lot of patience is happening at the shibenu, and people just need to wait. It out this year. Think about it i read a lot of nastiness against shibenu in the depths, so the shimano has just turned one year old and already has a dex half patience every flow, every flower blooms. In its own time. We are in the top 50 and the guys are doing an immense job to create our own chain. In january we will see 3m2 and people are starting to to know us 640, 000 and more holders. Does it seem little to you in a year come on dont give up, you knew it was a long time. So i think the gas fees will make a lot more. People use a swap, but i think educating those how to use a swap will be really beneficial as well. You have videos, like you, have videos on youtube. How to do it like maybe, should be used to make their own tutorials, maybe thats the solution, but yeah. This year, the sheep army needs to be focused on positives, not the negatives, yeah thats, the biggest problem. I think the biggest problem with she being right now is the community its just not as active as before and thats it like look at this.

If i go to there, if you go to the top post, look at the top post says you want the lambo. I just want this uh uh look at this. Yes, it was my birthday. I guess it wasnt hard for my girlfriend. I dont care about this uh sure if you bought me growing every day, welcome to all new soldiers. Yes, its awesome. This is the shipment mod yeah, its pretty cool. I like this. This is awesome, but yeah you have just memes. I will buy this car when the ship hits 0.00, who cares still in the red on this freight, been holding this back further thanks, elon, okay, awesome stuff like holding the bag for a pretty long time, thats thats, how you win guys thats, how you win in Crypto, if you didnt know like theres a statistic that some researchers didnt do that, basically the most wealthy people like the most uh, the best like investors, were the people who either died and because they bought basically, nobody sold their money numbers. Also, their stocks basically got like millions and people who forgot that they even had they even invested and thats it. I think i, like i watched a video of some guy finding like dodge coins in his old hard wallet, thats insane, and he got like twenty thousand dollars from it or something like that, so that that was just insane to think about. So yeah were just two: memes is okay.

I like memes, everybody likes memes, but we dont need the top post to be a meme. We need serious stuff, some serious analysis, new information. This is what we need from the stream communities this year. If ship was the second most traded crypto already in august, what will happen if listed on coin base? So is the list of coinbase not tradable, yet on coinbase, which means it can be tradable in the near future. It would probably blow up real big when that happens, we will just added it. Yes, this is what we are waiting for. Just imagine bone and leash are adding to exchanges too so again. Bone leaves also need to be added the biggest problem thing with with cheap meaning. Is that its too complicated? Because if you want to enter shibainu and truly enter the shipment because ecosystem, then you need actually shibuyunu bone and leash at all the same time. So, by doing that, theyre, basically diversifying to three different coins. Now then shibuyu doesnt become the main coin. It just becomes a part of an ecosystem, a part of a group. It is the main point in the group, but still that means we will need to miss all the three coins but thats too complicated for people who are just starting to invest into shiba, inu and plus its complicated for the people who have a lot of money. Because they dont care that you want to buy one coin and just hold it make 50 50 200 profit sell it and thats it.

So maybe its just a complicated process, but this process could be a lot better in the uh long run when they do make. Like another coin called cheat their stable coin, when they do make the ecosystem really work as it pairs and then, and only then, i think, like the true worth of shibuya, can be really shown to a lot of different people so patience in the end. We have to wait it out for these guys to finish some things this year, shito shes, saying the ship of swap bonalytics portal is analytics portal undergoing maintenance, so we will announce when its back online uh and sorry for any inconvenience thats it thats. Also, we have like a video here, so you can check out the video if you do once so so its just a funny video about shito, she healed like shitoshi. What are you doing? Hes, just working thats, it hes just been working on the coin so, like i said these guys are 100 working on layer 2 or like working on some ecosystem on so many different things incubators. So they have a lot of things to show. The problem is theyre not transparent, and this is why this is super bad like were not seeing. Any updates from them were not seeing any dates and thats the biggest problem, but were going to see, were going to see whats going to happen here. In the end, with chibinu yeah guys in the end im, not a financial advisor, if you want to buy these coins, please do your own research first, but if you didnt do this video means social media.