This is the channel for those who want to build their crypto portfolio and leave of passive income. My name is anya and im midas community manager, and before we start the video, i would like to invite you to join our discord. Server click the link down below have you joined lets begin. Today we are going to talk about top 5 cryptogems to invest in. Why invest in cryptocurrencies, fast, rising value, excellent interest, return rates and the chance to be a part of something new are all great reasons to buy cryptocurrency today, but the hardest decision isnt, whether or not you should invest in crypto hint. The answer is yes, but rather which currency you should choose. Do you go for one of the big well known but expensive coins, or do you go something with a lower value and hopefully more potential for growth? There is no single, simple answer to those questions. Unless you are willing to take, it depends as an answer. While we wont tell you which crypto you should invest in, we will point you towards the top five that we feel show a good potential. The first one is the well known. Bitcoin has been likened to gold in that it acts as a storehouse of value. It was the first cryptocurrency and has become the most valued and popular coin. People buy it because they feel it has value and that belief rolls into the notion that it will continue to increase in value or at least maintain its current value in 2020, the price skyrocket to a new high reaching more than 60k in usd dollars before falling.

Although down from that, high its still up considerably from when the surge began as the largest and most popular cryptocurrency btc is widely available and commonly used as the base currency on platforms to buy bitcoin head to midas investments youll need an account to sign in, but Its quick and easy to get started and we move to the second cryptogem ethereum is more than just a currency, its a platform for a broad range of decentralized, apps or dapps, built on the ethereum blockchain. The ethereum currency ether is the second most popular behind bitcoin and has seen a recent rise in the value. What makes ethereum so attractive is its potential uses, automated or self executed. Transactional protocols, known as smart contracts, are just one example of how ethereum could revolutionize the way finance is conducted. Speaking of revolutionary software, many of the decentralized finance defy apps like asset management tools, crypto exchanges and landing platforms are built on ethereum before we move to the next three coins in our list make sure you hit the like button subscribe to our channel and leave a Comment with your favorite coin of all the next one is polka dot. Polka dot has been called the ethereum killer for it gains. It has also been projected, as the coin most likely to take over ethereum spot as second in line to bitcoin. Considering the coin. Only came into existence in may of 2020 thats a bold claim for consumers.

It functions the same as other cryptocurrencies in that it can be used for all the same purposes. The main differences are under the hood at the developer level for developers. It offers several advantages over ethereum, which has made it a popular choice for building apps the advantages it offers coders may see it attain its goal of being the major supplier for smart contracts, the same goal that ethereum has and we move to the next coin. The midas token supports the midas investment ecosystem. Holding midas coins on the platform can provide you a return of up to 24 percentage. Apy midas coin owners can participate in a coin burnout, allowing them to receive returns based on the platforms. Growth choosing to lock in your midas coin will boost yellow, while also reducting fees. The midas investments platform also has a buy book function intended to grow the value of midas coins as the platform grows. The value of midas coin is variable and considered undervalued, with a general upward trend since its inception in 2019, and we can move to the last cryptogem in our list, which is salana salana claims to be the fastest growing crypto ecosystem. The salano blockchain structure offers some advantages over bitcoin and ethereum, including scalability. Its system allows transaction throughput to grow in proportion to bandwidth where bitcoin can handle several transactions per. Second solidus developers claim a capability of 50 000 transactions per second. This scalability makes it better suited for decentralized, apps or dapps.

This is good for developers, but what about users? The benefit for users lies in the delegated staking structure of the blockchain by staking or locking in your salon coin youll earn a passive income. This tends to be easier to figure out for those new to the crypts of space and also provides a more stable return compared to crypto trading. Well, that was our list of top 5 coins to invest in today. What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Do you disagree if you want to discuss this topic with me or with the entire midas team, make sure to join our discord server by the link in the description, my name is anya. I wish you high gains and stay awesome.