To be honest – and you join me here in my new car, as you can all see its emblazoned on the seats exactly what it is and its a very, very comfortable car and in todays video im going to be telling you all about what i think is Happening to the price of bitcoin right now and right now is just breaking above that 47 500 level now were also going to be. Checking in on the prices of elrond were going to be checking in on the prices of solana and were going to be analyzing. Some prices, as well as looking at todays cryptocurrency news. So if that does sound interesting to you, please do slap a like on todays video make sure you are subscribed to the channel turn on those channel notifications and lets crack up so starting out todays video by looking at the current price of bitcoin. As you can see its going pretty well today and in the previous video, i pointed out that bitcoin had formed an inverse head and shoulders pattern of sorts and it looked pretty likely they were going to continue breaking to the upside of exactly i mean weve. Just done that so thats pretty nice, but at this point in time essentially bitcoin has broken above this level of resistance, and should we manage to close a one hour candle above that level of resistance, things do look really good for bitcoin like we could be back On the way to all time, highs essentially were back out of the range that we were discussing in previous videos between 46 540 3500.

That range weve now broken to the upside of it, and things certainly do look to the upside. And, of course, if you are interested in trading, youll find links and information on how to do that in todays. Video description, but continuing onwards, now checking on the price of ethereum were seeing very similar action on the price of ethereum as well and ethereums price. By the way look at this weve got another perfect inverse head and shoulders. Looking like, we are breaking to the upside. Now inverse head and shoulders pattern is not something to be ignored at all. In my opinion, the reason i mean if it were to be invalidated. This is where it gets interesting, so that pattern can be invalidated if we get rejected at the net client and whereas bitcoin has broken to the upside ethereum has not yet broken the neckline for the the breakout that we would require, essentially, which would be around 3 450, as soon as ethereum is trading with three thousand four hundred and fifty dollars, it looks very very likely that ethereum will continue rising in price unless we get rejected from three thousand four hundred fifty dollars and then well still just kind of be ranging sideways or At least that is what im expecting to happen now in just a second im going to show you some of the features of this car. So please do stay tuned for that, but just before we get on to it, weve got some more prices to analyze and the first one of those prices is elrond.

Elrond has had a little bit of a drop down today, which is nothing to worry about being that his price is pretty much higher than its ever been before. The price of elrond is currently seeing at 267 per coin. We have now broken the uptrend that weve been. I mean its only a very minor break anyway, and essentially, if you were to be plotting this in the most sensible way, you would say well, it looks pretty likely at this point in time that elrond will even break through this level. Well, continue obeying this level of support that we see on the chart here all the way down to maybe as low as 260 dollars per erron coin, at which point im expecting more penancing out sideways, essentially or maybe even as much as a bit of a bowl Flag to the upside, to be honest, because this still looks very very bullish, a drop down to here and then a pump back to the upside, essentially continuing on in that trading range until we break to either side of it. Now, when it comes to solana right now, looking at solana solana is looking quite tempting for me to sell something to enter into solana and ive already bought some back some of my salina bags, as i made a video the other day saying that id sold all Of my solana at 187 right now, the price of solana sits just underneath 160 dollars per coin and i think thats fairly attractive.

As far as you know, it is the problem with solana. Right now is we are kind of bull pennanting outwards, but at the same time we are also forming a head and shoulders top pattern, uh in in kind of a formation like this so thats, something to be aware of and if solana is to break to the Downside of 150 dollars things dont, look as good for solana, hence its a bit of a riskier one right now in, but hes not gon na like this is what i want to talk about risk im talking about risking one, two, three percent im, not talking about A huge drop in the case of solana breaking to the downside, how low would it drop if you broke through that support level well, at worst, its going to drop 25? That is a worst case scenario, but if that were to happen, i would be buying like crazy and im pretty sure. It wont happen because im pretty sure, thats everybodys dream to get solana back at 100 again. So, having discussed the prices and price analysis for the digging, if you are interested in trading, find links information for that in todays. Video description youll also find a link to swiss boog and if you use that link for swiss ball, not only do you get up to 100 euros of free chsp coins, but it is the best place and the cheapest place to buy bitcoin ethereum solana.

And so many different coins with fiat currency, but now its time for me to show you a little bit of the inside of the car. You know this is this is what it looks like its got, some very comfortable seats in it. They have massaging functions. I, like it a lot its the best car that ive ever had its got a nice um, as you can see the sides, its got like um lights on here, and everything feels really nice. Um theres, not i dont have a huge amount to say about it. Other than its like, the nicest car that ive ever had so much nicer to drive than the lamborghini lamborghini is a lovely car, but this is, you can actually use it and people dont stare at you all the time which is a bit annoying. Sometimes, but anyway, you can see i i love this, this two tone. This two tone is lovely on the inside and as for the dashboard and everything, the dashboard is all electric. As you can see here, this is all electric and the infotainment system. Ive got it in off road mode right now, um, but there are many different functions within this that you can use to change lots of functions within the car, but anyway back to the video so continuing onwards. Looking at coin market cap right now, you can see the price of bitcoin and its all looking very nice. Everything is pretty much in the grain today.

Today, most of things are in the green. When i get um back to my desk at my office im going to film another video today explaining about all coins and which all coins im currently buying so again, if you are interested in that video, please do subscribe to this channel and make sure you watch Every single video that i post, because i post a lot of videos and they are all as important as each other but continuing onwards. Yeah things are looking up on the markets today. The only thing thats not looking up essentially of my portfolio is el run. A lot of my coins are pumping. Pancake swap is something that i wish id invested more in than than what i actually did, but on the whole things are looking to the upside im going to talk more in depth about the smaller cap. All coins like exceed me and how theyre getting along as well later on today, but i think the main news for todays all coin segment and the reason why solana is a bit attractive to me at the moment is because solana got um. It got buggered yesterday thats the best way of putting it. It got absolutely shafted um, because solana and arbitrary were knocked offline while ethereum evaded an attack. Solanas validators are preparing a new release after network was brought down by a sudden surge in transaction volume, while ethereum evaded a malicious attack. Surging ethereum rival solanus has shed 15 of his value over the past 24 hours.

Basically, if you understand how a ddos attack works, a ddos attack is where you spam a bunch of information to a website and then that information cant be processed by the website, essentially taking that website offline, while theyre trying to process all those requests. The same thing happened with solana yesterday with a spam attack on the salon, a network that basically clogged up the network, its like a somebody crashes on a motor where you have a congestion. The exact same thing happened with talana. There was congestion on the salon network. It couldnt process everything and they were spamming, essentially 000 solana transactions per second – and i guess this is this – is one of the reasons why youll probably start to see ethereums price uh do well again, because, although ethereum is expensive, this kind of attack is impossible to Conduct on ethereum, because transactions are too expensive its possible to conduct it on solana, because one of the downsides of having cheap transaction fees means that people can process loads of spam transactions and completely destroy your networks. Is that something that i guess solana has to rewrite into the code to solve problems like that, so it doesnt happen all the time, because now, of course, theres gon na be copycat attacks, people are gon na do the same thing over and over and over it Always happens like this. It is very important to consider that, despite these networks being like world changing financial products, theyre all still in the very early stages and ethereum has been in development, so much longer than solana, ethereum will be bigger than until technology kind of levels off the current running Order, i believe, will stay um the forever running order in the near term future.

I believe that ethereum will be larger than solana for a much longer time. Ethereum is secure in the fact that its too expensive to use look at bitcoin did bitcoin stop rising up in price when transaction fees got too expensive. No, it did not if anything bitcoin has got way more expensive, since high transaction fees are not bad um. For many use cases, high transaction fees are only bad if you are a low net worth individual trying to use that network. But most of these networks, the bulk of the transaction volume, does not come from low net worth individuals. It comes from high net worth individuals that want security. Hence it doesnt matter if there is a higher transaction fee, if that network is going to be secure and available, whats the good in having low transaction fees, if you cant, actually use the network and so ill be interested to know your thoughts on that. So please do leave them in the comment section below and please slap a like on todays video as well. I look forward to bringing you more content from this car. I need a proper camera setup for one thats, something else i need to get started, but i hope you have enjoyed todays video. If you did stop a like on it, make sure to subscribe to the channel and uh ill see you in the next one. Dont forget follow me on twitter. That is very important that you do.

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