It is me gregory, mannarino, im, very calm right now. I hope it lasts anyway. So uh. Yes, it is wednesday september 15 2021. This is my post market wrap up and, of course, we have stuff to talk about this market. We got uh economic news, its just fantastic. I love this part. I really do all right look. Lets lets start off with the markets, a rally today on wall street, despite all the calls for crashes for big drops and everything else, how about? No? No, i dont get it theres something else going on. They are really trying to keep people in some kind of fear mode, but not you because you know where to look um. I know for a fact that you, if you follow this blog, are keeping your eyes glued to the 10 year yield. Are you watching that 1.3 today absolutely stable? Nothing going on here whatsoever, the dollar weaker crude oil higher over three percent, and you know how this works. Being that crude is the lifeblood of this freak show market uh. What else would you expect got to get a rally out here and more bad economic news? Well, of course, thats enough to drive the stock market higher. Before we talk about the bad economic news, you know what hold that thought. Ive ive explained to you forever. It seems that our economy is contracting very very rapidly. As a percentage of gdp, our debt to gdp ratio is out of control.

Now the bad economic news will continue. It cant stop as our economy continues to contract and shrink. You understand has to happen theres this. Its a no brainer okay, we got it um, but again you know all the news that theyre telling you could always be worse. It could actually be worse, thats what theyre saying uh and theyre trying to spin this whole thing, every piece of bad economic news that we get. They put a spin on it um, because again you must be lied to you must be propagandized. You cant know whats going on well were gon na cut through the dog wrapped around in cat sprinkled with bird as we always do. Uh in this video blog, so rally on wall street 10 year yield looking great weaker dollar stronger crude oil, i mean crude is going much higher uh that that drop, that we had massively bullish in my view, well see how that plays out here. Moving forward cryptocurrencies people higher across the board, looking very, very good gold and silver today, under a little bit of pressure despite the dollar being weaker. Oh, how does that work uh its its such a show? It really is but again thats. These are the spots to be and what whats the game whats the game right now its risk on. Clearly how do we know that 10 year yield dollar crude oil, fez, balance sheet, blah blah blah fake news, propaganda and everything else, bad economic news.

As long as that mechanism, will these things stay in place? Well, you know, of course, the market can move around a little bit were in that seasonable time, where the market is kind of weak, but look by the dips people im not going to change my perspective on this. As long as these dynamics remain, we will buy every single dip pretty much in every single asset class, as the fed continues to inflate, along with other central banks and theyre not done ive been telling you for years, theyre going to inflate inflate some more and then More than that, yeah uh and thats exactly what has been happening. Its out of control now lets talk about our economy here. So we got a few pieces of interesting interesting. Yes, uh news, no again im laughing im so sorry to be laughing about this, but its the truth. So we found out that in august u.s industrial production fell. Oh really, oh. How did uh explain that to me because were supposed to be doing so well uh on top of that manufacturing also dropped well, as our economy shrinks uh. You would expect all this to happen as well. Now incomes fell along with industrial production and manufacturing. Now, if you adjust for inflation, incomes are plummeting planning, but again the market loves it. How do we know that look at the stock market today it went higher people. We are literally in the middle of what – and this is just the middle of it – maybe even not even the middle were not even i mean this is going to get much worse, but we are watching this transition take place from from a well.

We havent really had a totally free society in quite a long time, but from a a free society based on a free market which we do not have anything at all understand. The fed has been managing this market since the meltdown. They took it over and henceforth why things are the way they are were were not. They are not allowing free market forces to run the economy, its managed, its a managed economy, just like any other. You know third world communist nation thats. What we have its a managed economy in a managed market – you understand – i i think you do and because of that they dont these things. Dont work. Okay, you get an economy, thats, cratering, okay, but the the wealthy and the well off could not be doing better. They could not possibly be doing better, as the middle class you know, gets eliminated eliminated by design. Okay, the move to this new feudal system that i warned would come from a decade ago, a decade ago, its pretty much here now, but theyre not done theyre, not done uh, and what that means. Moving forward is again opportunity for you and i to get yourself on the right side of this whole thing to stay on the rise right side of this whole thing and make sure that we dont fall fall over. If you happen to be like, i said well off or rich, you could count on getting more well off and richer if you are a member of the middle class, youre being sucked completely dry uh, and this this is by design too and uh.

If youre in the lower rung youre – probably not watching this video youre done already and unfortunately, the trajectory for this um is – is clearly on target. This is the fed finishing their end game, their final solution. You all know that and um its going to progress as as we move forward so with regard to this market with regard to cryptocurrencies with regard to gold and crude oil and pretty much any commodity hows that you, you need to buy the dips all right, you Need to continue to buy the dips across the board. Anyone whos telling you different if youre listening to some youtuber or some people who were on youtube and now got kicked off whatever and theyre trying to tell you anything different realize that theyre brain dead okay and had you been listening to these freaks and the same Time youve been listening to me. Well, they would have cost you to lose epic epic sums of cash me. I am very proud to say that thousands, thousands of people, tens of thousands around the world have benefited from being a part of this blog. I have worked very hard and diligently to keep every single one of you on the right side of this freak show look. We are trading a market and participating in a scheme that goes way beyond the markets. I think we all know that okay uh, if youre transacting in dollars or in fiat currency right now, well youre supporting the beast theres, no other way to do it.

They have managed to rig this system in such a way that we must actively participate. How many of you go out there and barter every day how many of you transact in gold and silver every day? How many of you transacting cryptocurrencies every day exclusively, i would be willing to bet a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction, so the beast system is set up, so we must participate in it via the banks, shopping whatever it is okay. This is why again theres all this pushback on cryptocurrencies uh being outside the system. You must be in a central bank, as you note, thats what they want, um, but understanding. All this again allows us to understand what we should be doing more than likely transacting outside of their system using cryptocurrencies. Maybe you could find someone to barter with gl. If you want anything from me, i would gladly take cryptocurrency. I would gladly take gold and silver and platinum or palladium or artwork or musical instruments im all about that. Okay, we dont need to transact in their system. We really dont, but they have 99.9 of people fooled into thinking that they do and its funny, because its these same people who yell at me, oh greg, youre, feeding the system you got to get out of the market. Meanwhile, theyre out there fanning out their dollar bills, you know swiping their debit cards and credit cards and using federal reserve issued notes.

Cant make it up, cant make it up, but thats exactly whats going on these people dont think that they are feeding the beast directly by working for fiat bills that they dont even own. Do you realize that people work for something that they dont even own? When you work, you put in a hour work week, 50, 60, whatever it might be, and youre being paid in in a fiat currency. Like a federal reserve. Note you dont own them. Those notes are owned by the issuing central bank. In this case, the federal reserve and owed back to them with interest that they create out of thin air, its an iou youre being paid with an iou thats. All it is and the its not that they owe you you owe them. You understand you owe them. You owe that money back to the fed plus interest and create a thin air. You want to participate in that system good for you good, for you im trying to find my way out of it anyway. With that said, look we got this covered. You mean its! Not going to change our strategy is straightforward and its dead on its completely perfect. As far as im concerned, we stay along the market. Large cap stocks dividend paying. Let these companies pay you to own shares of their stock, um and theres. A lot of large cap companies out there that will pay you a dividend, all right. Look it up to own it with regard to trading this market, its its really not that hard its hard if youre buying options, if youre selling options, if youre a net seller like i am its like taking candy from baby, its really the truth – and i cover This in my book, a not so random walk on wall street.

You can get that from my website. Traderschoice.Net lovely anyway, people um. I think you got the picture. You know whats going on now tonight at 7pm, pacific standard time. This guy right here will be live on the bow buddies. I love being on the bow. Buddy show its a lot of fun. I get to disconnect from this whole stuff. I get to. You know, learn about whiskey and drink a little whiskey uh. I used to really hate this stuff, but now im starting to learn how to appreciate it. Thanks to the bowel buddies anyway, i hope to see you there. I will place a link to the barrel. Buddies show again, 7 p.m. Pacific standard time. In the description of this video, i hope to see you there lets have some fun lets forget about the dog market until tomorrow morning and ill see.