I got to steal that line man the hit, the big short you guys got to watch it man, a jared shut. The up. I dont remember drawing this, but a jared we drew it and 618 held. Actually the 786 held, so this is actually invalid, so im a schmuck for that, but nevertheless the big picture here was the uptrend held. You know 786 held 618 held. That was all she wrote now youre getting a moon shot on rent, which ren is a sleeper. Listen rens been the same price for over almost a year now, last september it was 50 cents. This august it was 53 cents on august 19, uh august 27th. So you know this. Things got to start moving, im, definitely bullish on rent. It was one of my coins that i liked it was one of the 150 coins i bought in the summer um, but yeah ren is uh rens, looking good man. Now we can finally assess the situation youre at youre right at the six. Oh no youre. Actually, at the point five so lets well go to the close youre through the point: five on the close and youre at the point, five on the wick, so for the benefit of the doubt, well leave it at a wick because you are getting stuck here. Um – and you know well, keep it the usual larger time frame well start from down here. I do think ren tags the 618 at 123.

. So if it does tag 123, you know your 618 pullback is back down here at 80 at 86 cents, which i dont see happening just because that would basically invalidate the entire move anyway um. So i would have to say you could see right off. The rip is 2.5 is with confluence. Uh has confluence with the trend line. Rather so i would say the 0.5 probably holds you know for a bullish scenario like this. Obviously, if it goes higher than that, next stops a dollar fifty and if it goes through a dollar twenty five. Your next stops a dollar fifty which i believe is a previous all time high. If im not mistaken, no, this might be the seven eight six um. You know and then thats pretty much it. Nevertheless, if you top out here at the point five same concept, your 620 is down here at 79 cents. Would i rule that out no but same concept once again as before, where you you hold this trend line for a bullish setup that would obviously give you another fib to set up as im getting spammed from the discord and in all scenarios you know lets say It comes back down here and then moves to the six one. Eight! Oh, no, wait a second! What the no excuse me excuse! My language uh drew. I drew the wrong fib um. If you top out here and you get stuck, you know once you break out your next stop would be 114 and ultimately a dollar 24 and then, finally, to reboot the same scenario.

You know if you draw your fib from the previous break, that we just got, which is here. You know its basically, the same thing actually 618s down here. So this this, since this scenario plays out twice, were gon na leave it not to mention the fact that the 618 would actually keep you over this. So i would keep an eye on this for sure. Obviously, if you fall below 90 cents, the trends invalid and btc probably took a at which point youre just going to come back to 72 cents, but i dont think thats the case i think rand is going to start something here so well see um. So, like i said, keep an eye on 93 cents and then, for whatever reason: well the reason being it breaks the 0.5. You know you spike up here to the dollar 23. same concept at 618s, down here at a dollar for a bullish continuation. However, the major fib, which i believe is the six one, eight uh in the other direction, no its the point, five in the other direction. You know thats going to be major support on the way down. So if you come up here and tag a dollar 24, you actually have a lot of support. You have 105, which is the major fib. Obviously you have the 0.5 as again on the micro and then the 618 at a dollar. So if you rally up to 1.25, you can go as low as a dollar and still be considered.

Giga bullish obviously, like i said before in all scenarios once you break over 125 next stops 1.50 and then you know 1.80 and then new all time, high at 2, plus so best of luck. As always, none of this is financial advice. You always have to do. Whats best for you uh, i would keep an eye on 94 cents once ren in any scenario, once ren falls below 94 cents, its no longer bullish and youre, probably coming back to the bottom of the channel at 70., which, like i said earlier, just indicates that Btc is taking a um, yeah youd be back in the downtrend, so you can see the 618s down here the 618s down here at 82.. I dont think it. I dont think this happens. I think if you come back to the 618, you tag the top of this channel and then consolidate towards the bottom. You know and then you get another crack at it when btc stops going down so best of luck. As always, none of this is financial advice, and you always have to do whats best for you.