28 billion dollars with a 24 h trading volume, spiking up to a whopping 28.57 billion dollars. As of this video, with this hype, fueled sector reaching such astounding numbers mean coins cannot simply be ignored anymore. Two projects are currently dominating the meme coin, category dosh coin and shiba inu. But the real question is: is sheba e new coin dead? This question will be answered today and we will also go through todays sponsor omaze. Please go to www.omaze.com cryptofuture for more information, so stick around for that, because todays video will be fire also were giving away 300 at the end of the month to our one random subscriber to start them on their crypto journey to enter. All you need to do is like the video subscribe and comment your favorite crypto coin in the comment section down below so without further ado lets dive into the topic. Shall we who holds the most shiba inu coin, the largest holder of shiba inu coin? Is a dead wallet created by ethereums co, founder vitalik buterin, when sheeb first launched it gave 50 of its total circulation to budaran as part of its marketing. However, in may 2021 buterin burned 410 trillion, 241 billion, 996 million 771 thousand and 871 sheep by sending it to a dead address, effectively removing 41 percent of the entire sheep circulation. This was worth over 7.3 billion dollars on the day of the transaction. In a note, buterin said: ive decided to burn 90 of the remaining sheba tokens in my wallet.

The remaining 10 will be sent to a not yet decided charity with similar values to crypto relief, preventing the large scale loss of life, but with more long term orientation. Booteran also said that holding onto the sheep in his public wallet was never an option for security reasons alone. They would have to be moved to a better wallet eventually and any transaction i make would get interpreted as an action. Some may as well. Do the useful thing immediately, the second largest sheba address belongs to an anonymous investor who holds 70 trillion sheep, some seven percent of circulation. This is currently worth 520 million dollars. Sheep followers on reddit have speculated about the identity of this wallet as part of their whale watching efforts. Some suggest that, as the address acquired a significant amount of sheep near its formation, it could be one of the sheba enu founders. Todays sponsor is omaze. Omaze gives away one of a kind prizes and experiences while donating money to chosen charities all across the world. Their sustainable approach to fundraising means that nonprofits can spend less time and money raising funds and instead focus on serving the needs of their communities. Todays prize is the tesla model s plant. The future is here and youre in the drivers seat be among the first to own, a tesla model s plaid the fastest and most advanced production car ever made with a nearly 400 mile range youre completely road trip ready in a hurry.

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But the point remains that risk is there shiba, inu price analysis? The cryptocurrency market has turned bullish since late june, and almost all digital currencies continue to push higher, some of which, like cordana, ada and solana, continue to make new record highs. The bullish move has been consistent with the occasional pullback lower before the next push higher bitcoin broke above 50, 000. Recently, while today, buyers pushed the price above 52 000, which shows that they are in charge of bitcoin and most of the crypto market, but sheba enu coin has been showing signs of weakness. Since it is not following the market up, the 200 sma is keeping shebe usd down now, in fact, this is the only cryptocurrency that remains to be bearish. It hasnt been able to make higher highs, since the crash in may, as we highlight on our shebe usd forecast for 2021, which would be an indication that the trend has changed, but thats not happening for sheb usd. A resistance zone has formed around 0.00095, which has been bringing an end to all bullish attempts since june at least the lows seem to be getting higher, but since the middle of august, we havent seen any buying pressure whatsoever. At a time when the crypto market has been turning even more bullish, as we said, bitcoin pushed above 52 000 while ethereum broke above four thousand dollars. So the digital currency market has been making decent gains even dogecoin, but not shiba inu, the 200 sma purple even seems to have turned into resistance for this digital coin.

Now rejecting it three times already, we saw a weak attempt to turn bullish in the last few days after some positive events for shiba inu coin. But buyers have failed at the 200 sma on the h4 chart, and now the price has reversed down again an anonymous large whale wallet bought 150 billion shiba inu tokens, which are worth around 1.1 million dollars, converting their ethereum holdings to shiba inu coin, the decentralized exchange Shiba swap is expected to burn more sheep, which would help drive up the price in theory, but in practice shiba inu remains pretty weak. Besides that, the community has petitioned to list the coin on commission free exchange robin hood and has received more than gets 18 000 signatures so far. Yet we are not seeing any positive reaction in sheep usd, which indicates that we might even see some downside pressure if the crypto market retreats lower after such a bullish run in recent weeks. What could happen next? Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile, making it very difficult to predict what will happen next. This is why they are risky investments. Edgel, patel, ceo and co, founder at mudrak, said last week saw a bit of consolidation with low trading volumes for the top cryptocurrencies. The volatility in prices seems to be below both bitcoin and ethereum seem to be hovering around crucial support levels. The meme coin, shiba inu, has lately been among the favorites for the investors and traders after its listing in coinbase.

Dogecoin is currently witnessing a sell off the good news this week for the short term. Traders is that the trading volumes have increased across the exchanges. It allows traders to place short term swing trades regarding shiba inu, its not over yet for the coin. As its robin hood listing is still pending with over 160 000 signatures and hidden robin hood messages, as they stated, more cryptocurrencies are coming to the robin hood platform. It is only a matter of time before shiba inu will get listed bottom line. Sheba e new coin is a nascent token in the virtual currency market, so its riskier than more established cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum. Even binance warned its users about investing in shiba. Stating sheba is a relatively new token that poses a higher than normal risk and, as such, will likely be subject to high price volatility after the binance listing. So with all this information, are you still holding shiba inu? If you want to continue to learn about crypto, defy shiba inu and many more coins, we have got two more videos waiting on the screen for you to check out dont forget to give this video a thumbs up like and subscribe to enter our monthly giveaway. Remember you can to go to www.omaze.com cryptofuture for more information on the giveaway.