How are you, gentlemen, doing hey doing great today, wonderful monday, fantastic great to be with you? Well, thank you guys, coming on for a 10 minute, spotlight segment im happy to really kind of dig deep down flourishing ai because you guys have a really really dope tool. We use it on our telegram chat and it actually gives a lot more information than some of the other tools. Ive seen so im happy for you guys to kind of really walk us through it and explain it because i know weve had multiple calls and on every single call its like weve done this, and we did this and we did this and im like. Oh, my god, this is great, but now i get to actually like see it so im excited. Are you guys familiar with 10 minute? Spotlight, though, were super excited to be with you as well? Thanks so – and we are thrilled to share this with the community, but first hats – you guys got to put your hats on for go time. That means it means these gentlemen, are ready for business over here. All right im going to go ahead and put 10 minutes on this on the clock, but once that buzzer goes off, you guys are done. You guys are done. You cannot talk to me anymore. Im just kidding all right lets all right well behave ourselves: okay, good! Three: two one: ten minutes on the clock give me a brief overview of your guyss background, sure ill follow.

You will go ahead, yeah, no problem uh. This is my fourth startup im originally from the payments in the game. Industry taught myself how to program when i was 10 and i was originally at glue mobile through their ipo um kicks. I agree. Um started two previous payment companies myself. I was at nvidia doing a lot of ai stuff crypto mining day trading, all this stuff and then came into this to manage my own portfolio, uh teamed up with eric and were like this is a business. This is desperately needed in crypto lets. Do it most? Definitely, and for my part, i spent a lot of years at um. You know at the time startups now its a global behemoth, but you know oracle, netsuite and plan view uh and a bunch of other uh startups in the space. I have ive actually launched three startups before this one. This is my fourth will and i have been friends forever, but this is actually the first one that we both jumped into and its interesting, because every awesome project, i think, um and ill leave it to you as to whether flourishing is awesome or not. You be the judge, but i think every awesome project starts with two or three founders going. You know this doesnt exist. Lets, go, build it and thats exactly what happened here. So when i started getting into crypto, i was relatively newer than will was, and i reached out to him and im like look theres all of these great metrics theres, all these tools.

You know i can kind of watch wallets and i can watch hash rates and i im awash in data. I have no idea what to do with it and i have this creeping dreaded sense that im going to put money in crypto and im going to get wiped out, because everybody else is way smarter than me. And so what we needed is a bridge between lots of data on one hand, and i need to do something on the other enter this flourishing ai or we affectionately call the system fae for short, um kind of like amazon calls it system, alexa right same thing And so flourishing and what it does effectively is that it will take your portfolio and rebalance it out and risk adjusting. So when any one coin drops or when the market dumps or whatever the case may be, it acts proactively really really quickly to protect your profits and in bull markets. It actually trades up. In some instances it uses large scale data and really rapid um processing. In an ap hft api um to go ahead and take advantage of profit opportunities that may last like a minute at most, but it also uses a lot of that big data to really protect your portfolio and really help you thrive right because theres a sense that What are the whales doing like if you could look at bill, gatess equity portfolio and copy it wouldnt you of course, well kind of right, so thats what we can do with the blockchain right, so even if youre brand new, if youre a washington, you have no Idea what to do, but you want to trade like wendy.

This is a great way to do it because you guys im not that big of a will yet one day will be but thats. Actually, the cool thing about blockchain and crypto is because everything is so transparent, so you can monitor wallets. You can monitor whos buying what whos selling what um some of the ot stuff is a little bit harder to monitor, but in comparison to traditional finance, its like you, dont, arent, really able to monitor other people what other people are doing, because sometimes that could be Classified as insider trading, but with crypto its different because everything is, you know, public information, so it really does level the playing field out, but as far for flourishing ai um. Really how? How easy is it for a trader versus investor to kind of utilize, the tech? Because we all know investors they like to hold on to things longer term traders want shorter term updates, so kind of talk to us about. I guess the role of a trader versus investor using flourishing ai yeah, its a great distinction. So i i think you have two different personalities here right so im a little bit more of a park it somewhere and hold on kind of investor type, whereas will is more the chart watcher and day trader so its nice, because you kind of have a little Bit of both, for my part, you know, ive got this flourishing ai project to run, ive got friends and family, and i dont want to sit in front of i like chart watching, but i want to do it all day right, so i would rather, i dont Recommend it negative yeah, you know what i mean: look its nerve wracking see thats the thing like, even if you want to do it, how many of us would trade emotionally right? So for me, knowing that i could just park this stuff right exactly like im, the worst offender like by far like before flourishing ai.

I was just losing money non stop because i was one of those noobs. I didnt know what i was doing so for me. Knowing that i could just park this stuff and then follow it along is great and one thing thats really important. With a lot of algorithms, a lot of projects youll see like back tests that look wonderful. Our back tests match our forward. Looking results thats huge, so anybody who cant show you a sort of a parallel line between the two, probably isnt, producing something that you should get into so for me, its just peace of mind, knowing that somebodys actively trading somebody, i mean an ai for me because I cant and so ill. Let well kind of give the trader perspective and we have you know. As you know, i was a day trader for years before i started working on this and um, so i built a lot of these professional level tools for managing complicated types of orders and stuff like in the initial phases of this. So if youre, a pro user uh or you know, day traders, scalp traders, types of things uh, you can use these types of more advanced things like you off youll, come into situations as a day trader like well. If the price goes up to x, which is some important price, that ive analyzed – and i want to do like a percentage based trailing stop from here up, you know like things like that right or maybe you want to carve it into five different orders.

Things like this and then figure out. Well, how do i divide up my funds automatically where its split into fifths evenly? You know things like that that are just require a lot of math that are just intractable to do manually. We can do all these types of things for people who are like real deep into this world, go ahead and show us a demo you guys, because thats whats, one of the reasons why i wanted to have you on and kind of talk to us about some Of these features because im very very interested to see more because ive played around with the telegram feature and its fun and the people in the chat like it, but i want to see what you guys got going on absolutely so i have the interface up. Hopefully uh you guys can see that okay, perfect, okay and just kind of walking through some of the pieces here im going to minimize the soft, the presentation software. There you go, and so you can see that very easily. You can turn auto trading sort of on or off here right. So i, if i click on that itll turn it off. If you turn it back on again, itll do that i can select from bittrex finance and then pancake swap and uni swap are coming real soon and i mean real real soon. Like you know days, maybe a week or two at most um, you can kind of see that i have a pretty aggressive portfolio.

So i just took the reins off and i said you know what go ahead and jump into wherever you think is best and um, and that was mostly for testing purposes. Most portfolios arent going to have the kind of um. You know the kind of risk profile that this sample portfolio has, but this is this is kind of fun. You can see everything thats in my portfolio and then you can also see all of the open trades as well, so theres, all these ones that you guys all know about too right, exactly yeah all stuff. You know but heres the really interesting thing. This is the part that i like the most. If you want to track ethereum, just as an example. Right youve got one hour performance, 24, 7, 14 30 day. Right then youve got your chart right here, notice that you also have volume um as well as your candlesticks. So if you want to be like wendy, this kind of helps you get there right, but i think even more interesting than all. This is some of the stuff that we provide. That is relatively unique in terms of insights. For example, look at the support line right here. Im just highlighting that here look at the resistance look at the pattern right, look at the stone automatically having detection. I love that feature because i am the worst at pattern. Trading, i am the worst at spotting patterns im like is this an ascending wedge? Thingy bobber like i know what they mean, but its like when it comes to like spotting divergences, im terrible at it.

People like hey, wendy, theres, a bullish, divergence on the rsi and stochastic im like dont. Ask me im the wrong person to ask, but go out go on. What are the insiders they dont tell you about when you do pattern training is that when you draw a line for support and resistance, theres actually a whole bunch of different ways to draw it and its actually a whole thing in itself, trying to figure out whats The most likely one of these lines, thats the correct one, and we do a lot of processing internally to figure out among the collection of different patterns. This could be, which is the most likely one, and i could switch my time range of course. So yeah i mean really really interesting stuff, i would say um. The other thing that i think is really important, especially for newcomers is what should i do right now like what does flourishing hey? I think i should do, and you can see that right here. It actually thinks you should hold on shouldnt. Buy you shouldnt, take profits, side. Note that last one taking profits thats by far the hardest thing. Everybody knows, after a pretty big dip you, you know you can probably dca your way down or buy or whatever the case may be eric im sorry to interrupt, but can you go back down again? I have a question, of course: well thats a timer, but i want to keep going because i have more questions.

Okay, um, all right. I have a question with stochastics over here: can you kind of go through and explain what each of those values are? So these are part of kind of neural network invasion inference, and this type of thing, so we come up with a probability curve of what the future price will be and what we do is we break that into confidence intervals? We think that theres a 70 percent chance here that the price is going to be between 28 28 and 34.64, for example, right and thats, based off of a whole ton of math and product big data processing that were doing on the back end things i dont Want to hear about ever again, i just want to use flourishing thats it im not in school anymore, but go on yeah, so the big improvements we did for the recent update for algorithm was around making this prediction further out than we were before nice. Okay, carry on im, sorry, no thats thats about it, and then you know we also have news and sort of social sentiment right down here. So it kind of you know bridges all of those pieces of data together its over a hundred different. The data elements that flourishing ai watches non stop 24, 7, 365, every second of the day and thats kind of the key isnt it yeah and then well have some other things to show. Also, can you um? Can you guys show us those absolutely do you want to show portfolio or well? We i was going to show them the research page.

I said you yeah, one of the big things that that really diversifies us from other informational websites about crypto is that we have. This really kind of boiled down simple tag about, should you buy it? Should you be pri taking profit should be accumulating, it should be holding it right now things like that. A lot of these data provider sites, they just overwhelm you with data, with no real rhyme reason like whats important whats, not important. What does this mean things like that? Nice? Okay? Is there anything else? You guys want to show me on this, so we have order book analysis, which is basically watching all of the orders and all the exchanges sums it all up figures out. Is there more buyers and sellers right now more or less pattern? Detection? Stochastics? You saw the portfolio composition thing. We do a lot of this modern portfolio theory as well, where well construct you a portfolio of high class coins that is mostly decorated, so if some of them pump, some of them would be going down and up. At the same time, but they wont be going up and down at the same time as each other and thats important to smooth out your actual balance over time. This isnt a super important part about that differentiates us from a trading bot and that were able to actually construct your portfolio like this and as we, we kind of go live on this ill mention one more thing that i think is super interesting this morning and Were recording this on uh monday, i believe the 13th is where were at um theres a bit of a scam running around where um there were news articles that were completely fake, where walmart was accepting litecoin as payment.

There was no litecoin in my portfolio, none right, and the reason is that when you look at the large data set, there were a few larger wallets dumping into the market. Not too many people were buying and it wasnt picking up correlation in the news feed around other data sources. It was sort of single feed, so it recognized that thats, probably not a real, buy opportunity, its probably more of a scam um. You know how many of us have fallen for something like that. Well, it actually protected us this morning. Uh. So talk about timely yeah actually on the morning, show thats what we kind of talked about. I was like this is what happened and i was able to like. I saw, and i was like this is great. I have a moon bag so either way. If this is true or not like, im still gon na make money, and i was able to take some additional profit off of my stuff um, but it was, you know i was able to kind of see really quickly what happened we explained it. We wont get into it, but are you you guys have something special coming up? You guys have a sale coming up. You want to talk about that september 21st. Our idea is coming up um. So the token is really really interesting from a utility standpoint, because if you want to access this wonderful platform use it youve got kind of two approaches: um we tried to keep it newbie friendly and make it like a netflix like subscription on one end.

But if you want to stake our token as well and receive additional rewards plus access to all of this unique data that you cant get anywhere else, the token is your path to doing that. So again, if youre not comfortable with the staking model, weve got a subscription model. If you are more comfortable with staking thats a great option as well were trying to be responsive to the community and give kind of both the pros and the newbies uh. You know something to jump into thats awesome and where can people go ahead and participate in the idea, if theyre interested absolutely so um? If youre on launch pads trustpad bsc pad bull perks, safe launch, all four of them are going to be running this um thats september 20th and 21st, so bsc pad um and um trustpad are going on. Go are launching this on the 20th, the actual ido um and the token listing on pancake swap is gon na be on the 21st and thats, where bull, perks and safe launch come into play as well um. This will be available on pancake swap itll, also be available on bittrex and more to come. Awesome. Anything else you guys want to add before we get going. Our system requires that you wear a fancy hat when you use it yeah. So please dont forget that im kidding all right. You guys will and eric. Thank you guys so much for coming on and talking to us about flourishing ai.

I actually i absolutely love the platform and um. We werent actually able to show you guys during the interview, but if youre on telegram, they have different commands where you can get the bot to go in there and itll like populate. So if you have a group of buddies that youre trading investing holding whatever it is, you can really use flourishing ai its working. Now we use it in the chat, its really really cool and itll kind of give you like an idea of different things that are going on, and i really like the pattern feature, because i am not pattern friendly over here um. But again you guys all the information will be down below. Thank you all for your time and we will chat again soon, bye, bye.