So what does this channel have to offer uh? Well, we have really built an amazing team uh over the past uh few months. Ive really put a lot of time into helping you guys, try and get the best opportunities you can uh to be successful in the market. Its been hard, its been a little bit of a struggle, a lot of hours, hundreds if not thousands, uh literal thousands of hours have been put into uh building courses, building, tutorials, building books, uh getting a whole youtube schedule, put together, uh, making indicators uh for all Of you, guys, uh and all this stuff is gon na, be free, uh, so um. I hope you guys do take advantage of it and its really uh some of the best content that you guys are gon na be able to get uh out there on youtube. So uh kind of the first thing i want to go over is the trading course. Okay, so theres going to be a trading course thats going to be available, uh for each and every one of you guys for free, going to be on youtube, going to have books uh that go along with this um, but the course is supposed to be um. Taken, i would say one book at a time, and you know around 96 percent of people fail trading its because its not a winning game. You guys rush into it, youre not prepared you dont, have any sort of structure, any sort of strategy or really any sort of edge, and this is a great course for you guys to take.

I can guarantee you if you take your time with it and if you really um practice and you put in the time, you can become successful trading uh a lot of it has to do with patients um. I really want you guys to to have the patience to uh. You know put some more time into uh training before actually entering the markets, yourself, thats, going to be a big thing that we talk about throughout. You know the channel and uh the next sort. Of course, uh that is gon na be available, also uh, depending on when youre watching this video this course is probably already going to be out on youtube. So hopefully you take advantage of it, but were also going to have the long term course uh. These courses, by the way, are specifically targeted towards crypto um, but i would say the long term course is more targeted towards crypto, as crypto is a beast of its own uh in many certain ways, uh that will be explained in that book uh, but with technical Analysis, its the same across every single market um for the for the most part uh, you know: 24 7 uh crypto markets are open uh. You know that differs from a few other things, but for for the most part, youre going to have the same sort of technical analysis but uh the real foundation and uh the exchanges. The the kind of research tools that youre going to use in crypto are a thousand percent different uh than anything you would in another market.

So a lot of interesting stuff is going to be happening in that book. In course, uh some of the best info that you guys really could ever hear is going to be through these courses. So im excited for you guys to have the ability to you know. Take these for free its going to be a cool thing to see a lot of you guys grow. So next is going to be the youtube schedule, so gon na be doing daily. Uploads um, im gon na be doing possibly a tutorial video every uh every weekend or so well have to see about that uh, but im gon na get all these courses out, like i said, depending on when youre watching this, you might already have these out or You might not, but for the most part, this is what the schedule is going to look like going to have a market update. 9 a.m. 6 p.m. Monday through friday, saturday gon na have a little fun gon na mess around on a podcast with you guys, kind of kind of get to uh answer a lot of your questions that you might have, and then sunday is going to be a previous week. Analysis and future week prediction that ones going to be pretty fun. Um. You know look back at the progress that we had the week before a lot of a lot of cool things that are going to be coming, and you know some of the best uh reads on the market.

I guess you could say are definitely coming from this channel. I want you guys to understand that the amount of tools at your disposal is is nothing like uh. You know anything else out there um im not trying to brag or anything, but i really have put more than enough time into making this. You know making this possible, and i know that you know if you guys have the patience. If you have the time, if you have the energy, you can do it and its all about staying self disciplined and you guys really taking advantage of the courses. You know the schedule that im gon na be uh having over the next. You know uh three. Four months uh well have to see how long i could keep the schedule up for, but i hopefully can for quite quite some time um, but were gon na go into the last thing that this channel has to offer, which is the discord group all right. So this ones pretty cool um. I have around 100 plus paid for group signal trade, setups uh, yes, um may or may not be pirating. A bunch of paid for group signals if you guys do want to access that it is completely free, um, probably around twenty. Thirty thousand dollars a month worth of paid for signal groups um, you know they have a lot of paid for group signals forex stock market, any single market youll get a lot of these people that you know they dont want to know how to trade.

You guys dont want to become better traders. You just want the signals thatll be available, but i really really stress the fact that signals arent everything you need to know how to trade. You need to know how to invest and you can survive um. You know you could you could thrive with signals very very easily if you know how to trade, you might, you know, take some bad trade setups um in in that group uh. We are working on filtering all of those signals in the discord to kind of get some sort of like high tier, mid tier low tier um kind of scenario where well track the results of all hundred of them and uh yeah. They are live um. So you get live updates on those when they do come out, but all right next thing to get to get back onto the next thing. We have 24 7 streams of order, books, open interest and liquidation levels. These are things that you guys are probably not familiar with. I would say, 99.99 of people that do invest in crypto, um dont use these at all, uh, probably even even more than that um for the most part uh. We have uh kind of a 24 7 streaming uh bot, thatll thatll be streaming these tools. They do cost quite quite a lot of money, um to run and operate uh, but its uh, its gon na, be all paid for uh all inclusive.

I guess in the discord and theres gon na be thousands of bots that will be streaming these um. These tools that i do have a book on that will be coming out depending on when youre watching this video uh, that you guys can learn how to use these tools and really um, you know, get an edge. I mean you really want an edge as an investor uh thats thats, one of the main things that you know puts you in front of the rest and makes you not fall into the category of the 96 people that are unsuccessful trading um. You really need an edge and i would guarantee you that order books, open interest. Liquidation levels are an edge that youre going to want to learn how to use, especially if youre going to be trading um. So next one custom, filtered trading alerts. Uh. I have been working um since my since my time of departure. Uh ive been working a lot on automating, my own trading, and i actually have been very successful in doing so, and i do have some filtered alerts that i will be feeding into the little trading groups that will have uh below that. You see trading voice, chat rooms trying to give you guys the opportunity to kind of you know, build build some groups and have these filtered calls with these 24 hour 7 or 24 7 streams um. So you guys, could you know get your calls? Go? Look at the order book, open interest, liquidation levels and really get an educated trade setup in place, um its pretty cool system.

I would say uh if, if used correctly, can really yield some very, very uh high high accuracy, um more than you know what what most people could imagine like. I said 99.99 of people that trade do not use these tools. Its really interesting – and i hope you guys have enough um patience and you realize the opportun opportunity to learn these. So next thing is going to be our live session updates on btc and all coins uh. This is going to be the asia london uh new york session updates were going to have those kind of automated or well have uh, either me or a few other professional traders. Kind of just update that i guess every single session, uh and thatll be cool because well be able to. You know talk about which coins are the most volatile, which ones were looking at and itll be pretty cool news. George uh, kryptos r, us large news events upcoming news calendars will all be in there. Also a bunch of research tools. A bunch of coins will be in there as well all free all, inclusive um vacation to mexico. If you guys want to come to the discord you can, link will be in the description uh, but yeah, thats kind of where were at right now, thats. What the channel looks like and um, i really hope you guys um enjoyed, took a long break. It was well needed thousands of hours um seriously from the bottom of my heart.

Want you guys to be successful and i dont think anyones done this uh with with the amount of time and effort that has been put into uh really trying to get. You know some sort of learning system kind of put to the best of their abilities.