If you have not already done so, i i forgot the last thing for some reason. Welcome back to another news i missed where i go over news. I missed because news – and i miss a lot of it and i cant do all of it over the course of the week. So here we are yeah and without further ado lets jump right into it. Former macro hedge fund manager, raul pal, says the final quarter of this year will be extraordinary for crypto assets. I assume thats prior prior to finding founding macroeconomic and investment strategy. Research service gmi in 2005 pal co, managed the glg global macro fund in london for global asset management, firm glg partners, which is now man glg. Okay, before that pal worked at goldman sachs, where he managed the european hedge fund, sales, business and equities and equity derivatives. Speaking in a recent real vision, uh interview pal explained, the final months of the year have historically been bullish for crypto assets. For those of you who havent been here during another bull run uh. What we typically see is actually – and i – and i dare not say historically but historically uh september – is always a very shaky month for the cryptocurrency market – the last couple of months, usually around november december, which is when the cryptocurrency market went crazy in 2017. So everyone kind of has this expectation that in end the last couple of months of this year, thats when markets will really skyrocket, but also what goes up in crypto is probably also going to come down.

So just keep that in mind. Pal explained, the final months of this year have been historically been bullish for crypto assets. Powell said investors should be on the lookout for signs of a market shift in order to catch the right bus and avoid being left behind. He said my bet is that the crypto bus is a rocket ship and not a bus, and the last quarter will be okay. Well, apparently, a rocket ship is coming hope you have your ticket kind of thing. This was very popular news over the course of, and i mean like the last couple of days as well. A lot of very prominent richly prominent people within the cryptocurrency space have basically come forward to say that they think that everything is literally like we are at the the moment, right now of things uh getting ready to go up and really interesting as well. Um. A lot of them said this and i dare not put on my tinfoil hat, but there was a constant um. Things are going to go down before they go back up and i and i usually i ill even laugh at it now hahahahaha because its a very weird sentence. Well, you know things can go down, but they can also go up but uh with the recent actual dip in the market. I i think the timing is a little bit odd if you kind of want to put it in that way, and this one says three reasons why bitcoin can reach 100 000k this year, according to bloomberg senior, that is the the most conservative number that weve seen.

Thus far, that is the lowest that we have actually seen a lot of people. I think even tone vase, kathy woods, uh gosh novogratz. They all think that bitcoin this year is going anywhere from, i think its 200 to 200 300, 000 per bitcoin, but once again well see. We all know the current situation thats going on. Hopefully no one out there fell for it, but its a pretty fall. Forable thing anyway, yeah everyones quite up. What is this? What is that? Please go away. Geez, louise theres, like a time you cant, see it obviously theres like a tiny piece of paper on the table. I think i was writing something on it and it was constantly stuck to my hand, im trying to move it away and i had to push it in the computer. But then it slid from black from from back under the computer and it all right, thats thats bitcoins, going up a lot this year news and lets move on next up in. They should really be ashamed of themselves. Uh news burger king has announced the launch of a new nft campaign in collaboration with nft marketplace. Suite nfts are a type of cryptographically unique token that can represent ownership over sports memorabilia concert, tickets or artworks as part of the burger king, real meals, nft initiative. Qr codes will be available on nearly six million meal boxes, unlocking digital collectibles, the nft is part of burger kings and i quote: keep it real meals campaign, which is done in partnership with celebrities, nelly, anita and lil hoddy.

I, i repeat: lil lil hoodie. I honestly have no idea who that actually is uh. Collecting the digital collectibles allows customers to unlock nfts, which, in turn, can lead to a variety of rewards. These prizes include uh a 3d burger king im, not gon na lie. I kind of want that whopper sandwiches for a year, okay, autographed goods or even a once in a lifetime call with one of those campaign. Celebrities id rather have the the the digital burger. As a i dont whos little huddy hurray statement seen my decrypt burger king is not the first worldwide brand to jump on the nft bandwagon uh many. This is like the 38th company doing this um is this out is? Is this a thing? No, okay! No news on when its coming out has it already launched, maybe its already launched if youve, if youve had one of these uh. Please tell me what it was like, because i kind of want one of the digital burgers im not gon na lie. I i feel, like thatd, be kind of something really cool to present in your house like through, like ar somebody walks in and like oh theres a burger. I dont know why they would think i have a burger on the table, but they try and pick it up and they go. Oh, its digital im, really hungry and i cant eat anything anyway. Thats the uh burger king nft news. I see im im bringing shocking news every day, because not one person out there thought they were going to read or hear about burger king nfts.

Today, nope, not one person all right lets move on next. Up in october 2018, a massive inflatable, bitcoin rat was erected outside the u.s federal reserve. It was by artist nelson sayers, that is s a i e r s. Now the former managing director for deutsche bank and hedge fund manager turned mathematical artist. Okay is back at it, as the fed is up to no good once again, here is a glimpse of what is going on at the fed. Currently that cause sayers to raise such a stir. It involves bitcoin and what you can do to take a stand like sayers has so its its its a its a its a gigantic, an inflatable rat. I dont, i read the words, but i didnt really think that it was gon na be like a gigantic inflatable rat. Apparently, this was also done in 2018. I assume its being done because they keep printing money. I am not explicitly sure if this is going to get the fed to turn around and actually do right. Imagine if the world worked that way. I remember being a kid thinking that, like when someone did something that there was always going to be like an actual good reaction from it like i, i cant even give you like a proper example. I guess maybe i you know whatever um so imagine if, like the fed was actually you know, printing out of control money, money, money, go money, go bro, you know, weve all seen the meme, but then someone puts a gigantic inflatable rat outside of their office and They go.

Oh, my gosh guys stop the printers. What if the world really worked that way? Wouldnt that be kind of weird i mean it itd be nice to you know, live in a semi utopia where you only had to make inflatable rats but yeah. So this is also popular news. Um that made the rounds this week. Um, i hope it works out. I cant read any of the words on it. I i see command. I see int mess new. U message rewind and message up waiting. I dont think im. I think this is code and i dont think im actually meant to be able to read it so yeah its kind of like remember years ago, and i i think people are special remember years ago when in front of uh the wall street bull did someone put A statue of like the girl, like with her hands on her shoulders and shes like doing like the superman pose and people were like. Oh thats, gon na get wall street. They dont care about these things. They dont, like thats, not im, sure theyre, probably looking down from their their their glass and ivory towers, just laughing at people on the street, because you know i dont know anyway, so theres a gigantic bitcoin rat. I dont know why its a bitcoin rat, maybe its because warren buffett said that uh bitcoin is, is for for rats or is rat poison or something i dont know all right lets move on next up also in okay.

This actually makes a little bit of sense. Uh news dfinity, that is the letter d and infinity foundations, internet computer yeah, aha, see blockchain, is on a quest to make bitcoin mainstream its its already there internet computer announced their integration with bitcoin to enable the use of smart contracts with the improvement. Bitcoin will be using self executed contracts that work automatically according to their programming and the task that they are to take up. So a smart contract thats a really long sentence to say, smart contract over time, bitcoin has become no bitcoin has always been the number one. Cryptocurrency i dont know who who wrote this article. However, bitcoin smart contracts are not as advanced as those used by ethereum, because theyre nearly non existent with a net value of above 1 trillion bitcoin has incorporated internet computer protocol and key chain protocol to make vital improvements to their system. The time to generate an investor of a transaction has improved from 40 minutes when using bitcoin to two seconds when using internet computer uh due to a okay. This is a very i. I cant read this anymore for the sake of my own mind um, so bitcoin has been trying to have smart contracts for a number of years. This is not the first iteration of people trying to have smart contracts on bitcoin. This is now remember um. A couple of weeks ago, when we kept on seeing uh icp internet computer rising rapidly in the cryptocurrency charts – and i was like so this is apparently it um.

I hope it works out once again. This is not the first iteration. There have been many other companies. Whove been trying to do the exact same thing: they get some hype going and then they end up falling down. I think it would be cool if bitcoin actually had smart contract capabilities, so we could actually build other, like everything. Doesnt have to explicitly be on on ethereum or on cardano. It can be. You know, on every other blockchain as well so cool. I hope this works out like i like, i said you know it would be great if bitcoin was also up to speed in more ways than one with every other blockchain, but i guess well see by the end of the year, if we, if we ever get Any type of news i mean, if it is successful, we will get news that there are now thousands of smart contracts on bitcoin or on internet computer, which is linked to bitcoin and thatll also make some news as well. Cool cool lets move on. In probably the most unsurprising news that ive ever read in my entire life ripple x, ripples developer arm has announced its first wave of xrp ledger grants to promote its development, the grant offers to fund developers building xrp what the grant offers to fund the grant is Offered to fund developers building on xrps ledger there we go. The focus of the latest grants was on development of nfts thats.

Why? I said its not surprising. According to a statement, ripple x chose 25 applicants from 10 countries and awarded them two million dollars. In a blog. The developers said in this wave. More than 100 grant proposals were submitted and from this incredible batch of applicants, 25 grantees have been awarded nearly 2 million dollars in total value. Among the grantees are individual developers and teams from more than 10 countries around the world. So everyone is trying to do the exact same thing. All the time uh ripple is now trying to get nfts going. I think a month and a half ago they were talking about trying to get smart contracts going and then something else before that and icos and every you know there was also talk a year and a half ago of getting security tokens put on top of ripples. Ledger as well, and just do it stop talking about it um. I think its very weird at this point, that ripple is always in the news or constantly more so in the news than they were before about them. Trying to just simply do what everybody else is doing. They do not they. They do have banking partnerships, which i will give them. They do continuously have at least once a week, a new banking partner, uh kind of news thing floating around, but uh just do it. Just just get the nfts already like everyone knows that nfts are a thing. Theyre gon na probably continue, maybe to be really big into the future um, and just do it.

They were talking about launching nfts on their platform at the beginning of this year. Still have nothing uh, you should choop anyway thats the ripple news, good luck and i – and i hope you get it very soon and that people actually use it and that it actually stays on your platform, because you know they keep announcing that theyre going to do Things but then things never happen or happen in silence, and then they move on to the next kind of big thing as well, and the last thing that anybody – or i mean many people probably want – is for ripple just to become another tron because thats, what tron Did and now theyve fallen into obscurity because tron used to always say hey, look, look at what we got over here over here over here, and it would get hyped for about four or five days, and then people would kind of leave it alone, because its tron Uh so yeah, i hope they get nfts up and running before you know june 2022, but lets move on and to finish things off also in sure why not we? We all knew this was actually going to happen. Moderators on reddits wall street bets have decided to create a spin off subreddit, focusing just on crypto. The new subreddit is called wall street bets crypto logical and will be operated by the same moderators in the same format. According to an announcement published on wednesday, though, wall street bets allows members to discuss the most topics of investment, cryptocurrency discussions are largely prohibited on the main sub reddit moderator, boz bazi bazi.

One explained that crypto focused discussions have been considered since april, but was not implemented due to concerns about crypto topics taking over the forum entirely uh. If, if alma said, if those of you earlier this year, uh when wall street bets really took off because of the whole ammc and gamestop thing, a lot of people were running to wall street bets and they were talking about crypto already in the forum within about A day and a half crypto completely overtook the entirety of wall street bets, and i think it just has to do with numbers not even like in a in a joking manner, uh typically in the stock market. If youre lucky, you may get around a good, i mean like lucky lucky like a good 15, 20, maybe 25 and im sure there are even cases where you get a good 100 over the course of the year on your money. However, if youve been in crypto for longer than nine months, youve seen certain coins jump up by 800 over the course of a week, youve seen other things pop up. I think there are certain coins, even since this year began. I think that are up by 15 000, so of course, crypto is going to completely take over that forum uh. So when they did allow people, i i think they had one thread that was for crypto. I think, if i remember correctly – and it was – i mean it was really just spreading quite rapidly everywhere else, so they banned it and they were like no, its only stock and yada yada yada uh.

So it was logical that they have to introduce one for cryptocurrencies. As well, cryptocurrencies are insanely popular theyre, a lot more popular with a a younger group of people, and even people im pretty sure who got into stock trading as well are into investing the first time at all because of wall street bets and the entire thing that Took place at the the beginning of this year, im sure they were content with their 57 return. You know they can put a down payment on a new car or something like that. But when you tell somebody this is not financial advice. When you tell someone or have heard from someone hey dude, i put a thousand dollars into so and so and i made 48 000. thats a pretty big shift in someones thing. Have you seen theres a lot of um whats? It called theres um a couple of articles floating around about people who bought nfts at the beginning of this year, or even i mean there was one one article that i remember somebody bought at nft in 2018 for a thousand dollars and i think they recently resold It for 6.6 million and somebody who bought one earlier this year as well, for i think, like 20 000 or something like that and they sold it for 2 million. I mean its just wild insane numbers that you cannot get from the stock market. So yeah i mean, i think the the other really interesting part is that um, a lot of the big movers tend to move to these forums as well, uh.

So a lot of times when certain coins seem to do better than others, its usually because of these kind of forms floating around so interesting times ahead. If you will wheres the wheres, the mouse there we go, i couldnt find it and i slightly panicked yeah. I do hope you all enjoyed. I do hope that you all are having a great day a great morning, a great afternoon or great evening, wherever you are wherever you might be. I do hope that it is absolutely fantastic. Thank you all. Once again, im gon na take a nap im, really tired.