I hope you guys are doing good in this video. We have a very new cryptocurrency coming up on the radar. This one is called doxxed ill, be doing a bit of an overview of this cryptocurrency. Is it an exciting one? I will go through it in this video and, if you guys, like learning about new cryptos like docs and make sure to smash the thumbs up button. And let me know in the comment section below what you guys think of this cryptocurrency and this overview is sponsored by the team because they basically want everyone to know what is going on with this cryptocurrency. But as always, this is not financial advice. Im, not a financial advisor, but i hope you guys are enjoying the journey so far and it says right here: doxxed lets, revolutionize, crypto and doxxed is a binance smart chain startup with a unique ecosystem of multiple utilities and a use case, reflection to holders revenue share And buybacks so theyre here to break up monopolies and revolutionize the crypto world and uh right up the front. This team is an identifiable team, so theyve all got their linkedin profiles and now theyre all showing up in the crypto, which is good to see and lets jump into the white paper for this cryptocurrency. So what are they trying to achieve in the space? And they say right here from the white paper. Our goal is to revolutionize the crypto world by launching multiple projects with unique selling propositions under one ecosystem, uh theyre here to break up monopolies and basically put on the radar cryptos with real world use cases and that theyre looking to be very innovative and get listed.

On some top exchanges within the next uh six to 12 months and that theyve locked, the dev wallets as well under dx sale right here, and they have a team with some experience in developing dapps, which is good. So in the white paper here they have a couple of different phases and it says here docs projects. Our aim here is to bring forward the hidden gems of the crypto world with docs teams which are buried deep under the crazy coin launches on crypto, moonshots and other social media platforms. Um projects list will be carefully selected, contracts will be audited and kyc of the contract owner will be done by us and uh theyre. Looking at a range of different cryptos and the revenue model here is until the launch of docs app. Anyone can join docs projects telegram channel later. Users will hold a minimum of five dollars in docs or pay a subscriber fee to join okay, so very interesting stuff right there. They also have the docs launch pad right here and its going to work in a couple of different ways. You got the community, a crypto job portal for developers, web designers, artists and crypto enthusiasts, who want to work as mods and community managers in awesome projects, entrepreneurs. We will help build projects from the grounds up, provide verified contract, docs teams and help connect with influencers to give projects a head start influencers to expand our reach and increase. Our brand value well be collaborating with influencers and celebrities from all around the world and all the influences, celebrities and other projects we have collaborated will be featured on the home page.

So thats pretty cool right there and it says here for entrepreneurs there will be a fixed fee involved in developing and launching a community project under docs, launchpad and uh for the docs community. Right here well be given the first preferences to buy into pre sales, which is pretty cool. These guys also have uh phase two, which is going to be the docs exchange launch, so theyre planning to basically build a crypto exchange right here, and it says, along with top stable coins. The staking feature will also be available for users to generate a steady source of income and some of the other crypto projects that get launched on docs launch pad uh have the option to list their token on the exchange, so thats a good uh double up right. There – and it says here, our main goal – is to bridge the gap that and provide steady volume until the coins tokens are listed on big exchanges, so its kind of like a launch pad, and then you get listed on the docs exchange. That is the intention right. There and uh they are looking to evolve the transaction tax as well so reduce the transaction tax over time to help this crypto basically navigate the evolutionary path in the space and uh to bring hedge fund on board and to reward long term investors just having a Quick look at the road map for these guys or the ecosystem. It says right here: docs projects, october 2021, so thats next month, uh docs launch pad next month, docs verified so docs audits, uh october 2021, docs app a lot of things happening in october 2021 and docs nft, nft generator, docs auctions, december 2021, docs welfare, ido exchange Coming up soon and airdrops, payments exchange rewards social, a casino, blockchain swap okay, so basically a ton of projects coming down the pipeline for these guys and if we have a look at some of the tokenomics of this cryptocurrency uh, the distribution of it.

So far you got one billion total supply, five percent marketing, two percent airdrops 30 pre sale 21 on pancake swap, and then you have the development wallets which are locked under dx right there. You also have uh, you know tokens on floor, flues trade right here and uh 13 of the tokens have been burnt as well, and the tokenomics of this cryptocurrency right here reflections two percent marketing development, five percent, auto liquidity pool three percent and uh theyre kind of Summing up some things about why these guys are unique, so they got one currency. Lots of collaborations going on reflections and burns are open to all and uh lots of energy and excitement, so very cool right there and a quick look at the social media of this cryptocurrency. So if you guys are interested in this, one make sure to check them out over on twitter. So theyve got 3 381 followers uh already putting out lots of exciting tweets, uh right here, lots of collaborations and our marketing going on right now with this crypto, which is good to see and also if you are interested, make sure to stop by the telegram of This cryptocurrency and join up to the telegram uh right here and ask your questions and uh having a look, and this crypto is a very new cryptocurrency, so it was just launched. It looks like on the bs scan right here, appearing to be 20th of a september. Having a look at the contract so again, very new cryptocurrency, so what is crypto zeuss overall opinion about this cryptocurrency, so these guys have a ton of uh projects coming down the pipeline.

It looks like a ton of development in october, which is pretty exciting. Still a very early cryptocurrency, uh, very transparent one so good to see, so i think overall, its a pretty exciting cryptocurrency and if you guys want to buy this cryptocurrency, you can do it through two ways. Actually so you can buy it through pancake swap or you can also buy it through fluz trade right there and uh. If you use the referral link, you get a chance to double your docs once a month. So if you use a flues trade right here, you get the opportunity to win some more uh docks right here. So one, b and b at the time of making uh this video is basically equal to a ton of docks right here and uh flus trade. You can connect your wallet through metamask right there, so that is how you can buy it or you can buy it on pancake swap as well, so its a very exciting cryptocurrency overall.