Yesterday was one heck of a really stressful day and um. You know nick was very, very unwell and he still is and um. You know i was in london with singularity dow celsius and various others meld um. You know for the uh crypto am summit in london, which was phenomenal, made some fantastic connections and yeah some really exciting projects that are on the horizon, which i will be obviously doing. Member content on very shortly and with all that said, um you know were glad to be back were thankful for all the support that everybody showed uh yesterday and um. You know it was. It was a frightening moment right for for us um, not an experience that we want to happen again, but im sure that it possibly will um. But with all that said, you know: weve got a new range of merch that weve just signed off from our um clothing designer. So we will be releasing that very, very soon um, so exciting stuff on the horizon, and one of the things that i wanted to talk about in this particular video was v chain, and you know i guess some speculation from from our side. You know weve got a great admin team and one of those individuals, peter, has highlighted something that is really really interesting. When it comes to to v chain right and um, you know, is there a possible coin based listing just around the corner, so lets sort of dig into whats being found? Lets have a look at that and uh.

You know. For us it is a speculative one. So dont, you know uh, you know dislike this video just because were being speculative um. This is speculative but theres, something behind it. That you know could possibly mean that we are likely to see this happen shortly and uh nick and myself have been talking about. You know this listing for for a while and were surprised its taken this long, so lets get down to the desktop mash that, like button, if you enjoy this sort of uh speculative um, you know content subscribe. If youre not subscribed already, we do try it cheeky. Crypto to keep you ahead of the curve um we talk about lots of hidden, gems and uh. You know if you want to make money in crypto. You know theres, probably uh, very few, better places to be than watching cheeky crypto, so yeah uh subscribe tap that bell select all the notifications, so we never miss a thing and uh lets get down to the desktop. So okay, so i trust capital um. So dont tell anyone, so this is very hush, hush, um, but coming soon decentraland maker v chain and terra, so luna. So this is really interesting right because i trust capital use coinbase to custody uh their digital assets so uh. For me, this is really interesting and um. I thought it was definitely one to to definitely um. You know bring to peoples attention, so you know uh.

We have proudly were proud to announce, sorry that we have engaged coinbase, custody to custody and secure digital assets on the itrust capital platform. So you know, does this you know, and it is speculative. Does this mean that were gon na see coinbase start to custody v chain because they dont? As far as im aware – and you can correct me in the comments below uh – whether ive missed a piece of of news, but i dont believe that they custody uh v chain, currently um and we know that coinbase are looking at v chain um, you know just You know so coinbase custody explore support for new digital assets. Dont get me wrong. Theyve been exploring these for a long time right and a lot of these have been added already um, but with that said, you know vechain hasnt just yet so you know its its theyre getting through the list. I guess is what what im trying to say. You then couple that, with the fact that i trust capital do cost, you do use uh coinbase as a custody platform uh. You have a recipe here, um to indicate that potentially coinbase listing is, is you know possible to be happening very very shortly. Obviously this is speculative, i havent heard anything, and this is just straight from our admin team. So yeah do. Let us know what your thoughts and opinions are on this. The other thing to highlight is they do um, you know, have custody, for instance, institutional uh custody through curve, but i think this is a different uh beast, a different animal.

So you know for me, i i do think were were on to something here: uh, possibly so, obviously im not a financial advisor. This is just my opinion and this video should be uh treated as educational purposes only, but you know it does fry to me when i see lots of people talking about v chain, not going anywhere talking about v chain. You know bags that theyre selling and that sort of stuff – and i think there is still so much more to come when it comes to to vechain its still my biggest bag and ive said this. When weve had this china um, you know news around um transactions being made illegal, and that was very much from the central bank of china rather than the chinese government, who are a big supporter of v chain. I see other uh influences on other networks or social platforms. Talking about you know the fact that theyve sold their their v chain theyve made a profit um, but i dont think they realize the unrealized gains that they have lost um, because you know for me, um. You know china isnt going to build a new blockchain to to do the use cases that v chain do. Why would they do that when theyre pretty much aligned, um – and you know vechain – do such a fantastic job and they have huge partnerships but go see that video? I sort of walk through that. I kind of kind of want to leave this one more as a speculative video on a possible coinbase listing.