My name is carl and im going to bring you. This cryptocurrency video and today were going to talk about a big crypto exit strategy that you should use to maximize your profits for the coming bull cycle, or i mean were already in the cycle but um. Everyone is wondering: where are we going and how to take profits and all that stuff? So i brought on bitboy crypto to discuss this topic with me. How are you doing today, im doing pretty well today, um im wearing a shirt that says huddle and im going to explain to you why huddling is a bad idea, well, its a bad idea: okay, yeah! That will be interesting to know. Okay, so uh lets maybe start off with that question. Like honestly, i think that holding bitcoin is always going to play out in the long term. Holding alt coins can definitely get you wrecked. Weve seen that before some old coins they go down and they never go back up again. So maybe you can explain why is huddling a bad idea yeah, so huddling is extremely lazy, in my opinion, like its it, it works over time over the long term, but the idea that every four years youre willing to lose 85 percent of your portfolios, value uh, Because, eventually, you know youll get it back um, i think thats really lazy. I think any person that gets educated in crypto and really starts to understand the bitcoin cycles.

Um youre going to be able to time the market relatively right like even if you dont time, the exact top like lets say: bitcoin drops 30 youre like okay were obviously going into a bear market here, uh and if you were to sell at that point, just Think about how much more money youll have and and how much youll have on the sidelines to accumulate once the bear market plays itself out, as we know that it it most likely will uh. You know youre risking 85 of your portfolios value if you just continue to huddle, and i think that we are if we go back to when the word hoddle was created. Okay, now just so everybody knows this was from a bitcoin talk forum. Bitcoin talk is the original bitcoin communication forum, where satoshi gave all his information on how he was creating bitcoin, how it got dispersed first transactions, the ten thousand dollar bitcoin uh, ten thousand bitcoin uh pizza. A lot of people have heard that story. It all came from bitcoin talk forum; basically, i think it was 2012 is when it occurred. There was a guy who said on there like every time i try to trade bitcoin. I lose. I realize like its just better for me to huddle and it was a typo he meant to say hold, but it came out as hot on and it was become a meme in crypto, but i want to rewind back to that 2012 time period.

Thats. When i first got into bitcoin and ive, been you know on the record saying i was really dumb in the beginning. I had no idea what i was doing. I didnt understand what i was looking at um and, and so there were not educational resources. The moon channel did not exist, bitboy crypto did not exist, uh crypto, lark, uh, crypto, zombie mm crypto. These channels did not exist. The only channel that i think was actually around back then was bitcoin uncensored, which was a podcast by a guy chris derose and i cant remember the other guys name uh, but that was it. That was that was the only educational resources you had out there. There were some websites, uh bitcoin talk forum was available, people had an excuse to huddle back. Then people had an excuse to just say like well its just hard to learn about it. So you know i dont know and we didnt have as many cycles to kind of learn from at that point either. So people could just say: well, you know, is i dont want to trade? I dont understand whats happening. You dont. Have that excuse anymore theres. So many educational resources out there to where, if youre going to get involved in crypto youre going to get involved in bitcoin, you need to do more than just sit on the sidelines. You need to be actively involved, thats the best way to put attention and to invest in your own investment, to invest your time and energy into your own financial investments, and so because of that, i think now all you got to do is really time.

The market twice every four years, you time close to the top you time close to the bottom, and you can easily five to ten x over two cycles, your amount of crypto, and so why would somebody say i could easily 5 to 10x my crypto holdings, if Not much more, but you know what i dont want to do, that im just going to let it sit over time. Crypto is a highly competitive industry, a highly competitive niche, highly competitive financial products, and if youre going to be invested in this market, you should be highly competitive with it. You should try to get the name of the game is trying to collect as much bitcoin as possible and huddling will not allow you to do that. Okay, i mean personally, i am for my long term strategy im just holding like when it comes to bitcoin. I im not selling a single bitcoin until i reach or before reach a hundred thousand dollars, ive been saying that many times and its still true, i im still not selling any bitcoin. If i, if i ever take profits, if i buy something its always some usd t or some altcoins or something else, um, because i am 100 crypto im like as close as 100, you can get um so sometimes its inevitable that i do have to um to Sell some crypto to buy – maybe i dont know food bread, bread to survive, uh, so its kind of inevitable in some way, but uh.

My bitcoin, i always said just hold and its gon na. For for me, i think that between one hundred thousand dollars and three hundred 000, i am going to start taking profits by buying things with bitcoin, whether its real estate companies um, i dont know clothes could be anything but just start buying things. We do want you to have close call. We definitely want that right. We want that, but i want to buy the clothes that actually maintain its value. There are things out there that you can buy that actually maintain their value very well um when it comes to watches certain type of clothes. Certain types of cars things that you buy and the the resale value remains the exact same or maybe even goes up um right now, because of inflation. We see many of these assets actually go up a lot but um. Essentially, i think that there are many different assets you can buy out there that will maintain a value which are more fun to own than keeping the money in the bank i mean all of us, or none of us are going to take profits and put the Money in the bank thats just not going to happen right. We will, we will buy a variety of different assets, but i think the best asset you can buy as an exit strategy is the asset that creates cash flow. So, in that case, i would look towards real estate or buying companies, starting your own company, investing in yourself and creating cash flow that you can use then to buy the dip, because in the there will be another bear market and in that bear market you want To have cash flow um outside of crypto coming in that you can put into krypton just constantly, accumulate and buying the dip, because thats what i did in the previous bear market and thats.

Why im reaping all the rewards? Right now i can just sit down in my chair and see my portfolio, skyrocket, um and thats. What everyone else can be doing in the next bear market preparing for the coming cycle that will come in the next four years, so right thats what it is. But i think we need to be realistic about the difference between you and me, and the average person thats watching this video. For for you and me, we weve got several things going for us that are great uh number one we get paid in crypto. We get paid almost exclusively in crypto, not 95 of everything i do on the channel of all the income comes in in crypto, so were constantly accumulating over time and then number two weve done very well weve been in this for years right. So so we have high net worths. So for us we can let bitcoin sit there and we know were were still accumulating it at all times and the value is going up for most people whove gotten into crypto for most of those 500 000 subscribers. You have, and for most of my 1 million or so subscribers that i have most of these people – and i talked to a lot of them – we just did a meet up this weekend in nashville, we had almost 400 people there, absolutely incredible. Most of them got in in january or later, okay, so most of these people are not people that have enough money sitting on the sidelines just to accumulate towards the top and then let it sit and watch their portfolio drop.

And so i think we got to be conscious of the fact most people watching are still in a stage where theyre trying to accumulate enough bitcoin to change their lives theyre not there yet and for those people to volunteer themselves to say well, im just going to Be let this sit through a bear market. I think theyre going to lose a lot of their net worth and then what happens from there is they lose their confidence in bitcoin they lose their confidence in crypto and blockchain, and that actually makes people leave the space and make bad financial decisions. So i think the message needs to be at some point like i i used to own heart, like no bitcoin, i dont know any bitcoin, i owned all ethereum and all all coins, and that was something that got me to a place where i could take that Money and then buy a lot of bitcoin with it uh, because bitcoin is a great hedge it. It maintains its value better than the other. Altcoins does especially in a bear market right, but the thing about that is a lot of people are still trying to accumulate and get to a place where they can own a lot of bitcoin. If youre, in that stage of your crypto journey and youre, not in a stage where youre worth you know high six figures or seven figures or or more, then you need to really take and the whole point of this video.

I hope the whole point of this conversation is that people that are watching who have this strategy of like im just going to buy bitcoin and hold it im, not going to touch it im, not going to try to accumulate more im, not going to sell at The top im not going to use that to buy more at the bottom. I just want you guys to think i just want you guys to have an awakening to where you ask yourself. The question is that the best strategy is that the best strategy for me to change my life is that the best strategy for me to get financial freedom is that the best strategy for me to try to you know uh. You know throughout the bear market accumulate, and i think you said a mouthful when you said you know when it gets 100 000. You might sell some look im, not selling out of crypto when i cash out at the top. The point is going to be when bitcoin gets around 100 000 and we cash out significant holdings. The point of that is to get more crypto its not to sell to a bank account, like you said, is to move money to the sidelines. To wait for that dramatic dip uh, you know basically like imagine if you had bought bitcoin at ten thousand dollars. If you buy bitcoin ten thousand dollars and it goes to a hundred thousand dollars lets say you bought one bitcoin.

It goes to a hundred thousand. You sell that the price retraces eighty percent, now you can buy five bitcoin with the same amount that you paid ten thousand dollars for one big. The math is extraordinary on how much crypto you can accumulate by using just a simple sell once every four years and buy once every four years yeah. I think uh. For me, i think in crypto i remember back in the 2017 hype cycle. I was always trying to um to buy all the coins that were popping up and you saw a coin pump 50. Now i want to buy that one i remember back, then i felt fomo all the time. I just wanted to buy the next new thing and it was a new trend i jumped on it straight away, but at the end of the day it seemed like, even though i was trying to find a new thing, i i never really made. I mean i made some money, but in terms of bitcoin i definitely lost bitcoin value, thats for sure uh in u.s dollars. I probably made money in that period of time, but i know from a fact that if i just um chose a few altcoins that i really believed in and just held them, i would have made so much more money back then, and then i also made a Fantastic decision uh in the beginning of the bear markets i actually sold. Almost all of my altcoins took some profits because i saw that a bear market was coming and i kind of just predicted that if bitcoin goes down for the next uh like two years or so all because theyre gon na get absolutely wrecked – and it actually happened And then, towards the end of the bear market, i started to slowly buy back in again into ethereum and a few other big, big altcoins and um.

I think thats what i would try to do now again. I want to try to i mean now. I hold a bunch of altcoins um. I am going to um heavily start taking profits as soon as i see that all that bitcoin has ended its cycle. Um and um yeah im gon na sell most of my old coins. I mean, i think it. It really makes no sense to sit um very heavy into alts into a bear market because we see that they they can go down. 95 96 97, like honestly 99 and you dont want to sit there holding those altcoins um but bitcoin. I think you can definitely safely hold during a bear market, its just not going to be very fun, so i would still just take profit in the towards the top of the cycle and try to buy back in into the bear market. But i would never ever ever sell all my bitcoin if i think that, even if i thought that this is 100, the top, i would never do it because you never know with bitcoin. You never know with, like all the money printing in the world, all the i mean if the banking system starts to collapse in like who knows what could happen to bitcoin, it could go to like 15 million dollars in the next. Like you never know so i would never fully jump off of the train um, but taking some profits could definitely make sense in the bull cycle.

In my opinion, yeah our number our number is probably much higher than yours. Our number is 80. We plan on selling 80 percent of our crypto at the top and then because were were trying to go from eight figures to ten figures, uh, because i eventually won by the atlanta falcons thats my goal of this whole business, the atlanta falcons nfl team, okay, thats, The whole falcon yeah that thats thats the whole goal. We call it real football here in america, nice um, but thats the goal of my business and thats. What were trying to do so? You got to figure out what your risk reward factor is for us. That number is 80 percent if we sell 80 of our crypto at 100, 000 or 120, wherever we think it goes up to and we still have 20 of our bitcoin remaining and then the price goes to you know lets, say four hundred thousand dollars the top End prediction for a lot of people then, were still doing great. You know, but the the risk factor of not selling that much and then it hits a hundred thousand and then retrace it to twenty 20 000. We feel like thats, a good ratio uh for us. So were okay being a little risky with it. If we want to be safe, you know we could just huddle, you know most of the bitcoin, but were in the business of accumulation and uh. You know putting a much bigger stake.

We want to be one of the whales that you know is able to. You know, move the bitcoin market one day, based on what we do now that wouldnt be the goal im not saying we want to do im saying we want to be one of the whales uh that has that kind of power. So you know youre not going to get there by just huddling. You know youre not going to change your life by buying. You know a tenth of a bitcoin and sitting on it forever uh, you know, but you can buy a tenth of a bitcoin and through buying the top or selling the tops and buying the bottoms. You can get up to multiple bitcoin over a couple cycles. This is true, and i also think that no one should ever buy and hold and think that theyre going to become rich or wealthy from it. I think cash flow at the end of the day is the big thing for me. I think creating your cash flow and then you can use the cash flow to keep buying and keep accumulating and dollar cost averaging um thats, how you create wealth in the long run so building your own business or or just um yeah, aiming for for a higher Income every month, in my opinion, but yeah, thank you so much for all of your valuable advice. Um is there anything else you want to leave us with before we wrap it up.

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