Right now, so lets dive in and analyze what is going on. Ladies and gentlemen, crypto kirby here your crypto currency expert back with another edition of the daily live stream. So lets not waste any time and get right down to it. So were going to start off here on coin market cap and were going to go down to tether usdt. Now, if youve been in this space for any amount of time, then you probably know the controversy surrounding the tether. Usdt token im not going to get into all of that right now. What were going to do here is look at this anomaly thats occurring here today. This has been circulating around crypto social media and, if youre not aware of it, i want to put it on your radar. We can see here that the total market cap for tether is roughly 68.7 billion usd. Now. If we look at the trading volume here over the past 24 hours, its roughly 75.6 billion usd, this is insane just for reference here. Lets go up to bitcoin all right: a market cap of roughly 1.05 trillion daily 24 hour trading volume, 41.04 billion. So you see the daily trading volume is nowhere near the market cap and if you look at all of these other top coins ethereum nowhere near the market cap finance nowhere near the market cap cardano nowhere near the market cap. But if we go down to tether, usdt weve not only seen it near the market cap, but its exceeding the market cap and many people across this space right now, folks are saying that this is an absolute warning, shot fire now im going to.

Let you formulate your own opinion on that, as this is a highly controversial topic and i mean if i were to really go down that rabbit hole. I mean thats a whole video in and of itself and, to be quite honest, i dont really feel like doing that. Lets get this crypto so anyway. I just wanted to put this on your radar. As i know, many of you do follow the tether saga quite closely, and i just wanted you to be aware of this before we get into the chart. So keep this on your radar. Many are saying that this is a warning. Shot fired, take it for what you will im just showing you that its happening. So here we are little jimmy and your 600 dollar stimi, the bitcoin price, has truly seen an immaculate breakout. I mean it broke this downward sloping trend line. Then it broke this downward sloping trend line. Then it broke this horizontal line of tentative resistance and right now, folks, you just cant make this stuff up: ding ding, ding chicken wings for dinner. So if youre vegan, it does look like the bitcoin price could possibly be in another bull flag pattern. Formation here lets get this crypto and if you are subscribed to this channel, then you would know on yesterdays stream. I showed you all of these indicators that have switched from bearish to bullish on a macro time frame, i mean seeing this break through this critical area of resistance and having macro indicators such as the williams alligator on the weekly time frame, such as the true strength Indicator on the weekly time frame and several others watch my video from yesterday and make sure to subscribe, tick the little bell and select all right now.

So you stay up to date with all of this, but seeing all of those switch from bearish to bullish and breaking this area is very interesting, because i want to show you this as well. This right here folks, is the us dollar index. The dxy and i mean ive, been covering it here on this channel for quite some time. This is a classic textbook bullish pattern formation here, and this is really a macro pattern. At this point you can see. This is a year long pattern. This neckline starts in october of 2020. We had our w middle, the double bottom and right now we are flirting with breaking the neckline just about a year later: savage heinous borderline. Ludicrous. If you do, in fact ask me, but it is what it is and if we are to see this pattern play out and we are to actually break this neckline right here lets just take a measured move of the target. Well, take it from the trend line. All the way to the top of the w see that right. We then drag it over to the potential breakout point, which is this neckline here of the prior highs right. You can see that this does give us a target all the way up towards a 98. This would put us right back up into the upper channel, the channel that the dxy was trading in since all the way back in 2015, the most bullish periods for the dxy since 2015 have been above the 98 level.

Its very interesting here that we are seeing a potential measured move target here of this potentially bullish w pattern, putting us all the way back up into our most bullish channel since 2015.. Lets get this crypto now youre, probably wondering well don don. Why is this so important and again you would know this if youre a long time subscriber to the channel, but just a quick history lesson in case you dont know this downturn in the dxy here all the way at the very top here, bitcoin was under 1000 Usd all the way at the bottom here bitcoin touched roughly 20 000 usd. Then again here, beginning in march of 2020, bitcoin was down at roughly about 4 000 usd and all the way down here, bitcoin was about 65 000 usd. So if you dont see whats going on here already past performance is showing us that its at least possible that there is a negative slash, inverse correlation with the dxy and the bitcoin price. So if we are to continue to see the dxy rise here, especially not only into this median channel here, but potentially up back into this top channel here folks, this to me is certainly an absolute warning, shot fire and its just that, hey i mean bitcoin, has Seen its best runs when the dxy has been weak, its not a perfect inverse correlation. There have been times where the dxy has shown strength and the bitcoin price has shown strength as well, actually very similarly to what were seeing right here right now, im just simply putting it on your radar that hey throughout the past.

We have seen that this has been problematic for btc, so im just stating that hey its at least possible that if we continue to see the bullishness here, especially across those key indicators that i covered on yesterdays stream, that for bitcoin were all bearish and now have Flipped bullish just take a look here at the dxy folks. We did have here on the weekly time frame, a bullish williams alligator cross the green line going above both the red and the blue with the price action trading above boom. We got that then right here. You can see on the directional movement index, the blue bullish momentum, going above the orange bearish momentum. We had the cross there boom its still continuing to run now and here on the tsi, the true strength indicator. We had our bullish cross all the way back in early 2021, another one here it was a little itty, bitty, bearish fake out, another bullish cross, and this trend right now in terms of this indicator is not showing any signs of weakness. In my opinion, lets get this crypto, so it just is what it is im putting it on your radar that there are two things that still are a little weird right. We have that tether, fudd youre, going to need to come to your own conclusion and opinion on that. But then we also have a very potentially strong us dollar index here, which history has shown has not been great for the bitcoin price from a bullish perspective right.

So this is very interesting stuff here now lets just get back to the bitcoin chart and before we dive into the micro here on bitcoin here on the four hour time frame, if you are enjoying the stream thus far, if you could just smash that thumbs up Button for the youtube algorithm just give it a tap. Thank you very much for that and if youre brand new and you are enjoying well welcome to the channel, make sure you hit that subscribe button, tick the little bell and select all right now, as you cannot afford to miss any more of these bitcoin updates. That will give you the notification when i upload welcome to the channel, so here, on the four hour time frame, we clearly have a upward sloping parallel channel right now. This is why, in the beginning of the video, i said that this could possibly wind up being a bull flag. This to me would be a bull flag with an upward sloping flag right down. Here we had a bull flag, you could see right. We had a flag pole up sideways consolidation, breakout flagpole to the upside. Now this flag, pole, that was the upper pole on the last one – could now in fact be the bottom pole right. You see that where now we have possibly a flagpole up an upward sloping flag and we are potentially awaiting the breakout here to the upside so lets just do a quick, measured move here.

Folks, where we take the size of the flagpole, we drag it over to the potential breakout point. Mind you right now, at the time of recording, we are testing the bottom end of this upward. Sloping channel so were going to have to see what happens here over the next several hours, but if that does hold that support keyword, if that does hold as support – and we do wind up going back up and ripping through the resistance, we do have a measured Move target here, folks of roughly 67 000. Oh lets get this crypto, so i mean right now. This is a very interesting trend. You guys know that this has been a very, very challenging and difficult area for analysts and traders alike. I mean below here below these two downward sloping resistance trend lines and this horizontal range of huge, huge resistance right, a multi month, resistance support there and then a confirmed resistance point there and then these two downward sloping lines, while the bitcoin price was still underneath. All of that, the indicators that i look at on a weekly perspective very macro were still all in bearish control under there right, so just from a risk management perspective from a a an analysis and trading perspective. Looking for high reward low risk trade, setups uh to me, it was absolutely insane to think that this was the right play to be long underneath here now this starts to change right. The indicators have started to flip.

The price action is above all of these levels. Right, i dont think many people in this space really understand this. Ladies and gentlemen, i mean you really see the degenerates. Crawl out of the woodwork well, kirby price went up. Number went up sick, degeneres folks in this space. I really dont, understand it, but um anyway. Yeah back on the topic of whats actually relevant here is that the price action has started to shift. We have a little bit of fun in the market with the tether situation uh, and we do have the us dollar index rising rather rapidly. This is a very unique situation: bitcoin is breaking out bullishly. The indicators have started to flip, but so has the us dollar index, and now we have this problem with tether potential problem with tether very interesting times. Here i i mean im going to be watching this market, like a hawk with an eagle eye. I know, of course, im going to keep you guys up to date in real time in vip with all of my trade setup ideas, my entry ideas, my potential take profit ideas; everything like that in real time, all of my strategies, additional insights, things like that. So if you do want to see all of that in absolute real time, then today is the day its time to transform yourself from average joe into savage joe lets. Get this crypto ill, see you in vip right now after this video, but the key takeaway here.

Folks is that this is either probably going to be the spot that we remember as the launching point for a rip up towards 100k, or it will likely be remembered as one of the most sick disgusting bull traps, which wound up being a whale liquidity trap here. Where all of the moon, boys and retail traders piled back in because things look like, they were certainly going to the moon and then what do you know boom? The whales sell off their bags up here, because why retail provides liquidity, whales, love liquidity, so that they do not dump the price down too much too fast when they do happen to unload their bags, and then they let little retail jimmy and average joe continue. The waterfall down and get wrecked themselves where the big big players have already sold out into the heavy order books up top lets, get this crypto um. This is, this is very interesting here i mean its just very, very interesting im going to leave it at that. Of course, i will be covering this extensively here on this channel, so if youve not already hit the thumbs up button for the youtube algorithm, first and foremost, thank you for that and seriously right now. If you havent already make sure you hit that subscribe button, tick the little bell and select all right now, as that will give you the notification when i upload next, do not miss my next upload here.

Okay folks lets get this crypto and until next time, guys im going to see you in vip right now, after this video, like i said, youll get all of that exclusive content. There today is the day its time to transform yourself from average joe into savage, show lets get this crypto ill, see you in vip right now, after this video, oh and just a quick update here, as you guys should know by now, my old telegram account was Compromised about a month ago, this is my new telegram account right here, t dot me slash, crypto, kirby trading. If you were in my vip group, you need to contact me there and i will get you in the new vip group. I lost access to my old account, my old vip channel. So if you do want to get in the new one message me there, i will confirm that you were in the old vip and i will get you in the new vip lets. Get this crypto, and until next time my friends be safe, be happy, be healthy, its your boy, crypto, kirby, peace and love. My friends curbs oh and before i forget, dont fall for any of the fake kirby accounts posting down in the comment section. They create fake accounts with a nearly identical username and logo to mine. Then they reply to your comments with phone numbers and email addresses trying to get you to contact them. You can see several examples on your screen.

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