, but with multiple signals. Flashing on many time frames is bitcoin in store for one final dump before the all time high pump. They say if you want to be a crypto millionaire, you have to learn to love getting dumped on. Well call me john mcafee, because this little chalupa is ready to make a mess. Im your host shelby sharks and they say theres only three guarantees in life, death taxes and getting dumped on absolutely very big after a so far explosive. Nearly two weeks of this new month of october bitcoin is up massively and actually got very, very close to touching on those previous all time highs. However, with multiple technical signals flashing on bitcoin, is it potentially time for a dump down to this specific level? First, before we begin the absolutely trouser bursting six digit moon mission for bitcoin make sure to like subscribe turn. This ghost notifications never miss these absolutely time sensitive alerts as well. If youre interested in joining uh, our aida pool and earning some rewards make sure to watch the three minutes tour below and for any other bonuses, make sure to check out the pinned comment as well and without any further magoo lets pump on in well. So were gon na be jumping into some bitcoin ta today, for the last week, a lot of the time of my videos ive been devoting to news because theres been a lot of interesting news and i have little segments at the end where we do some ta And what i said a lot about a week ago is that when we get a pullback, dont actually be surprised if we breach 50k and actually maybe even go all the way down to about 48k.

So with that being said now, it looks as though we have breached very much to the upside and 60k. Resistance is the perfect level for a little bit of a pit stop and a potential pullback here that could last one to two weeks, and this is something im gon na be watching every single day and were gon na be looking into this and im gon na Pull up the charts in a second here but bitcoin flashed a counter trend signal that suggests a pullback is likely okay. So if we take a look here, uh stockton here expects a two week period of sideways consolidation that could include a 16 pullback before bitcoins long term uptrend continues, which i absolutely believe were in a long term uptrend, and actually, if we would take a 16 pullback From lets say, the top of where we topped out so far 16 would actually put us right about exactly at 48 000. So i absolutely already agree with this because, as ive been saying, 48 000 is what uh is a level ive been talking about. Specifically, i was talking about it about five or six days ago uh when i was doing a little more bitcoin ta, but i havent been doing as much bitcoin ta here, but bitcoins 33 rally in october. So for the past, almost two weeks has put crypto very, very close to its all time highs and into overbought territory and according to katie stockton of fair league strategies.

Here put it into a put it into a range where shes advising her clients to hold off. For about a week or two after a dmarc 13 signal flashed for bitcoin, which is just an indicator signaling a short term top here, so the counter trend. So the counter trend exhaustion signal suggests a two week: consolidation phase in the store for bitcoin, which could include a pullback to its cloud support level near 48. 000. again, i came to that number with different ta. I dont use the the dmarc 13 indicator theyre using here or anything like that, but 48 000 is something i was talking about, uh as recently as five or six days ago. So that makes sense to me, and so i agree with those levels here with that. Being said, it would completely leave the current uptrend completely intact. So again, of course, if we breach below 50 000 us dollars, you are going to hear the bears, who have been getting uh a lot of hate online. Okay, because bitcoin got it just, went through a two week pump right of about 50. So obviously the bears have been getting a lot of slack, so they will absolutely and rightfully so, absolutely return that back to the bulls, if we breach 50 000 over this next one to two week period for anybody thats been in the market. This is something that happens multiple times per month for a couple of weeks. The bears will squeeze the juice out of the bulls and then the bulls uh, you know, turn the bears into a punching bag for a few weeks, its a back and forth its.

Never one way only ultimately its a one way bullish trend, because historically bitcoin has just been in a mega bull market for the past 10 plus years, but um yeah, i mean throughout the month. There are multiple times where bears are winning and then bulls are winning and its a back and forth back and forth, and it looks as though its more likely than not that we could actually see a little bit of a downturn. Considering how bullish bitcoins been lately and that downturn will allow us to go much higher later on this month, and especially the last two months of 2021., we would liken this signal to the one that was generated in january in january. The same counter trend signal flash right before bitcoin fell 25 from 40 to 30k. It lasted about three weeks before bitcoin went on to print new, all time highs for three consecutive months, and that is exactly the situation that were looking for here. So with that being said, what theyre referring to is this right here you see this nice little run up this little pullback, retested, 30 and then blasted off and remember all coins when absolutely bananas in this range and thats exactly the scenario i think were going to Be seeing here, bitcoin is going to take the lead over the next one to two months. You know on the the closer side of those one to two months and then very likely. All coins will go absolutely bananas and, like ive always said to me, thats the most exciting part of bull markets.

Is that final few weeks, where altcoins just go ridiculously absurdly parabolic and are extremely overvalued but again thats, where the biggest gains happen in that final little glimpse of the bull cycle, so thats, something that lines up with their predictions here. It makes perfect sense to me and yeah. I just i just agree with it again, not financial advice. This is just my opinion. I am just a person making videos on youtube, so always keep that in mind, but as well. Bitcoin 60k resistance hints at a by the dip opportunity, basically meaning we could have a little bit of a dip here. That would be a buy the dip opportunity before we continue higher uh bitcoins liquidity is changing and it could mean that holders get a fresh by the dip opportunity uh if we just skip through a lot of this, with as low as 45 000 still in play. According to this article, remember, i said: 48 45 is 3 000 below that and keep in mind targets actually usually go a little bit higher and lower than expected because of this current market sentiment. So if i say 48, am i going to be shocked? If we see 46 or 45 in a wick and then you know ultimately hold it 48, absolutely not: okay, thats, 100, uh rational in fact thats more possible than just finding support exactly at 48., but uh. I mean this sums it up really really briefly here.

In short, this resistance area may matter, but months from now it wont okay, so pretty much uh, this short term pullback that ive so far talked about the entire video. If youre gon na be involved with bitcoin for more than the next month, then its not that important, okay, im talking about a short term move today, a lot of my recent videos have been more longer term and um. Today, you know just because were seeing some of these signals. Flash i figured lets, make more of a short term video and with that being said, i believe, bitcoins down a little bit since i actually started filming the video here. But if we take a look on here, lets even just take a look at the six hour chart theres some clear, bearish divergence here and its been diverging ever since uh about a week ago, on october 6th october, 7th you see the rsi declining here in the Overbought zone, you see that on the six hour chart you see the same exact thing on this four hour chart here and we can actually take a look at the one hour chart to see. If, if uh were seeing something similar yeah i mean for the most part yeah, we were setting higher highs here with bitcoins price, and the rsi was uh falling, as bitcoin was doing that, but yeah. There are multiple time frames where its just very clear that bitcoin easily could see that pullback.

Ultimately, mega support would be right about here again right at 48.. We have the 21 and 50 right there converging. We just actually got a bullish cross uh within the last uh few hours here, okay, so right at this area again, this would be a back test of this macro level of resistance. We found for multiple months again, its also previous long term, support so 48. I think is going to be huge if we actually got a breach of 50k down to 48, maybe even a little bit lower than that in a wick. Again. That to me is exactly what this article says a massive by the dip opportunity, because, if were looking at long term, trends bitcoin is in a very bullish trend right now and the bears are having trouble coming to terms with that. Having trouble accepting that um, i read thousands of comments every single day, i have a pretty good gauge on sentiment. I read way more comments than i want to um and i spend literally probably like 30 to 30 minutes to an hour every single day, just literally hitting block on scam accounts, which now that were talking about it uh. I will never message you on any app. Okay, im exhausted im, not gon na reach out to you, the only two social media accounts i have besides youtube are linked in my youtube, twitter and instagram. The two linked in my youtube channel, every other social media account of me is not me.

Okay, i have hundreds of impersonators across uh, quite a few different apps at this point. Quite a few different social media sites and pretty much everyone who has a sizable following on crypto youtube or crypto. Twitter also does so uh. There are hundreds, thousands of impersonators out there never respond to them, theyre just trying to steal your crypto, okay uh. I am never going to message. You im, never gon na go out of my way to send you an email or anything like that. The last thing i want to do is send more texts and send more messages. Ive been exhausted, doing that for like 10 months now. Okay, so i mean its coming straight from me: im not going to do that so, but yeah with that being said, you can see here again beefed up support zone right around that 48, 47 to 48 thousand dollar level and again im not saying theres, not a 100, confirmation just yet but were going to be seeing this shape up 100 before the weekend comes, and it looks as though bitcoins short term momentum is shifting more towards a little bit of a pullback. We just had two very big green, uh, monthly or weekly candles up again, nearly 50 percent uh after uh, again those like six straight, very green weeks, uh as we were recovering as well, and all of that with the dxy, also having another higher high for the First time again the highest its been since uh last year at this time, so to sum it up, brace yourself for a near ten thousand dollar pullback over the next one to two weeks, which would still be 100 healthy.

If you have been in markets, you understand that back and forth pump and dumps are normal, healthy and expected. So with that being said, if we see a move like this over the next few days, that is not bearish, thats, bullish consolidation and i still absolutely 120 000 percent believe were gon na, be hitting that six digit, bitcoin, potentially even before december, lets see make sure To like subscribe turn, this gives me these absolute time sensitive alerts if youre interested in joining our pool earning rewards with your adopt with no risk make sure to watch the three minute story below it takes just a few minutes and as well, if youre interested in Any of their bonuses make sure to check out the pinned comment below anytime.