So if this sounds interesting, for you make sure to stick to the end of the video as well, if you enjoy these quick update, videos about the market, dont forget to smash the like button and especially ring up the bell notification. If you want to be staying notified about all these market updates that were given to you guys out there so with that have been said, let me start off with discussing the bitcoin price section, so i will be talking about my important trend lines in a second, But before i go in towards these trend lines, let me talk a little bit about the momentum that bitcoin is currently creating, so we already knew that bitcoin was creating a bullish to purchase earlier on today over here on this range. But if were then zooming in here and if were looking right now to the macd and the rsi, we are seeing several confirmations coming in towards the market. So what were right now seeing here is essentially bitcoin is forming still this lower low structure here in the market. Our design is still forming this higher low structure on the market and, of course, what were right now crucially, seeing here is that the macd is as well confirming that it is right now forming another bottom, so mcd is random, forming as well and higher low. So, of course, while we are forming a high loan, the rsi and on the macd price action is still forming and lower loan.

The price uh chart, of course, is giving me a double bullish of virtues right now, so this will be, of course, only strengthening my thoughts that i do expect that bitcoin could be potentially, of course, run up back towards the upside and shift its momentum higher. Once again, here, another thing that i want to be going over right now here before going into my important one hour trend lines here, is the momentum on the four hourly charts so bitcoin, of course, what are we seeing on this four hourly chart? You can clearly see bitcoin is raining still forming this higher lows than these whole lows over here, so bitcoin is forming here. If you compare to this level here so big confirms, are low, bitcoin is trying to forming a higher low, and while we are forming this higher loan bitcoin right now, here we can see, if were connecting these dots here on the rsi, that we have been forming A clear lower low on the rsi, so it is not only the one hourly time frame right now because as well, the four hourly time frame is right now giving us a clear, hidden, bullish, divergence. What is as well making me pretty excited about the coming hours ahead of us, so that is looking particularly good here and, of course, this could be, of course, really the run up, that we are waiting for right now, only a minute short term. If im then going to look at some important trend lines, we know top side still going to be providing resistance.

This is going to be an important level that we have to be breaking here on the top side, and i want to be seeing this level getting broken here as well. If were looking towards the downward slope of resist line, you can see potentially support that were still getting formed on the lower side as well. You could be approaching it a little bit differently from the higher side, and you can see. Okay, were right now still finding some very strong support on this uh, this downward sloping. Maybe you could be approaching it like an apparel channel, so you can see over here. Let me take the apparel tool there. You can see. We are training in a parallel channel towards the downside, so what is going to be necessary to break this downward sloping parallel channel is, of course, a breakthrough of the top side. So, as long as were finding support on the lower side looks to be this level. Is still going to be uh holding us up here if were then going to look at this trend line from the lower side over here, we know that we clearly did broke this trend line and there were right now, of course, finding rejections on this level. So this, of course, looking a little bit more bearish in the image short term and, of course, if were looking to this red line over here, you can see as well. We broke through this trend line the rhino getting rejected by this, so theyre still going to be raising the awareness it is looking like were running into critical resistance right now.

Here it is looking like the bitcoin is, of course, getting another massive projection from of this zone here. But what i will be still saying here is that momentum is key on bitcoin and that we could be potentially seeing. Maybe another miner like down here to maybe fill up this liquidity that we get did found here on the 53.8k here. But in the end of the day, i do think that were very close to reversal right on the one hour, the candle, since this momentum is shifting towards the right direction, so guys always make sure to keep your eyes on the momentum as well with my trade, I will be not closing my trade at all right now. I did add some more to my trade just just a moment ago, because im very comfortable, the bitcoin is going to create another lag up towards the upside anytime. Soon here maybe were going to dip. Another 500, but i dont expect a massive pullback right now towards lets, say these levels already to 52 thousand us dollars. I do think that the imminent short term, we could be still seeing another spike towards the upside and still see another high gunning crate here. So guys make sure that youre going to pay your attention towards this, and thank you so much for watching this amazing update video here once again on the channel so guys, if you did enjoy this video dont forget to smash the like button on the video.

If you want to be training, uh make sure to sign up here with the highest link description, because on buy, which you will be able, of course, to take these trades as well, and i will say you already, of course, no financial files or whatsoever. This is a good time to be potentially go along here since were seeing the market rehearsals right now coming towards our way here. So i will be always straight friend. Reversals and right now were seeing a clear trend reversal signal and we could be as well break out of this potential, rising falling wet scenario or this potential uh barrel channel, and that could be, of course, helping us to push up the price together with the bullish. The virtual creating im very comfortable so guys, thank you so much for watching.